Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pyrex Love....

Inspired by my other lovely ladies in the blogland few years ago, I too fell in love with pyrex dishes, although my collection isn't that many and i can only managed to find a few of these pretties over the past 2 years in charity shops but i did manage to add one more cutie, rather smaller in size and plain...but i like the color and so i quickly grab it and paid it in a hurry before the rain started to fall again and walked home yesterday :p

It's plain and in blue color, kinda cute i think and i like the handle too... can't resist adding face effect on photo editor to it, just too cute! :p The below photo are my small collection of the pyrex dishes that I managed to find in different charity shops in the past two years...

...and since it's tuesday, i'm combining this entry with my tea time tuesday, the weather is just so wet and gloomy again today, im lucky enough to be given scones freshly made by my dear friend Komang and it's fruits and cheese, even hubby has had his share, seems like hubby got a cold and i feel like coming down with one too so..im just going to enjoy my tea and scones while wrapping up to keep warm and watch Black Adder. Hope everyone else is having a much more sunnier day!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Surprises and a Crush..

I received a lovely parcel yesterday from Magie at TeacupsandBunting along with a lovely card from Jem at BeautifulClutter, I really am touched and so happy to receive them, Thank you!
Magie sent me a cute heart shaped cushion hanger with super cute bunting card. i love the lip gloss she gave too, the color is just perfect and the crocheted flower is so fun and bright, thank you Magie! The parcel is beautifully wrapped and i just love the doodle she made, she's just so creative.

Jem sent me a beautiful Tea Time card from Wedgwood, it's so beautiful and I'm so touched reading what she wrote to me, i really thank you so much!
As i was re-organizing my stuff, I have this bundle of scrap fabrics that are too small to use them as small projects and don't have the heart to throw them either as i might have an idea on how to use them on something which i did, I have some unused picture frame that i got from charity shop a long time ago, so I just sort of decoupage the scrap of fabrics onto the frame and layer them.

I think i like the result and it is now has its uses to display the lovely cards i got from my friends :) I feel a crush coming on and i really want to make more and perhaps use the much more smaller scraps for a different project as i still have alot more of scrap fabrics lying around...
Have a lovely weekend! x

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Many things you can do while drinking tea, browsing a magazine for one or the internet to name a few. I also love to make things while having tea such as crochet or knitting especially when the weather is wet and gloomy like today, so as i was browsing for ideas, i found this free crochet pattern to make a cute instagram camera from Haakensmaak. I decided to try and make my own :)

for someone who loves taking pics, Instagram is a great invention and I used to envy my friends who got iphone as it was an app exclusively made for iphone users (as i cant afford buying one!) but i'm so happy when after awhile it can be used by android users too! Still...as my android phone is a cheap one and the camera is not that great, i'll have to make do for now til' i can afford a nicer one but i'm still grateful though!

Anyways, I wanted to try and make a smaller version for this crochet instagram camera as it's abit big if i use it as my digicam casing cover, I think i need to use a smaller crochet hook for next time and try to mind the tensions as i can see some stitches are tighter than the other and it's kinda crooked but overall at least now i know roughly how to make one :)

That's it for now..and I'm off to refill my tea and blog hopping :) x

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