Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Frenzy

I'm so excited to watch the royal wedding tomorrow on BBC, was offered to record it by hubby if we happened to wake up late but no, not me! I'll be sure to tune in at 9ish, already bought a biscuit tin from McVities at sainsburys with William and Kate on it too! Will munch those while watching.

I did get hubby's parents to watch it together at their house but hubby declined as he's not feeling too well, however I got a surprise in the mail today, a commemorative royal wedding tea for one from my mother in law (bless her!), now i can munch the royal biscuit with the royal teacup/pot :)

It's quite cute actually, again...with William and Kate's picture on it :)

I was going to post this in the afternoon but i was doing my cross stitch and boy I have never moved soo fast to finish it and finally it's done and right on time! so glad i got a frame that was a perfect fit for it. I ran out the right color of yarns for it so i just used whatever i have, not too happy with the colors though!

Right! gotta get some sleep now, let's gossip again after the wedding :p

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100 Followers Giveaways!

I've been meaning to post this giveaways sooner but i only got the chance to do this today, too bad i didn't win a lottery on friday :p I can only give this simple giveaways to one winner and to show my appreciation for following me and the lovely comments you wrote in my blog posts.

Right, the winner will win this mini suitcase that I bought at Store 21.

okay, i'm joking :) the mini suitcase along with a few stuff inside it :)

a cute Happy Hens salt and pepper shakers, A mini classic florals Rose bath soap, a Keep Calm & Carry On Fridge Magnet and a tea strainer :)

How to Enter:

1. You have two chances in winning it by leaving a comment below and become a follower or if you already a follower just leave a comment that you are already a follower.

2. Put the Giveaways button below in your blog for another chance and leave a separate comment saying that you've put the button on your blog. That's it!

Good Luck!

The winner will be drawn on Sunday the 8th of May

Okay, I need to go now for grocery shopping at sainsburys! :)

Tea Time with Mrs. Bunny

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! It's been a long weekend, hubby and I spent mostly at home watching Stargate Series that he forced onto me coz it's only fair as i have been forcing him watching the historical drama movies such as Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre :)

I then asked him nicely to go to town yesterday as I need to buy a few things for my craft and also for the 100 followers giveaways that I'll post after this entry.

My Easter was a relaxing one, we had hot cross buns with tea and i was using my Mrs.Bunny teapot that I bought from charity shop awhile back, My teacup is from Johnson Bros. Hubby bought a Big golden choc easter eggs and two cute choc easter bunnies from Lindt for both of us which didn't last long after we opened it :)

I tried to embroider a napkin from the pattern that i saw in one of my SEW magazine of an alice in wonderland theme but I can only finished one napkin as i didnt have much time so excuse the simple photos above :)

I've been working on a cross stitch that hopefully it'll be finished before the royal wedding on friday! another longgg weekend, wohoo!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop!

I was thrilled to be asked to co-host this week's Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop by none other the host of this super fun party herself Homemaker on a Dime.

Thanks SJ

Just 2 Easy Rules:

1) link up whatever creative post you'd like to
share - can be a DIY project, decor, photography, crafts, recipes, poem, thrift finds, or that informative syndicated post that can make us laugh, or cry - in short, whatever you're proud of!

2) Then follow as many blogs as your heart desires, preferably starting first with
the one before you and after you, before branching out. (Following the host and co-host, too, will be very much appreciated, and we'll definitely follow back.)

You’re not required to include the party button, but if you’re so inclined to display it in your blog or your post, you’re very much welcome to do so :)

This is a combination of linky party (where we can show off our creations) and of blog hop (where we can follow as many excellent bloggers as we like), hence the name Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

Link opens up every Sunday at 5:00 pm, PST. So without further ado, Let's get this Party started!

Because we like something different, we're using the reverse
entry for inlinkz - so the most recent participant will show up as
number 1, thus giving every participant a chance to be on the top spot."

Here's the code to the party button that you need to include in the post:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not In Sync

My day started with a slide down the stairs this morning, just woke up and put on the wrong slipper which was a stolen item from a hotel that we stayed in Indonesia 4 years ago (talk about karma), bruised my arm and thigh as I had to grab the railing to stop me from sliding further down.

I think i'll be sore tomorrow but i had put on some tiger balm. I then got a text message from my friend asking if i wanted to go for a picnic down the beach with her daughter and she'll pick me up around 11. I had my coffee, watched tv and I swore when i saw the clock at that precise moment it showed 9am so i had a lot of time to prepare what i'm going to bring food wise, I even thought of making cupcakes! but a few mins later a text came in again saying she's on the way to pick me up! I was rushing my butt off to prepare everything in 10mins as she's living close by! When I got in her car, i told her she's early! but she said it's already 11am!

Well anyway, We had a nice relaxing picnic for about 3 hours which i spent most of the time dozing off on the picnic blanket.

