Wednesday, November 30, 2011

His Stuff

I finally finished with the spare bedroom ready for the guest, I shoved the boxes in every nook and cranny in the house til there's no more space and yet i have to deal with more boxes because hubby's parents decided to install a solar panel in their house and they decided to clear their attic and some of the boxes they found belong to hubby when he was still living with them and so they asked hubby to pick them up. So now i need to hide them somewhere but i took up some ladies' suggestions (thank you) to cover them with a throw or blanket :)

This Koala stuffed toy belongs to my husband when he was a toddler, clearly loved from the almost balding body it has, he told me that when he was a child, his dad was rarely at home coz he's working in a merchant ship and he sent this koala from Canada.

And also this vintage toy car is still in its box was given by his father too, I haven't got time to open all of the boxes but it should be fun when I have the time to sort the contents out.

But i took a peek at one other box but i think most of them are books and more books, so i'll post again about this when i found something else interesting :)

and OH! I would like to wish my blogging friend Bee Happy a Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary! she's having a giveaway on her blog to celebrate, do check it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charity shop saves the day!

I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and Thank you for all the lovely ladies for your support on my previous post, I feel more lighthearted now that i've sorted out some of the problems and my aches and pains on my wrists are gone so I decided to have a rejuvenating walk to a charity shop yesterday :)

Found these super cute russian doll salt and pepper shaker for £1, they're just too cute for me not to grab them. Though they're probably wont be used but make a cute decoration :)

This gorgeous floral jug is £2.50, I almost didn't get it as someone was holding it when i saw it but I guess coz of the price, she puts it back and so I grabbed it :) ...and last but not least, i got two books for 75p, the Enid Blyton is 50p and the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is only 25p, I had to rummage through a box full of books to find these! love'em.

I also found something for my Charity Christmas Swap partner an alien world but cant show it here but i'm happy to find something at last as I dont think i have alot of time next week to go to charity shops coz i'll be busy cleaning the house, crafting for my fayre and welcoming a guest into my house and going out with friends :) hopefully i'll be able to send the swap gifts to her early December along with christmas cards for family and friends around the world :) that's all for me, wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Break

I got pain on my arms and wrists and so I decided to take a break for a few days from making items to sell on craft fayre but then an email sent me into a panic mode, a friend of mine from Indonesia wanted to come and visit me in December and asked me if she could stay at my house, I of course always welcome friends and family who wanted to come to England to visit me but the problem is the spare bedroom we have right now has been turned into a storage room, boxes piled up and it's so messy and ugly! I wish we live in a bigger house with more rooms or at least have a bigger storage :P

I have no idea what am i going to do coz her arrival is going to clash with my craft fayre and I also forgotten that I have another event to go on the 6th of december, to watch The Saturdays' concert with a group of friends though i didn't feel like going at that time as I don't really know the group but since they forced me into it I paid the ticket to the concert. I can't possibly bring my friend who will be coming all the way from Indonesia to the craft fayre as she has asked if i could show her around London etc and I can't ask her to come to the concert also as I will be tagging along with my other friends who's driving assuming they still sell last minutes tickets. Aaccckkk !

But one thing for sure, I need to clean up the spare bedroom first, not sure where i'm going to store the boxes in there though but i need to make it at least tidy and a lil bit presentable for the guest. I just hope the pain in my arms would go away soon so I can start cleaning, one thing at a time and I need a pot of tea to calm me down and think of the solution.

NOTE: I made the crocheted squares garland, The teapot is handpainted and bought it from BHs, The teacup is from Old Foley and the cute bird both from charity shop that I bought awhile back that i was going to use to make a teacup candle but i dont think i have the time to make it now *Big Sigh*.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cute as a Button

I actually started this project somewhere in June but i got distracted with alot of things and so i kept putting them aside to do other projects, but i just wanted to show you what i've done so far :)

Cross stitched buttons, thanks to the free button charts that i got from cross stitcher magazine, i could make these cuties.

