Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

...although i love milk in my tea very much, I don't put milk in herbal or fruit tea. Today i decided to drink tea with freshly picked mint leaves from the mint plant I have (though it's dying on me as i've never been good in growing herbs or plants). I love the aroma it created while waiting for the mint to steep, it's relaxing to just inhale it and energized when i drink it (i sound like a promo girl)

I also made a very quick and easy to make lemon shortbread, don't you just love the smell of lemon that coming out from the oven, although some were a lil burnt but they're still tasty :)

I didn't do much on bank holiday yesterday, just relaxing, watching TV, made asparagus risotto and did abit of knitting. Hubby's gone back to work today and I'll be going back to visiting people's blogs to find inspiration for my next post :) I hope everyone had a great weekend?

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full Report

...well sorta, anyway.

I've been taken ill, had cold and toothache, went to dentist and had fillings in my tooth but the dentist said one of my wisdom tooth had to be taken out *shudders* in another appointment. I also have allergy, i found out years ago that i'm allergic to pain killers, anything that contains paracetamol in it is a no-no for me, my face would swell up like a balloon or i'll get itchy all over my body, so yes i had to endure the pain if i had headaches but two years ago the doctor gave me another type of painkiller which contains no paracetamol, it's called codein, it's fine at first and i'm so grateful for that but last week i took it coz the toothache caused me so much agony and something happened, i got nauseated, dizziness and well...stomach cramp, so i stopped taking it, hence my 5 days of agony to endure all of those.

But i'm better now..I'm so touched by those who are so concerned and left me a sweet and lovely email and comment, thank you!

My husband's parents gave us two tickets a week ago to a theatre show called "The Spirit of Dance" and it was today and we almost didnt go as hubby was worried that i'm still fragile *his own words* and coz the weather is back to chilly and very windy but I told him that i'll be fine, besides it's a waste of the tickets that the in-laws have paid for £40 a pair!!

well, it's supposed to be our wedding anniversary gift from them anyways, so off we went to town at the sea front where the Dome theatre located, too bad it's not allowed to take pics inside, we enjoyed the irish dance performance and a mix of jazzy as well as ballet althought i did hinted at first i wanted to see the wizard of Oz show but i was too late, they dont perform in my town anymore, but i enjoyed seeing the dance and the singing.

I'm sorry i haven't been checking everyone's blogs and i do miss blogging! so I hope i'll be able to blog again as usual and visit other blogs tomorrow! off now to sleep.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My very first Crochet!

I've been wanting to learn how to crochet since i saw so many talented bloggers out there crocheting beautiful flower brooch or granny squares to make blanket, the problem was that the "crochet for beginners" book that hubby bought for me awhile back was still confusing for someone like me who doesn't even know what is what and which is which eventhough they provided pictures that might be helpful to others but not for me, but i finally brave myself to crochet after watching the tutorial videos in youtube.

So, here is my first flower crochet! i had to pause, rewind and play the videos many many times to make this flower! Thanks to a magazine that I bought awhile back that gave me a free crochet hook, i can learn how to crochet.

Then I added a button on the flower and voila! i still need to get used to it and remember how to make the slip knot, slip stitch and double crochet, yes still basic but i'm happy!

I'm gonna make more flowers and put them together to make a few layers just like the other one i made, i'm gonna use other color of yarns and hopefully when i get the hang of it, what i'm going to learn next is to make a granny square...hopefully! anyways, I wish everyone a nice weekend! xx Susan

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Bugger!

I yelped somewhere in the night coz my hair was stuck underneath hubby's big arm and i was about to turn to the other side in my sleep, felt like a chunk of it was pulled from my scalp! must remind myself to cut it soon, getting hotter in bed anyway then I Woke up with a stiff in my neck and right shoulder, had to sit upright and it's painful to turn my head to the right, been rubbing tiger balm since this morning *sigh*.

Thanks to my dear blogger friend Bee Happy for telling me about this magazine that gives a free Cath Kidston's Tote bag that i bought yesterday at sainsburys, I'm taking it easy today and enjoying flipping through the magazine that also gives 15% discount at Cath Kidston, I might use it next month as too much expenses this month already.

despite my stiff neck, i did however decided to make an easy peasy nothing fancy fabric heart bunting with leftover fabrics I have, it takes only 5 mins and i'm back to being bored ..so..i decided to take a peek in the spare bedroom and took out my summer dresses from last years..they could do with re-washing and ironing but i gotta take photos first.

