Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cross Stitched Butterfly

Not much going on recently other than spending alot of time trying not to kill another plant and doing houschores *boring*, but finally it's hubby's pay day and as a good wife, i'll be spending his money to order some craft supplies soon *cheeky grin* but no worries, I know my limit as charity shopping is long overdue and i'll be gallivanting from one charity shop to another pretty soon looking for treasures for me and for my swap partner :)

Another free kit that i finally got a chance to make in one evening is this Butterfly cross stitch in a cute little frame from Cross Stitching magazine.

I still have 2 or 3 more free kits that i got from the magazines awhile back, I keep delaying doing them but it comes in handy now when i dont have anything else to make. I'm also waiting for my free gift from Wholeport as they're having a creativity expo and we can request one item from them free of charge, click the link for more info as there's still time if you want to join them for their Create-a-thon contest with the item you requested to be sent to you :)

That's it for now and i'll leave you with a photo of my wall of mini frames :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trifle Trouble

I wanted to try and make Strawberry Trifle from this Recipe, it looks nice in there and i happened to have all the ingredients but failed miserably! but it's still tasted fresh and nice, i guess that's something in a nice sunny day :)

I didnt have the proper trifle glass but i found a big brandy glass in a charity shop for £1 so i guess that it'll have to do for now :)

I'm using Regency English teacup and saucer which i also bought from the charity shop awhile back but can't remember anymore how much but i'm sure it's below £4. I also bought Twinings Earl Grey tea from sainsburys and got a free tea caddy, very useful :)

Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lil' cuteness here and there

I have to admit that i always wanted to have cute fingernails with cute color nail polish but i've never had long nails and my nails seem to break very easily when i let them long and i have a sensitive skin that one of my bad habit is scratching too hard everywhere in my body when i get allergy. But awhile back one of my friend gave me a cute pink bubblegum color nail polish and so i purposely grow my nails again and now i can try it on my nails :)

ooh..i so love the pink color and the smell of it, though i know my nails will break soon and wont last long :) it's a bit messy as i dont know how to apply it properly on the nails.

Another brooch i made from the free gift of a Simply Knitting magazine.

it gave you a pink and green yarn to make the brooch as well as a free brooch back, but the pink yarn is more like red though. I seem to be lacking supplies for craft, till hubby's pay day anyway so i'm glad for all those free kit gifts from magazines that I bought :)

I don't know why the result is never the same as in the magazine but it's not bad, i suppose after all I still a newbie in knitting. Happy Weekend Everyone! :)

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Friday, June 24, 2011

T.G.I.F's almost weekend again! I've been busy watching Japanese anime via youtube (ooohh how i missed my school days) when i used to read lots of manga comic books and collected them.

So i haven't been crafting much but i tend to rectify that soon but here is a simple and quick craft i made using the free gift from Mollie makes magazine that i bought last week. a felted flower brooch.

...and i recieved the latest Cath Kidston's catalogue yesterday and they're having a summer sale! ooohh hubby's pay day please come quick! i want to buy a few things from the website!

right! im going to end this post with a funny clip from the anime that i'm watching right now.. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day

...I know it's late and i was supposed to post this on sunday but it's hard to get online on weekend when hubby's around :) so my tea time tuesday submission this week is all about my dad (eh? what's that got to do with father's day?) oh well...

It's been 9 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days since my beloved papa went to heaven in 2002. Not a day goes by without me missing him, still wishing he was still alive.

He was a hardworker, a loyal and responsible man and the wisest person i've ever known and i'm so fortunate and grateful to be his daughter. He was a journalist and though he rarely home coz he worked too hard for us but when he was he always tried his best to spend alot of time with me and my 4 siblings. He taught me alot about life by showing me himself, i wont write too long as i dont think one page would be enough for me to describe what kind of man he was.

in the span of more than 10 years he had 3 strokes, the first one he was fortunate enough to recover, nothing serious or so we thought back then and i was still in junior high, the 2nd one made him half paralyzed, he could hardly walk but he was so determined to get better with lots of therapy and he even undergone an alternative therapy, it was a miracle that he could walk again and went back to work, despite our protests and asked him to stay at our countryside house, he couldn't sit still, he transformed the the land we had in the countryside into a farm, grew veggies to be sold, but when i graduated and spent more time abroad to study, I was in Singapore when it happened, he had a third storke, this time with other complications, heart attack and kidney failure. After two weeks in the ICU he passed away. I was by his side the day before as they only allowed one person to stay overnight and me and my other siblings took turn and that day he opened his eyes for a few mins, he smiled as if to say it'll be allright but i guess i knew it wont.