I bought more blank buttons on ebay and also bought the aida fabric for cross stitch at my local haberdashery. I then experimented by making the buttons into a pin/badge and a ring, which i think the result is kinda cute :)

but as i said, i need to make alot more if i wanted to sell them in the craft fayre or in my shop, just hope i wont keep putting them aside and do other things :p
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

I want Her Bookmarks

When i first saw These Bookmarks from the lovely and creative Velvetstrawberries, I fell in love at first sight and thought to myself I want to try to make those! although my results aren't as gorgeous and as vintage-y as hers, i'm so happy that at least now i have cute bookmarks and no more of using whatever at hands when i'm reading such as the top bit of a tissue box or worst fold the corner edge of a book page i'm reading :)

Big thanks to Velvetstrawberries, for the tutorial and sharing on how to make the bookmarks, really appreciate it! i'm re-using bits and pieces of my jewelery that are already broken, i just bought the velvet ribbon and the silver clamps from ebay.

These are just for myself and i made their length longer for bigger books but I'm going to make the length shorter for smaller books to sell at the craft fayre. Will keep you posted once i've finished.

That's it from me, til next time....Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Balls of Yarn

Sorry i haven't been online very often lately, I've been a busy bee doing a lot of things as i've decided to join the craft fair in December so i need to make things to sell but of course i can still cancel it if i couldn't make enough items to sell by that time. :P

with December just around the corner, i wish i had 10 hands so i can do things 10 times faster or better yet, have 10 clones of myself!! i haven't started on my Christmas crafts/decorations yet and i hope i got time to do that.

anyways, I finished making about 20 crocheted flower brooches and going to do the bookmarks next, thank you for the lovely comments and encouragement and tips, i really appreciate it! going to try to catch up with everyone's blog posts now! Have a great weekend!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mini Apron

..a friend of mine offered me to join her charity craft fair event in december as she's one of the committee member of the event. I've never done this and part of me is excited and wanted to participate but part of me is kinda scared. I am not a well organized kind of person and i don't know if I had enough time to make things to sell, I'm not worried about the booking fee as it's reasonable and besides if i didn't sell anything, it's for a good cause anyway but i'm worried about what to sell and how to organize things.

Anyways, she gave me few tips about what to sell and the price range, she even gave me an idea what to sell, one of them is this mini bottle apron.

I made one for sample and if i decided to join the craft fair, then I'll have to make more, truthfully i still dont know if i should go or not but i'll have to inform her by this week. I already have some ideas what i'm going to make and sell and all the goods i'm going to sell would all be under £5. I already have some stocks but i need variety. Oh well....we'll see

so, what do you think? would appreciate any tips and ideas or comments on this if you have any :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Tea?

It was a quiet night on Halloween, no knocks on the door and trick or treaters in my neighborhood. Shame though It's been like that for years here so we didnt bother to buy any candies or decorate. I remembered the first horror movie that I watched when i was younger called It and had nightmares for weeks and I got frightened of every clowns i see and resulting my dislike of clowns since then. Well anyways, Happy Halloween for those who celebrate :)

As usual, My tea time tuesday is a simple one, Tea by Twinings and Apple covered with orange chocolate. I'm inspired to make these after seeing someone's recipe and looked so cool on Pinterest

Recipe Click Here from

The real recipe is called cinnamon caramel apple pumpkins, since I dont have most of the ingredients, I had to improvise and use what i have, it uses licorice for the lines and I couldnt find it in sainsburys so I used icing sugar with food coloring for it and I had orange chocolate in my stash, so i melted with the rest of ingredient.

I'd like to thank you for the lovely ladies for the get well wishes on my previous post, My husband and I are so much better and he has gone back to work. I also want to thank my dear blogger friend Marianne for the sweet card she sent all the way from the US! x

That's all from me and I'm so ready to blog hop to your blogs! Have a great day!

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