Anyways, I made vintage easter eggs yesterday from plastic easter eggs that i bought at £1 shop in town, took out the candy inside the eggs, slab lots of glue and printed out vintage paper from Graphics Fairy and cut them into small pieces overlapping each other to cover the whole egg.

I used laces and tied it with jute twine on the egg too. It's a sticky project coz i had to use lots of glue and each time i pasted a piece of paper i had to wash my hand when they started to stick on my hand rather than on the egg :)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time for Tea on The Patio

I'm glad I did the chair decoupage yesterday (on my previous post) coz then today i have something to post for Tea Time Tuesday :)

Just a simple tea table for myself, I didn't have time to bake anything but I have a leftover victoria sponge cake that I made over the weekend to accompany my tea time.

Excuse the dying tulips in the pot that I sometimes forget to water (sigh) and a rather sorry lonely looking of that leftover Victoria Sponge Cake. I spent alot of time when it's sunny on the patio in my backyard doing craft projects or play with the cat and of course drinking tea. I wish I had a big garden with green grass and lots of colorful flowers like most people but that's just my wish :)

I made the cross stitched pillow on the chair, The teacup is from colclough which i bought in charity shop that I might use it for another project making a teacup/teapot table lamp, the mini cake stand was bought also in charity shop as well as the teapot :)

..and I love reading those Little Tea Books.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Decoupaged Chair

I've been delaying to decoupage a chair that I bought in charity shop for £5 last week just because, I haven't got the guts and afraid that I'd ruin it, it's my first time to do decoupage and I've been drooling for it since I saw it on people's blogs on how it turned out and a tutorial shared by my dear blogging friend Scarlett helped me through the step by step process on decoupage.

But hey, it's only £5 chair, so if i failed, it wont hurt so bad! :)

1.First I sanded the chair (I really hate this part, really!
2.Painted it white and let it dry overnight (i used two coats of paint)
3.I then painted the legs and the wooden bars on the chair a blue duck egg color.
4.Once dried, I sanded again on the seat of the chair before I decoupage so the paper that im using got something to grip to.
5.Prepare your paper, im using this lovely color and design from Cath Kidston napkin paper (3 ply), peel off the two blank sheets as i'm only going to use the printed part.
6.Start by brushing a thin layer of modpodge on the seat with the paper.

7.Then move on to the other parts of the seat, cut the paper in small pieces for round corners and just overlapped each other to give it a seamless appearance.
8.Don't forget to dab with a dry cloth to remove any bubbles on the paper.

I didn't try to decoupage the the whole chair as I wanted to know how it turns out first, i think i made a few mistake here and there but i'm pretty satisfied with the result and if i ever found another chair like that, i want to do a full decoupage with a different print of Cath Kidston's paper.

Oh By the way, I'll be doing a Giveaway as soon as my followers reached 100! I've been thinking about selling something for awhile now and i have created another blog for my online shop but it's not finished yet so i'm excited to do this as well. Thanks for all suggestions that you, lovely ladies gave me in the comments.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Late Mother's Day Gift

I finally finished the cross stitch pillow cushion from one of the Cath Kidston's book for my mother in law that i supposed to give it to her on Mother's day but sadly i didn't finish it on time, after some long tiring months with lots of distractions and other things to make, i finally finished it and yesterday I was able to give it to her, thank god she loves it!

After we spent a few hours at hubby's parents, we took a walk to the park and on the beach, i must say i took loads of pics coz the park is so beautiful with blooming flowers, but i wont post all of the pics in this entry :)

These were taken at Denton Gardens, one of the park in my town near the beach, Lovely isn't it? I'll be posting more pics in other posts.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks Mr. Postman!

I'm so glad I decided to stay at home today and postponed my trip to the farther charity shops coz the weather is back to the chilly side and abit windy. I'm cheered up and overjoyed when Mr.Postman dropped a few mails and a package, yes a package in my mail box!

It's from my dearest blogger friend Scarlett who has been so kind to have sent me a vintage book with my name on the title that she bought in one of her bargain hunting trip! yep i'm abit narcissistic and love anything that got my name on it, personalized things are my fave! Thank you so much Scarlett for the lovely vintage book and I love the note with the elvis on it too!

..and I also recieved the latest Cath Kidston's Catalogue and I heard that they're having a 15% Off just for today, though as much as i'm tempted to buy, i dont think i can afford it this month, hubby needs to do M.O.T, but i'm sure i'll enjoy browsing the catalogue and drooling over her goodies :)

Right, so now onto today's post on craft that I made yesterday, I found a cabinet's door in the outbuilding storage that I thought I could do something with it, I unscrewed the hinges, sand it down and spray painted it with blue color then once dried, i just wanted it to look abit distressed so I just paint without a care with white paint on a brush and sand it a little.

Now, I can't draw nor profess the skill to draw so I cheated by looking at Cath Kidston's book called "Make" and it has a roses template that I can use to draw.

So i'm linking my craft post to;

Transformation Thursday

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