Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Photo-a-day Challenge

I'm joining March Photo-a-day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog

My Entries for Day 12 to 22;

Day 12: Fork

Day 13: A Sign

Cafe sign, a gift from the lovely Bee Happy.

Day 14: Clouds

a cloud brooch that I made from felt

Day 15: Car

hubby's childhood toy

Day 16: Sunglasses

Spring is Here and what a glorious day outside!

Day 17: Green

My sainsburys shopping bag

Day 18: A corner of your home

my shed located right at the corner :P

Day 19: Funny

taken from my "Everything Alice" book, it's kinda funny i think :)

Day 20: Before/After

Finished making babushka doll from a free kit in mollie makes magazine,she's cute!

Day 21: Delicious

I went out with a friend to Haskins Garden Centre yesterday to drop in my job application form and she wanted to have a cup of coffee and a cake but gosh those cakes are so expensive though they look delicious, in the end we just had mocha with scones :)

Day 22: Kitchen Sink

Just another housechore, washing the dishes :p

...and i also would like to thank Alice for sending me a cute postcard from Paris! I'm so touched and Happy for her Big news! x

I've entered a lovely giveaway over at Bee Happy, Click the photo to go to her blog and enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My 1st Crocheted Cushion Cover

I've been trying to make crocheted granny squares since about 2 weeks ago for the purpose of making a cushion cover out of them, i'm glad it's finished though it's not perfect as i still need to learn on my tension so the square is tight and not loose, but i'm happy with the result :P

I made about 50 little granny squares and it turned out not enough and so I improvised by doing treble crochet at the back to join the piece and added buttons, I use envelope style cushion coz it's easier to put the cushion inside the cover :)

I always have problem joining the squares and need to learn more on how to do it correctly but i still love the result :)

I must say I deserve a cup of tea :P

I entered a giveaway over A Thrifty Mrs to win Lomography Diana F+ Camera, want a chance to win it? go over and enter by clicking the link

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Monday, March 12, 2012

March Photo-a-day Challenge

I'm joining March Photo-a-day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog, it's a shame i couldnt finished my february photo a day challenge due to having a bad cold etc but hopefully i can join and finished the march challenge :)

My Entries for Day 1 to 11;

Day 1: UP

Someone from somewhere lost his/her balloon, i got lucky i was at the back garden taking some pics and saw it and quickly took a snap of it before it got too high up in the sky.

Day 2: Fruit

Treated myself with some strawberries from sainsburys, refreshing! :p

Day 3: Your Neighborhood

the view of my neighborhood from my window upstairs, it's Quiet most of the times :)

Day 4: Bedside

Taken in my spare bedroom :)

Day 5: A Smile

I haven't go out these past weeks and haven't seen anyone besides hubby and the cat, so I didn't take any pics of anyone other than us :p

Day 6: 5pm

I guess I was too busy finishing my granny squares to make cushion cover around that time before hubby came back from work :)

Day 7: Something You Wore

I wore one of my fave dress :)

Day 8: Window

My teacups as window decoration.

Day 9: Red

one of my fave color here and there :)

Day 10: Loud

This one is tricky, so i just took a pic of my little mp3 player that i like to listen to whenever i go out.

Day 11: Someone You talked to Today

gotta be hubby and the cat, all the time :p

I also would like to thank Jem and Julie for the sweet cards you both sent me, I really appreciate them so much! Drinking Jasmine Early Grey Tea that Jem sent me as I write this post. xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Afternoon Tea Swap

I joined the Afternoon Tea Swap over at Pretty Little Jewel and i'm so lucky to be partnered with her, I'm so sorry that I sent my parcel very late as I was sick and couldn't post the parcel on time.

I was so excited despite my high temperature with a fever and was lying on the bed helplessly when hubby told me that He found a parcel on the door for me, I had to wait till the fever's gone then i opened the beautifully wrapped gifts she sent me, Thank you Julie! so here are what she sent to me;

She sent me; A lovely teacup but sadly the saucer was already broken when i opened it but i love it nonetheless, a beautiful victoria sponge cake recipe handmade by her, a delicious smell of Danish tea called Kaerlighedste Love Tea, can't wait to try it! she also sent me a chinese tea in a cute tin, a yummylicious homemade strawberry jam made by her which i've tasted it and love it! she also gave me a handmade necklace with a cute teapot pendant and a cute tea house stickers. Thank you so much and I do love the cute card too!

...and here are the gifts I sent to her, I wanted to apologize first as I didn't have time to make a craft item :)

I sent her; a set of English Breakfast Tea in mini tins, a Cath Kidston's Tea Mug, Tea Party Fridge Magnets, Handmade crocheted Cupcake and handmade Teapot cushion hanger and Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Lemon Shortbreads to accompany drinking tea. I do hope you'll like them :)

Thank you again for organizing the swap, I've had so much fun and Thanks for the swap gifts you sent, love them! x

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Been Sick...

I've been away too long from the blogland and i miss it terribly! I've been down with a cold and asthma attack since last week plus high fever that forced me to stay in bed for 3 days and other probs that made me feel sorry for myself but enough of that, i just wanted to write a quick update to let you know what happened and also a BIG Thank you for the lovely ladies who are so kind as to email me and concern about me, you know who you are! so Thank you xx

Just a quick crochet project i made last night and OH! i will be doing a post for the Afternoon Tea Swap over at Pretty Little Jewel tomorrow, perfect for Tea Time Tuesday (truth is I havent taken pics of the parcel she sent me) :p

That's all from me, I miss visiting everyone's blog so I'm off blog hopping now :)

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