Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Enjoy your New Year's Eve!

Note: just a few crocheted garlands and pom poms i made before christmas that I haven't been able to blog :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You!

Many thanks to these lovely ladies who've sent me these lovely christmas cards and gifts, i'm spoilt rotten!

Thank you Scarlett and Jem for the gorgeous Christmas cards! don't you just love recieving lovely christmas cards and hung them to decorate the house! I love it!

I love Cath Kidston and Magie sent me this cute CK christmas card and a super cute reindeer tree ornament. Thank you Magie..the reindeer is still on my tree :)

The lovely Bee Happy spoilt me rotten with these gifts, i'm so speechless.

"Twelve days of christmas" book that i can't wait to read and love the cover, a handmade cute heart cushion hanger with little bell on it, an adorable handmade flower made of fabrics brooch, a metal "Cafe" sign, a lovely bracelet and a pretty in pink polkadot pencil case and they're handmade by you too!. I can't thank you enough!

I'm also blessed to have met Brenda in blog land and so touched that she sent me these wonderful christmas gifts all the way from the USA. The christmas card is so special coz it's drawn by her sweet and talented granddaughter. I love the beautiful floral wrap she sent and as soon as i finished taking pics, i've tried one of tea bags you sent and will enjoy the assorted chocs and jelly beans soon!

Thank you soo much Ladies for making my Christmas more special and I can't thank you enough, I hope everyone had a lovely filled with joy christmas!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping Christmas Swap

I was torn to open the gifts from my swap partner An Alien World sent me before christmas, the tempation to unwrap those gifts were so great but being so busy preparing christmas meal helped and just like a child, i did the unwrapping at 7am on Christmas day! Here are the lovely things she sent me;

She sent me a beautiful "Homemade Gifts Vintage Style" book which i did a quick peek inside the book for photo purposes and already loving it! can't wait to sit back, have a cup of tea and read it properly.

totally love the pics inside the book and already cant wait to make something from the tutorials inside :)

next, she sent me this totally adorable compact powder....sweet and oh so romantic!

and last but not least, a beautiful embroidered reindeer heart shaped decoration, it's still on my christmas tree! I love it!

Thank you soo much Alice for the gifts, i adore them and i also adore your cute handmade card, love the cute tea pot and cups in there, just lovely! it's been so much fun doing the swap, I want to thank Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping for hosting the Christmas swap, i can't wait to join again next time!

next post will be about the gifts that you lovely ladies sent me on Christmas, as soon as i finished taking pics of them :) But I want to thank you first, i love the beautiful cards everyone sent and the lovely and thoughtful gifts i recieved too!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was an exhausting day and im sure i'm not the only who feels that way but it was lovely, thank you for hubby's help in the kitchen and glad that his parents enjoyed the meal :)

The Menu

Lunch drags to Dinner with breaks after each course as the parents came after church and we served hot toddy to warm them up while i was busy in the kitchen checking the roasted veggies and appetizer.

we had red wine with the meals then I accompanied my father in law drinking gin and tonic (his favorite), hubby made irish coffee for all of us while relaxing in the evening watching ratatouille on TV.

I think my father in law and I are quite drunk, poor hubby as he can't drink except one glass of red wine during the meal as he had to drive his parents back home but he made it up afterwards, we stayed up til almost midnight :)

til next year's christmas but i'm so glad now it's over, i looked so tired :)

Woke up late today and going to make bubble and squeak after this. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Do

Yesterday was hectic but fun day as i wasn't prepared at all to go to a christmas do at a friend's house, i thought i wouldnt be able to come as i had to wait for my husband's tv to be delivered by the courier but as it happened the tv arrived early and my friend still wanted me to come anyway so i did but...

I haven't got any pressies for them! so i dashed out of the door armed with wrapping papers, scissor and tape and took a taxi to town and quickly went to the first shop i saw and bought pressies,it was manic and the queue was long! I found a restroom and wrapped them all inside the toilet where i got embarrassed whenever people came inside and looked at me wrapping up the pressies but i didnt care, then tried to find a taxi to go to my friend's house.

I had a lovely time, lovely food and exchanging pressies with all of them, gave each and everyone my gifts, my friends' kids seem to be happy with what i gave them and i just love receiving hugs and cuddles from them!

