Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Break

I got pain on my arms and wrists and so I decided to take a break for a few days from making items to sell on craft fayre but then an email sent me into a panic mode, a friend of mine from Indonesia wanted to come and visit me in December and asked me if she could stay at my house, I of course always welcome friends and family who wanted to come to England to visit me but the problem is the spare bedroom we have right now has been turned into a storage room, boxes piled up and it's so messy and ugly! I wish we live in a bigger house with more rooms or at least have a bigger storage :P

I have no idea what am i going to do coz her arrival is going to clash with my craft fayre and I also forgotten that I have another event to go on the 6th of december, to watch The Saturdays' concert with a group of friends though i didn't feel like going at that time as I don't really know the group but since they forced me into it I paid the ticket to the concert. I can't possibly bring my friend who will be coming all the way from Indonesia to the craft fayre as she has asked if i could show her around London etc and I can't ask her to come to the concert also as I will be tagging along with my other friends who's driving assuming they still sell last minutes tickets. Aaccckkk !

But one thing for sure, I need to clean up the spare bedroom first, not sure where i'm going to store the boxes in there though but i need to make it at least tidy and a lil bit presentable for the guest. I just hope the pain in my arms would go away soon so I can start cleaning, one thing at a time and I need a pot of tea to calm me down and think of the solution.

NOTE: I made the crocheted squares garland, The teapot is handpainted and bought it from BHs, The teacup is from Old Foley and the cute bird both from charity shop that I bought awhile back that i was going to use to make a teacup candle but i dont think i have the time to make it now *Big Sigh*.

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  1. I always say, "deadlines have a way of making things happen." The spare room will manage, perhaps you move the boxes to one side. I love your crochet squares

  2. Dear Susan, it sounds like you need a cup of tea and a quiet break! Your sqaures banner is so sweet, as is the tea pot and tea cup. I do hope your hands and arms heal soon. It is just your bodies way of saying "slow down" lol!
    Best wishes on your freinds visit, and your craft fair.

  3. Oh it'll be lovely to have a friend visit and I'm sure she'll just be happy to see you. Shove all the boxes into a pile and cover with a pretty throw - hey presto bedside table! I'm sure she won't expect you to change all your plans for her and it will be good to have an extra pair of hands at the craft fair x

  4. Hi, Susan! All the ladies seem to have good answers for you. Take deep breaths and relax, your friend will just be happy to see you. If she's like most women, she will enjoy the craft fair. I do know what you mean about storage. I also use my "guest room" to store things. I also have all of my granddaughters toys in there. But when someone wants to come visit, I push is all to the side and no one complains. You will be fine and when your friend gets to your place, you will forget about everything else. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am happy and thankful that I have met you. Your crocheted squares are beautiful and I love the round teapot and delightful cup. Your photos are GREAT!

  5. Oh, Susan...you sound like you a person who can't say 'no'...COL...I know about that. Everything will be just fine. Brenda's right, your friend will be happy just to see you. Also you can tell her that you would be happy for her visit, but that you have plans you are obligated to and that she is welcome to come along. She will understand. The stress comes when we feel we have to rearrange our lives to make another person happy.
    And that really isn't as necessary as we think it is.

    Your banner is very sweet. Try not to fret about it all. Just take one day at a time.

    Marianne xox

  6. Sometimes things all seem to come at once don't they!? Tea is definitely the thing to ponder a solution though - makes for easier decision making I think!

    Really hope your aches and pains disappear very soon!

    Jem xXx

  7. Oh my goodness, house guests are fun but it can cause stress. I agree with the other commenter, just put a throw or blanket over the boxes! I'm sure she'll be happy just to see you:)

    You sure have been busy! You can try taking some Glucosamine for your joints, repetitive movements can really wear them down. I used to file a lot of charts when I worked and my knee's and elbows would hurt sooo badly, I felt like an old woman!

    Happy crafting Susan!!!

  8. Oh no Susan, hope you feel better soon, have you tried having some long hot baths to help you feel better? if you are too busy you could always cover lots of boxes with pretty sheets or fabric in the spare room! good luck with sorting everything out I will be thinking of you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Hi Susan,
    don't panic. Everything will turn out nice. Just tell your friend about the different problems and I am sure she will help ypu to keep it easy for everybody. Your tea set is charming. Enjoy a little break and trust in God.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. I am so sorry that things are so stressed at the moment. Life happens, doesn't it?! Be honest with your friend about what else is going on in your life and hopefully things will work out well. Love your garland...have another cup of tea, take a deep breath,...

  11. Hi Susan,
    Sounds like you could really use a tea break! I'm sure your friend will understand your situation and be as helpful as possible. Take a deep breath and enjoy some tea. It will all work out, craft fair and all.
    Your teapot is very cute as is the teacup and the crocheted squares are very sweet. Hope your arms and hands settle down for you too. Take care, my friend.


  12. Hi Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear about the pain in your arm and wrists..I hope it will heal up soon.
    It can be stressful getting ready for guests to stay. I know I was so worried before my parents came out last year, as my house is so small, I worried so. It ended up just fine though in the end. I agree with all the other lovely comments, try not to stress too much, take things one at a time. Like the others say, she most likely would love to go and see the craft fair as well.
    A cup of tea solves everything (well mostly everything :P).
    PS: that crochet bunting is too cute!
    Take care

  13. LIfe sure does get busy just when you least expect it. Your talents and crocheted bunting in blue is lovley. I am sure you will breeze thru your buys days just fine. I love your photos!

  14. Just stopping by to say Hello, Susan! I hope you feel better. And enjoy your visit with your friend!

  15. Sorry to hear about your crafting pains, hope you are pain free soon. Thats exciting about your friend coming over, im sure she will be more than happy to join you at the craft fair, and like Lakota said Im sure she wouldnt expect you to change your plans.
    Good luck with the spare room clearing :o) Scarlett x

  16. cool squares and i hope you figure it all out :)


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