... I'm abit worried now that they might not fit me anymore as i notice i've been gaining weight since christmas, not up to trying them on with my stiff neck but i'll try them after they've been washed and ironed tomorrow, i do hope they're still fit me coz they're my fave dresses!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cross Stitch Tea

My daily ritual consists of; (after hubby goes to work at 7am), a visit to the bathroom, coffee, online job hunting, b'fast with toasts and jam, another coffee while watching the news, abit of housechores, get online till lunch time, fix a quick lunch mostly sandwich though, watch abit of tv, put the kettle on for tea...and do whatever else that i'm in the mood to do, this time a cross stich teacup and pot from a "Cross Stitcher" magazine :)

I felt like using my big mug from Cath Kidston as i dont have to pour another tea so soon while doing my cross stitch and i'm a messy person in pouring tea, hubby does a more good job in that area :) Raspberry cake slices accompanied my tea though i dont make them, It's from Bakewell that we bought at Sainsburys.

I finally managed to post these photos that I took when hubby and I went for a walk in town a few weeks ago, lonely benches as I called them, beautiful but very lonely a I dont often see them being occupied by people so I sat in one that located in one of the garden in worthing.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoupage Madness

I just got back from the post office to send my very first order to my very first customer in the US. I'm so nervous as this is my first time selling something i made, I do hope she's gonna like it! Thank you Gloria for buying my handpainted wooden doorstop and for being so sweet and kind to me :)

..anyways, I've been busy handcrafting, i've been so crazy using mod podge, decoupaging anything that i can get my hands on but i'll show you a few first in this post :)

First, decoupaged wooden hearts using cath kidston's paper after i painted the hearts first with a few coats of white paints. I still need to practice more :)

Second decoupage is the kitchen roll holder again with the leftover cath kidston paper. I bought the kitchen roll holder in a charity shop awhile back for this purpose.

I've set up my online shop but it's not much there and i'll be adding more stuff slowly, I'd like to ask a favor if you could be a follower there, i'd be very appreciated, you don't need/have to look around or leave comments, just become a follower as it's still bare and wont be interesting without followers, isnt it? xx

My Online Shop

Right, I need to make some flapjacks now for hubby to bring to work for a week then I'll be back online to visit everyone's blogs :)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Got Chalk?

Blogger was under maintenance, it's back now but they are still working on restoring some of the data, I was abit worried that i might have to find other free blog sites to create a new blog, phew!

But all's well that ends well, i had time to do something else while waiting for blogger to work again, I did a bit of craft using this Ronseal Blackboard paint that i bought awhile back, I had in mind to use it within a frame for a menu or scribble something with a chalk.

..but I dont have a frame for it so i use it on wooden hearts instead that i bought on ebay last year, need to stock up more coz i'm thinking to decoupage them also.

I painted the hearts a few coats of the paint front and back so they can be used both sides as tags, just use chalks and write on it, easy to wipe and re-write. So I now find it easier to know which basket contains what :)

My first attempt on these wooden hearts was last year when I handpainted them with acrylic and crayons in time for christmas.

This was taken in december and they're abit messy but rest assured, i'll be trying it again once i got more and sell them, you know what they say, practice makes perfect :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Bee Happy!

Look what I saw in my doorstep this morning? A package for me from Mr.Postman that was having trouble opening and closing the outer door of my house as the heat might expand the door so I helped him out as he apologized which wasn't even his fault! I know the screw on the knob also abit loose and he didnt want to cause more damage haha.

It's a gift that I won from Bee Happy, oooohh i love it so much!! I won a Liberty London bag. It's sooo cute! love the design on it, i also love the cath kidston card with her lovely words in it. Thank you!

..Then a friend of mine asked me out to visit another friend who lives outside of worthing, we had lunch at her house while she helped my friend shortened her maxi dresses and I was observing how she's so good with her sewing machine and even tried out myself, i told her if i had one i wanted to learn from her how to do sewing with the machine, then the three of us went out for a short trip to chichester town center, my first time going to the further part of Chichester town centre where i found a Cath Kidston Shop!! I didn't go in though afraid of the temptation when i'm already broke so just took a shot of the front of the shop and told my friends that if they ever wanted to go there again next month or so, please bring me along haha.

I even drool to see the front display but so glad that my two friends were in a hurry to go shopping at H&M and i'm happy enough to babysit her one year old son in a pram :)

next time...cath...next time! at least i noted a bus number that i can take from my town that goes there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Own Tea Room

..well,a Tea Room sign anyway...that i finally finished after a few weeks of distraction on making other small crafts. Handpainted but cheated on using Cath Kidston's roses template and a teapot shape cut out.

oh, would be nice if i had my own tea room/shop *dreaming*.

This week's teacup tuesday, I'm using a teacup from Grosvenor Bone China England, love the green pattern on it and the lovely flowers on it too, as for the saucer is from Royal Stafford.

I'm in the lookout for duck egg blue teacup, so far i haven't yet found it in my local charity shops but they tend to sell teacups/saucers/plates in lots, i just need one cup and one saucer then i'm happy :)

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