Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full Report

...well sorta, anyway.

I've been taken ill, had cold and toothache, went to dentist and had fillings in my tooth but the dentist said one of my wisdom tooth had to be taken out *shudders* in another appointment. I also have allergy, i found out years ago that i'm allergic to pain killers, anything that contains paracetamol in it is a no-no for me, my face would swell up like a balloon or i'll get itchy all over my body, so yes i had to endure the pain if i had headaches but two years ago the doctor gave me another type of painkiller which contains no paracetamol, it's called codein, it's fine at first and i'm so grateful for that but last week i took it coz the toothache caused me so much agony and something happened, i got nauseated, dizziness and well...stomach cramp, so i stopped taking it, hence my 5 days of agony to endure all of those.

But i'm better now..I'm so touched by those who are so concerned and left me a sweet and lovely email and comment, thank you!

My husband's parents gave us two tickets a week ago to a theatre show called "The Spirit of Dance" and it was today and we almost didnt go as hubby was worried that i'm still fragile *his own words* and coz the weather is back to chilly and very windy but I told him that i'll be fine, besides it's a waste of the tickets that the in-laws have paid for £40 a pair!!

well, it's supposed to be our wedding anniversary gift from them anyways, so off we went to town at the sea front where the Dome theatre located, too bad it's not allowed to take pics inside, we enjoyed the irish dance performance and a mix of jazzy as well as ballet althought i did hinted at first i wanted to see the wizard of Oz show but i was too late, they dont perform in my town anymore, but i enjoyed seeing the dance and the singing.

I'm sorry i haven't been checking everyone's blogs and i do miss blogging! so I hope i'll be able to blog again as usual and visit other blogs tomorrow! off now to sleep.


  1. Oh honey, you have had such a rough week of it! I'm so glad you got out and about a bit this evening and that you're feeling slightly better, I hope you wake up feeling refreshed.

    Jem xXx

  2. Oh Susan, I'm so sorry about your toothache! Having a wisdom tooth pulled sounds scary:( I hope you feel 100% better soon.

    It looks like you had a lovely evening out with your hubby! Blogger has been acting up all week, not letting people leave comments and now my follower widget has mysteriously disappeared! So you picked a good time to take a break:)

    Have a good sleep and how sweet that your hubby called you 'fragile' awwwwww!

  3. Hi hun, so sorry to hear about your tooth problems, and eek for wisdom tooth! I hope you feel better soon, there really is nothing worse than tooth aches and pains.

    Your night out sounded lovely, good that you have been able to have a night out.

    Miss your blog posts! Scarlett x

  4. Poor you, I'd hoped maybe you were just too busy crafting to post rather than feeling rotten. Hope you're on the mend now, your evening sounded nice, now you can hibernate again for a couple of days and will soon be feeling better

  5. Tis moi again Susan! I got rid of the virus last night...phew!!! I was in such a panic. It was a really weird one, I didn't get it from a website. It was disguised as part of my operating system so it looked like one of my regular updates. Norton and a bunch of other programs didn't find it, something called Malwarebytes finally found it and got rid of it (it was free too!). Very scary but hopefully everything's a-ok now. Google kept sending me to naughty sites!!!!

    Hope you're feeling better!!!

  6. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and hope you're back to full strength for the Bank Holiday weekend,

    Victoria xx

  7. Susan..I am so sorry for your health issues. I know it is so hard when one is not feeling well. I wish you better days soon. Hugs from Trish


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