Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Overjoyed :)

My trip to London to meet a friend last saturday was successful and will do a separate post about it once my friend has uploaded the pics and share them with me as i had to use her big camera to take pics of her/for her. I spent my sunday relaxing as my feet were killing me after a whole day of walking around London and spent it drinking an awful lot of tea and wrote christmas cards that I posted on Monday. Yay! one job done :)

I came home from the post office yesterday to find two parcels on my doorstep, the sweet and lovely Bee Happy sent me not 1, not 2 but 6 beautifully wrapped christmas gifts to be opened on christmas day (Awww I can't wait!), and my Faithhopeandharityshopping Christmas Swap partner an alien world's package has arrived too, I can't wait to open all these beautifully wrapped gifts soon!Right now I've put all the gifts under my little christmas tree! I will do separate posts once i opened them :) Thank You Ladies, I'm overjoyed, over the moon!

on another note, I finished all items that i made for the craft fayre that i will be going this saturday (I can breathe now!). These christmas tree ornaments from felts are the last items i made using the tutorial from Mollie Makes Christmas issue, I bought the little christmas tree from sainsburys which i might take with me to the fayre, all i need to think about now is the bits and pieces to take with me such as paper bags and if i should bring my own tablecloth and how to display my items, but i'm glad now things are coming along together and can move on to do something else that i love, decorating the house!

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  1. I am pleased to her your trip went well to London, to visit your friend. I look forward to seeing the photo's of you day :)
    Those felt decorations are super cute, I like the colours of the threads as well. I think they look fab displayed on the Christmas tree like that.
    Have a great time at the craft fayre and then you can just take it easy (and have fun decorating for yourself!).
    I have sent a Christmas card with just a little something in it, for you..so I am hoping it will get to you soon.
    Take care

  2. Can't wait to find out how the craft fair goes, you deserve to make a mint the amount of hard work you've put in. xx

  3. Good luck for Saturday. Hope it goes really well. xx

  4. Lovely pic with you and your tea mug!
    It sounds like you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Your new ornaments look great and will do very well at the fair!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays,

  5. Thank you for visiting and following Red Rose Alley. When I clicked on your link to follow you back, it came up profile not found, so I had to go to Teacups and Bunting again to get to you. Just wanted you to know. It might just be a temporary thing. Anyways, I managed to follow you, and I will be back to visit with you often. Love the red polka dot cup. I'm a polka dot girl too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Glad the friend's visit was a success and you also managed to get ready for the fayre. We will be looking forward to your parcels!

  7. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your friend. Oh, I like your cozy socks! The ornaments are so cute...Yes, now you can breathe, you worked so very hard. The fair will be exciting. O, I'm off to work...have a delightful day filled with magic!

    Marianne xox

  8. Such a pretty spotty mug - perfect for festive tea! x

  9. Such a cute tree!! love your socks too :) good luck at the craft fair bet your stuff sells fast!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. What a cute pic of you in your leggings and a cup of tea! The little trees are adorable and I'm sure they will sell well. Thanks for sharing your cute post.

    Merry Christmas,

  11. Love the photo of you and the red and white mug! Too cute! Happy Tea Day!

  12. Yay! I am so glad your parcel has arrived! It sure must mean it's nearly Christmas. I really do hope you like them :)
    p.s I'm sorry about the messy package! I ran out of brown paper on the eleventh hour so thats why I ended up using wallpaper! xxx

  13. Love your leggings. The Christmas exchange sounds like a lot of fun. Exciting to get mail.

  14. Love your felt ornaments! A trip to London sounds great. Hope your Fair or Fayre is a tremendous success! Happy Tea Time! Pam

  15. you tone sounds so happy! Wonderful to get some treats at the doorstep that is for sure and no better a person to receive them! You are a sweet one that is for sure. Glad your projects are being completed and the holiday sounds in full swing for you as well! Thanks and have a great week.

  16. Thank you for joining in our Christmas tea. It was more special because you were here. Best of luck at the craft fair. Waiting to hear how you do.


  17. Im pleased you had a great trip to london. I love the picture of you and the cute slipper socks. How exciting about the parcels too, very much looking forward to seeing what you got :o) Scarlett x


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