Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been ages!

Or it seems like it anyway! I so miss blogging, it's been almost 6 months since my last entry. So much has happened and i have alot to say but I guess I wont have the time to write everything so I'm gonna try and make it short.

I guess there's always a plus minus in everything just like when I started my job early december, I was excited and happy coz that means I will have extra money to buy vintage things I love, save so I can go on a holiday and/or fix my run down house but the minus sides of it is now i dont have alot of time to do what I love doing such as baking, crafting and sometimes even the house chores got to be put off hence my absence in the blogging world!

It's still abit of a shock for me as i have forgotten working full time 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm, the last time i worked as a full time was probably more than 10 years ago! Anyways, I was sick after just working a month (winter probably didnt help either) then my feet were and still are aching from alot of walking to the train station and to work/home (my only exercise i'm doing) and I haven't eaten properly as work has been manic and stressful.

I am still grateful though as I finally got a job and that our financial issue is getting better now, I am also happy that I lost abit of weight because of it although for the first few months, I can't even relax on the weekends! doing house chores etc but I think i have gotten used to it now and more organized. I can even make simple things on weekends now and still taking photos on my mobile phone which I post on instagram (that's probably the only place I update daily as i don't have to switch on the computer and just snap a pic and post it wherever I am).

The reason why I can blog now is because Im taking a week's off from work coz i have enough holiday hours accrued and another reason is that my 5th wedding anniversay is coming up on the 6th of June! I have so many things to do this week, spring cleaning isn't that exciting but someone got to do it but we're planning to have some outings and of course a romantic dinner!

Anyways, I think i have spent alot of time on the computer as the screen has started to get abit weird (I hope to buy a new laptop soon!), so I'd better switch it off and do abit of crochet before bed time. I'm sorry i still can't visit everyone's blogs but I hope to have time this week to do it and I wish everyone has a lovely weekend! x

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Altering that Vintage Dress

This is my first time trying the sewing machine on clothes, it looks easy when i read or watch the tutorial online but it's not coz i'm still learning how to sew and i'm too lazy to hand sew it.

Anyways, I bought this dress in a charity shop awhile back for under £3 and thought it's cute but when i wear it, it looks so ridiculous on me, it swallows me up and the skirt is just too long, so it stayed in my wardrobe for a long time until last week as i was browsing online and found the tutorial on how to cut it and re-hem it.

I got rid off the pads on the shoulders, shortened the length of the skirt...though i was having trouble trying to iron it flat as the skirt is pleated and sew it straight is tough, the needle kept on going sideways! but anyways who would want to examine it closely? i like the result! what do you think?

I think i deserve a hot chocolate with marshmallows in it after that and i think i'll be wearing it at my friend's birthday dinner party next week :)

I still have a few clothes that i bought in charity shops that I wanted to get my hands on altering them next time.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Loving These

I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now but other things seem got in the way, i dont know if any of you remember my blog entry about my attempt to make a cross stitch mural Here inspired by a talented dutch lady by the name of Eline Pellinkhof, well anyways I fell in love with her creations and that time i knew she wrote craft books but unfortunately they're in dutch language.

My sister and I are very close and we often chat via whatsapp on the phone and since she lives in Netherlands, she was telling me about this big craft show that was going to be held near to where she lives and coz i can't just fly to the Netherlands a few weeks after i just came back from my long holiday in Indonesia (i'm broke), I just told her about the book by Eline Pellinkhof that Im drooling over, she said she'll keep an eye on it if she saw it. I'm so thrilled and over the moon when a few weeks later a parcel dropped on my doorstep from my sister, she apparently has bought me not one but two books of Eline's (though they're written in dutch which i dont understand, i'm still happy that she bought me those as my birthday gifts and oh i just love flipping through the pages and see the lovely creations and beautiful photos in it). Not only she bought the two books but she also bought me the Christmas fabric from Eline too! a metre long fabrics with like 9 lovely different christmassy designs on it. (you can see the video of the pages inside the book in her website)

..and not long after, while browsing through Mollie Makes magazine last month, i was so happy to see that she finally published her book in English and i cant resist the offer of Mollie Makes magazine that if i subscribed the mags, i'll get the book for free plus a metre of eline's fabric, vintage design. Hubby seems to not mind it as long as i ticked the 6 months subscriptions, not a year's :P

I'm a happy bunny! I've been using some of the designs on the fabrics I got of Eline's and also make some creations from the book, but that's for another post. I guess Christmas comes early for me :)

Last but not least, I would like to say Thank you for my dear blogger friend Bee Happy for sending me a lovely card with little sticky note to put in the book written by her that I bought before i went for a holiday in Indonesia in July, I read her book on the airplane and i gotta say it's hilarious and very helpful if i ever want to buy/sell a house hehe.

..and thank you also for the cute matching bookmark you sent too. time..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simple Chocolate Tart

Boy, it's been awhile since I updated my blog...I got a cold a few weeks back and i was so miserable that i wasn't in the mood to switch on my laptop that takes forever to load and can only use it for half an hour or so before the monitor screen started to play up and i had to switch it off. Thankfully i got my phone to entertain me :)

Once I got over the cold (slow progress though), i was informed by my friends that they have some vacancies in their workplace that I might be interested to apply, but of course!! so I was busy (again abit fed up with my old broken laptop) and update my CV and then saw more vacancies online for christmas jobs that i just had to apply (i could dream of buying with my own money for hubby's christmas pressies) and of course myself! :p

Anyways, between applying jobs and two interviews so far and still no news if i got a job or not, I always wanted to try and make a tart, it's from Jamie Oliver's recipe book.

The hard bit, i gotta say was making the pastry, it's gotta be a short crust one and it was my first to make it, the result wasnt as good as i expected to be, it's crumbly and kind of uneven but hubby said he loves it :P

The chocolate bits are heavenly coz i used my fave Lindt Dark Chocs, just pure heaven. I used cocoa powder and icing sugar for dusting once the chocolate has hardened abit in the fridge :)

Anyways, I miss visiting everyone's blogs and i really could do with inspirations for christmas as I just realized it's almost december! fingers crossed i got a job even if it's only temporary christmas jobs, i dont mind at all! :)

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pyrex Love....

Inspired by my other lovely ladies in the blogland few years ago, I too fell in love with pyrex dishes, although my collection isn't that many and i can only managed to find a few of these pretties over the past 2 years in charity shops but i did manage to add one more cutie, rather smaller in size and plain...but i like the color and so i quickly grab it and paid it in a hurry before the rain started to fall again and walked home yesterday :p

It's plain and in blue color, kinda cute i think and i like the handle too... can't resist adding face effect on photo editor to it, just too cute! :p The below photo are my small collection of the pyrex dishes that I managed to find in different charity shops in the past two years...

...and since it's tuesday, i'm combining this entry with my tea time tuesday, the weather is just so wet and gloomy again today, im lucky enough to be given scones freshly made by my dear friend Komang and it's fruits and cheese, even hubby has had his share, seems like hubby got a cold and i feel like coming down with one too just going to enjoy my tea and scones while wrapping up to keep warm and watch Black Adder. Hope everyone else is having a much more sunnier day!

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