I have time to rest today but will be busy again tomorrow as hubby wanted to set up the tv and needed my help to clear the space and the old tv etc, baking cake will be on saturday and preparing/cooking the christmas menu/meals for sunday for when hubby's parents will come.

off to bed now :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Joy Of Christmas

I have things i wanted to do but never get around of doing it this christmas but there's always next year hopefully :) I'm sure everyone else is also super busy right now that Christmas is 5 days away (time sure flies) but anyways I finally finished making my stocking on Sunday or rather ice skates from Tilda's Christmas Ideas book, i even made one for hubby :)

I even got time to make christmas decorations from a free kit that i got from Cross Stitcher magazine christmas issue, three cute little houses and of course another snowman :)

Yesterday I decided to bake some gingerbread cookies while listening to Elvis Christmas CD that I got from Sunday Mail, I just love the smell of cookies fresh from the oven and can't help having them even before i decorated them with icing sugar, it warms up the house and it's a lovely company for my tea.

I'm going to bake a Yule log perhaps on Friday or Saturday but right now i need to make a shopping list for Christmas Menu as we're going shopping to Sainsburys today.

Wishing everyone a lovely and full of Joy Christmas!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Christmas Tree

My first craft fayre was abit disappointing despite the planning i made the night before, i still forgot things that i supposed to bring and i forgot my camera too! I guess people has finished shopping for christmas presents hence the lack of people who came to the fayre today though i'm thankful that i managed to sell a few things and still make a profit about £25 (£10 i had to pay for the table) :) it lasted til' 2pm and hubby picked me up and we went to sainsburys to buy turkey crown as we're inviting his parents on Christmas day.

We finally put up our Christmas tree today and had a relaxing afternoon watching Black Swan, Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Trader and The Legend of The Guardians. I even managed to make a quick Snowman Ornament from the Tilda's Christmas Ideas book for the top of my tree, i'll make one more tomorrow and also going to try and make christmas stockings for the same book too! :)

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and will post more photos soon :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let it Snow..

I don't know if we who live in the south will ever get snow this year or not but i do hope we do get snow though i know hubby prays the opposite! anyways, remember the crocheted snowflakes i did awhile back? I finally had time to finish it (about 40pieces) and hang them up on the window.

Our Tv has decided to go weird on us these couple of days, hubby is worried that it might stopped working anytime soon considering it's already 8 years old so he decided to order a new one via amazon and told me that it'll be our christmas gift..(what?)

But i do hope he got my hints to check my books' wishlist in his amazon account and at least buy me something from the wishlist! :P

I got a cute Christmas card from the gorgeous Lakota and it's pink! Thank you!

I'm going to try making a few things from Tilda's Christmas Ideas book that i bought awhile back. Will keep you posted when i succeeded :P

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Overjoyed :)

My trip to London to meet a friend last saturday was successful and will do a separate post about it once my friend has uploaded the pics and share them with me as i had to use her big camera to take pics of her/for her. I spent my sunday relaxing as my feet were killing me after a whole day of walking around London and spent it drinking an awful lot of tea and wrote christmas cards that I posted on Monday. Yay! one job done :)

I came home from the post office yesterday to find two parcels on my doorstep, the sweet and lovely Bee Happy sent me not 1, not 2 but 6 beautifully wrapped christmas gifts to be opened on christmas day (Awww I can't wait!), and my Faithhopeandharityshopping Christmas Swap partner an alien world's package has arrived too, I can't wait to open all these beautifully wrapped gifts soon!Right now I've put all the gifts under my little christmas tree! I will do separate posts once i opened them :) Thank You Ladies, I'm overjoyed, over the moon!

on another note, I finished all items that i made for the craft fayre that i will be going this saturday (I can breathe now!). These christmas tree ornaments from felts are the last items i made using the tutorial from Mollie Makes Christmas issue, I bought the little christmas tree from sainsburys which i might take with me to the fayre, all i need to think about now is the bits and pieces to take with me such as paper bags and if i should bring my own tablecloth and how to display my items, but i'm glad now things are coming along together and can move on to do something else that i love, decorating the house!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Bird Brooches (Part Two)

After I've done my 1st batch of bird brooches in the previous post Here, I started the 2nd batch with different design, this time the bird is in the cage, well sort of anyway :)

Thanks to Zakkalife for sharing the tutorial on how to make these cuties. I only have 3 more items to make (10 each) then I'm done and i can start doing christmas decorations *hopefully*

I'm supposed to go to London today but my friend just replied my msg late last nite saying she could only meet me on saturday as she just booked a last minute day tour to Salisbury for today, Thanks God she let me know before i dashed out of the door this morning to take the train to london Victoria! She also said she cuts her holiday short and will be flying back to Indonesia on Sunday. Wish me luck that i wont get lost or having any kind of probs on my way to London for the first time on my own tomorrow and got back home safe and sound before dinner , if she doesnt cancel it again and says she cant meet me at all :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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