Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Photo-a-day Challenge

February Photo-a-day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog

My Entries for Day 15 to 19;

Day 15: Phone

I bought this cute pin from the charity shop for 10p

Day 16: Something New

I also bought this wooden sewing box from the charity shop for £5 yesterday, not sure if i wanted to paint it or just leave it as it is, what do you guys think? should i paint it or shouldnt i?

Day 17: Time

I added a decoupage rose from leftover CK wallpaper to the clock in my dining room :)

Day 18: Drink

Strawberry Milkshake anyone?

Day 19: Something You Hate to do

Definitely ironing clothes!

In other notes, I'm so excited to doing Afternoon Tea Swap over at Pretty Little Jewel furthermore, I'm partnered with her! so so excited! off blog hopping now...

Have a lovely Sunday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all I'd like to thank Pretty Little Jewels and Twinkle Star for the awards! really appreciate them!

I also would like to wish my dear friend Marianne a very Happy Birthday! I wish you all the good things in life and God Bless you, always! and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you my lovelies, you're all my inspirations. Love you all!

unfortunately, no flowers and/or a box of chocolates for me this valentine as i was shocked to see the price of a dozen of roses when we went to sainsburys last night though hubby offered but i told him I'd rather he bought me a book of craft that costs the same as those roses :) and as for chocolate, well you know i'm on a diet though i'm beginning to get abit pessimistic :p

I spent hours this morning to make this velvet valentine cake and i failed miserably! it tastes weird, it looks weird and blah! I got the recipe Here. I made it for hubby but i feel like throwing it into the bin :P

I also made these mug cosy for hubby and me from the tutorial in Mollie Makes Magazines, Cappuccino for him and tea for me.

I also made the puffy crocheted heart from the tutorial Here, I made several to hang on the twigs on my mantel and cute valentine printables from Here.

That's my February Photo-a-day Challenge for Day 14: Heart entry over at Fat Mum Slim's blog.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 8 to 13 Photo-a-day Challenge

February Photo-a-day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog

My Entries for Day 8 to 13;

Day 8: Sun

..just because i can't capture the sun :p

Day 9: Front Door

I cheated this one as I really don't feel like taking a pic of my unattractive front door instead I took a pic of the front door of my outbuilding, well it's also unattractive but it's abit better than my front door *sigh*.

Day 10: Self Portrait

Day 11: Makes you Happy

I'm happy when i can make lovely things and happier when i can finish what i make. I made these cute apple cosy from the tutorial in Mollie Makes Magazine.

Day 12: Inside your closet

Usually messy and packed with clothes but since i do like to take nice pics, I re-arrange them for the purpose of taking pic...sort of cheating :p

Day 13: Blue

a few of my blue colored wools

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day! I will post day 14 in one post tomorrow as the theme fits on Valentine's day which is Heart :) Have a lovely day! xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Unfinished Project

I have alot of unfinished projects that I kept putting aside and do other things that are more fast and easy to make, maybe because i'm not a very patient person and sometimes i'm also easily bored :p

One of the project that i've put aside for many months is this crocheted hexagonal blanket. When i first saw it over Attic24, I was so excited and was in love, I think i started making it early last year til summer came and i put it off doing other things and then got put off again and again for christmas and other things so it's not even half way done :(

there were times that i was running out of wool and had to dash out to the nearest haberdashery or charity shops to buy some, it's also one of the reasons why i put off doing it, it uses alot of wool :)

I was planning to make it as big as my duvet cover but well right now i don't know if i ever gonna finish it..who knows..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo-a-day Challenge

I joined February Photo-a-day Challenge at Fat Mum Slim's blog. Here are my entries for Day 1 to 7;

1: Your View Today

Someone cute greets me in the morning when i go downstairs to put the kettle on, she would pop her head outside the window to let me know that she wants in

2: Words

February is the month of Love, Valentine's day is just around the corner :)

3: Hands

Tea will warm you in a cold day :)

4: A Stranger

Strangers in the George and Dragon Pub where we had lunch :)

5: 10AM

Tea Time!

6: Dinner

I made mince beef with garlic potatoes for dinner and they taste lovely, comfort food for us!

7: Button

A button on crocheted Peter pan collar i made last night, thanks to the tutorial from Melpdesigns.

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Rose Chintz Cottage


Monday, February 6, 2012

Breakfast Bowls

I was abit disappointed that we didn't have snow this year although I did see it on saturday night but it wasn't alot and it's gone in the morning and washed away by the heavy rain but they say there's a chance of snow on wednesday, so hopefully, i get a chance to see it this year!

Anyways, I've started my diet this month though hubby doesn't want me to and no dukan diet or any extreme diet kind of thing, he says...I'm going to just do a normal diet, which is to eat a smaller portions 3 times a day, healthy food which means veggies (which im not too keen but i have to) and basically eat sensibly and exercise. well easy to say! but wish me luck!

I tend to skip my breakfast which i didn't do it on purpose as i tend to forget when i do the house chores after hubby goes to work in the morning, by the time i finished it's almost lunch time, I didn't do it very often, only when i have chores that needed to be done :)

The bowl on the bottom one has a little crack line coz i accidentally knock it with other plate when i washed it, i don't have many breakfast bowls, just three ..oops four as my friend bought me another polka dot one last month.

I want to lose at least a stone before i'm going back to my hometown coz GOD knows i'll probably turned into a glutton once i'm there, I miss my mom's homemade food so much and she already promised me to cook all kinds of my fave Indonesian food when I arrived! :p

Have you had your breakfast today? what's your fave breakfast?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I Love..

When i bought the Jug from Cath Kidston when it was on SALE, i knew what I was going to put inside it, I've been making crochet flowers whenever I have time in the evening while watching tv and when the jug arrived, the flowers are ready. I also bought some fabrics from CK as I couldn't help when they're reduced to £6 per metre instead of £20 per metre the original price! I'm so ready to make something out of the fabrics when I have the time :p

I kind of love Blue color nowadays, well my love for red and pink will always be there in every photo i took but right now i'm smitten with blue :)

I went to Chichester to a friend's house yesterday as she invited me and 2 other friends to have lunch, she cooked indonesian food for us and made a meringue cake that tastes heavenly! She always gave us what she bakes, Bless her!

I've started my diet but well it was ruined yesterday (can't help it!) but i'll try to do more exercise today to make up for it hehe I just can't say NO to delicious food!

PS: I didn't realize that i'm almost have 200 followers, I think I'll be having a giveaway pretty soon :)

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