It's still hard to find the words to express how i feel, so many things i wanted to say, things that i regret not saying or doing,things i took for granted.. but i know he's still in alive in my heart or watches over me from up there. I made one of his favorite cake, Banana cake wrapped in banana leaf (Recipe click HERE. it's abit hard sometimes to find ingredients for some indonesian delicacies so I had to improvise and sometimes fortunate enough to find some stuff in Asian/Chinese shops here. It doesnt look like the real thing but well the taste is similar enough :)

My dad used to love this with his afternoon tea, I regretted not to learn how to make this from my mom but oh least i used to accompany him eating it and drinking tea with him. well anyways...I'd better stop writing about him as it makes me teary eyed ...sooo...onto something cheery now!

I bought this mug for my father in law, hubby says it would make him laugh..which it does! I really love hubby's father, he's so funny and kind to me, and his birthday is only one day after mine on the same month too! he used to work in a merchant ship, travelled around the world. He loved to share his stories with me and we became drinking partners as he loves gin and tonic like i do! He's not feeling well recently and I always pray for his health as i really really love him! always hug and kiss me with warmth everytime we meet, always on my side when hubby teased me and always winked in a cheeky way to make me smile!

We had a nice lunch at hubby's parents followed by a game of chinese chequers that my mother in law still has it as it was a gift that her late father gave her when she was a child, to think that my mother in law's age is now over 70 years old! but of course i won all the time though i've never played it before hehe

Sorry for a non related tea post today but if any consolation, i'm drinking tea while typing this hehe. Happy Father's Day too all fathers in the world!

Have a Tealicious Time!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a lil' birdie told me..

..that i've won a giveaway from Plum & Ivory via my dear blogger friend Lakota a few days ago and look how cute she is!

Thank you so much! it arrives today and I'm a happy birdie! she's got the perfect spot to perch too!

Glass Artworks on the doors and some windows in my house, possibly created by the previous owner of the house, can't get rid of them as i have to buy the whole new doors and windows in order to do so which i can't afford. So might as well enjoy them :)

Off to go weekly shopping.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tea + Sandwiches = Tealicious

My Tea Time for Tuesday Tea Parties is very simple, as i didn't make any cakes and hubby has finished up all the jaffa cakes and bakewells that we bought at Sainsburys, I had to resort to sandwiches, i made ham and egg mayonaisse sandwiches :)

I pretty them up with printable flags and stick them in toothpicks. I used round cookie cutters for the breads. Bon appetit!

I'm drinking Twinings a moment of calm African Rooibos, Strawberry and Vanilla tea bag that I was sent as a gift for me from my dear blogger friend Jem. Heavenly taste and very calming.

The teapot I bought at Bhs when they're having a sale for £5, it's handpainted, as for the teacup trio was bought in a charity shop for £2.50 from Colclough, I also found the little Marks and Spencer frame that I painted with chalkboard paint inside for £1. all were bought awhile back and most were bought in Charity shop :)

Have a Tealicious Time!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wet Weekend

It's been raining on and off since saturday, I've been forced to stay indoor, not that i'm complaining, i love rain :) and we dont have any plan to go out anyway, just cuddle up watching The Mentalist, new series of Camelot and the Sorcerer's apprentice on TV.

Everytime, i tried to sneak in to the computer room between adverts, hubby was quick to distract me and basically changed into a 5 year old who doesnt want to be left by himself *sigh* no peace of getting online on weekends for me. I did manage to make a second frame from paper to accompany the one that i made last week :)

The Jute twine around it was abit messy though as i was in a hurry and i used alphabet stamps for the words, aren't i sappy? hehe.

On another note, my mother in law never ceases to amaze me in her belief of me not killing another plants, she keeps giving me plants! I do hope I wont kill them this time but im pessimistic :) I hope everyone's weekends are more sunnier and more fun than me :)

I'll be sneaking again to visit other people's blogs on the next adverts, i have to type this very quickly! I miss everyone's posts *sobs*.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Flies Quickly

Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding anniversary yesterday, though we didnt do much yesterday as he was working, I did however cooked and made something for us on sunday.

we had a relaxing time, made him toasts with jam for breakfast, beef fried rice for lunch and a summer fruit with pastry for desserts. I remembered when he first came to Indonesia to meet me and i introduced him to this indonesian dish called Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and he likes it, so I decided to make it for our 3rd anniversary :) for the summer fruit, I was actually mistakenly bought the wrong pastry, it's too thin therefore it's abit burnt (as usual with me and baking). But it tasted yummy with the strawberries and raspberries in cream. it's only fitting for the summer, we enjoyed them with tea, of course :)

This was taken in Indonesia after having our small wedding ceremony at the hotel, with just family and close friends as we like it that way in february, i guess we have two weddings but we only celebrate the one that we did in England as we got our certificate here.

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