Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back for Awhile

Hello Everyone! sorry for a long absence due to No Laptop condition, hubby couldn't fix it fast enough as he and his colleague who said that he could try and help fix the laptop were also busy at work and when they did, it's not totally fixed. The good news is the laptop is up and running again, the bad news is they said the monitor is failing so if I use it longer than an hour, the screen started to go weird and there are lines came up filling up the screen and that's the sign i have to switch it off to cool it off :(

But anyways, we know it's an old laptop and we need to buy a new one sooner or later but not at the moment as money is tight and i have other probs that are more important to think about but I hope everyone is doing fine and gosh! I miss blogging and most of all, reading all of you lovely ladies' blog posts! I know i got a lot to catch up but bear with me with this ol' broken laptop of mine, i'll visit your blogs as best as i can.

If there's any consolation, i'm grateful to my android phone, i can still twittering, facebooking and chat on the phone though it's limited of course. I guess it's a training for me who used to cant live without internet! and my going back for a holiday to my country Indonesia is drawing near too, if everything goes smoothly i'll be flying there on end of june and will be spending my time with my family for about two months! I do hope i can stay away from the computer that long coz i dont think i'll have the chance to go online once i'm there but i hope i could! (already envision myself fighting over one computer with 4 nieces and nephews) :)

I need to go off now but I'll be back blog hopping tomorrow morning as it's abit late now, i will also try to blog about things i made on my absence in the blog world. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm writing this using my friend's computer, just to let you all know (incase you're wondering) that abt a week laptop crashed and cant be switched ON again, hubby tried to bring it to work to see if anyone could help repair it as we can't afford to buy a new one, so...i'm still waiting and gosh! i'm so miserable without it! just a short update to let you guys know...i hope someone could repair it though and will get online as soon as i'm able.

Hope everyone's doing well! xx

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