Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charity shop saves the day!

I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and Thank you for all the lovely ladies for your support on my previous post, I feel more lighthearted now that i've sorted out some of the problems and my aches and pains on my wrists are gone so I decided to have a rejuvenating walk to a charity shop yesterday :)

Found these super cute russian doll salt and pepper shaker for £1, they're just too cute for me not to grab them. Though they're probably wont be used but make a cute decoration :)

This gorgeous floral jug is £2.50, I almost didn't get it as someone was holding it when i saw it but I guess coz of the price, she puts it back and so I grabbed it :) ...and last but not least, i got two books for 75p, the Enid Blyton is 50p and the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is only 25p, I had to rummage through a box full of books to find these! love'em.

I also found something for my Charity Christmas Swap partner an alien world but cant show it here but i'm happy to find something at last as I dont think i have alot of time next week to go to charity shops coz i'll be busy cleaning the house, crafting for my fayre and welcoming a guest into my house and going out with friends :) hopefully i'll be able to send the swap gifts to her early December along with christmas cards for family and friends around the world :) that's all for me, wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi Susan,

    So pleased to hear that the pain in your wrist has gone :)

    Your doodles are so cute ( I love looking at peoples doodles, I am a big ol' doodle snoop me :P haha) the little house sketch!

    The russian doll salt and peper shakers are adorable. Like you said, they will make great ornanments even if you don't use them for salt and pepper.

    Glad to hear you managed to buy the jug you wanted. I know sometimes I see someone picking up something at the boot sale that I like, I think to myself 'ohh pls don't buy it..put it down'..all the while, not looking too keen though :P

    The vintage books are great! I love the Christmas Carol story, it my favourite Christmas one. I love the films as well (there sure have been many different ones made) personal fav is the Muppets Christmas Carol though (I'm a big kid really!).
    Have a lovely weekend..


  2. it's been so long, how have you been? sorry to hear your wrist was bothering you. love the lay out of the blog, super cute! xx

  3. Susan, Happy Pink Saturday! I love all your finds...The salt/pepper shaker are sooo cute - how cheery they'll look on the table or anywhere you put them. The floral jug is beautiful...I'm so glad you were able to 'snag' it up. What cute books. You always find such sweet things. I'm going to try and visit a thrift shop I haven't gone to yet. It's in the next town, not too far. I hope I find something fun or pretty.

    Hey! I thought you said you couldn't draw...I love your sketches. What a fun way to say what you're thankful for.

    Marianne xo

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! What a lovely and charming post! I enjoyed the Happy Thanksgiving card at the top and your thrifting finds are wonderful.

  5. Susan - so glad you're feeling much better! :-) I hope hubby is spoiling you with cups of tea and cake! :-)

    That jug is so, so beautiful - what a find for £2.50!!

    Jem xXx

  6. I love your doodles Susan :) And the Russian doll salt and pepper pots are SO cool - if I'd spied something as good as those on my little charity shop jaunt this morning I would have swooped down and snaffled them up straight away!! They'll look gorgeous just sitting somewhere, whether you use them or not. I'm glad your wrists are feeling better x

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better and also a little less stressed. Obviously your thrifting senses weren't affected, you found some fab bits for a great price. Such a cute cruet, and the jug would have been priced far higher round here, it'll look great with or without flowers x

  8. So glad to hear you're feeling better :) Those salt and pepper dolls are soooo cute! That jug is just gorgeous.

  9. fantastic find! Glad you feel better dear!

  10. I have a copy of that version of A Christmas Carol - won't they look perfect on the side as part of Christmas decor!!

    Victoria xx

  11. Hello Susan, glad to hear your wrists are feeling better! When I was little in England I used to love Enid Blyton books!!! There was one about a little girl who told a lie and her nose grew, there was a little drawing of her staring down at her long nose and it used to terrify me lol. They're not popular books here in the U.S. but I did find a couple on Etsy that I'm hoping to send to my nieces. I love the Dickens novel!

  12. Wow I love everything you bought, especially the salt and pepper shakers, far too cute to leave behind!
    And the books are so lovely too, I'm excited about the swap.
    I have nearly got your package together now too :)
    What day do we post?
    My email address is

    If you want to swap addresses xxxx

  13. Hi, Susan. I am just now getting a chance to look at your post and what great finds!! I do love the little salt and pepper shakers and glad that you didn't pass them up. The jug is such a wonderful item. Most that I have seen are more rounded and not tall and statuette as this. Very beautiful! And who wouldn't love those darling books!! The Christmas Carol is a classic. I am glad that your wrist feel better. I know you will have a wonderful time with your guest and friends. I can't wait to hear the stories!!
    Have a lovely day,

  14. Your doodles enlightened me, thank you so much. The salt and pepper shakers are sweet but the flower jug is my favourite. Wonderful finds so glad to hear you say you are doing better

  15. What a beautiful pitcher you bought!I would have snapped it up too. Of cours I always have to search for books wherever I go. You found some great ones.


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