Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been ages!

Or it seems like it anyway! I so miss blogging, it's been almost 6 months since my last entry. So much has happened and i have alot to say but I guess I wont have the time to write everything so I'm gonna try and make it short.

I guess there's always a plus minus in everything just like when I started my job early december, I was excited and happy coz that means I will have extra money to buy vintage things I love, save so I can go on a holiday and/or fix my run down house but the minus sides of it is now i dont have alot of time to do what I love doing such as baking, crafting and sometimes even the house chores got to be put off hence my absence in the blogging world!

It's still abit of a shock for me as i have forgotten working full time 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm, the last time i worked as a full time was probably more than 10 years ago! Anyways, I was sick after just working a month (winter probably didnt help either) then my feet were and still are aching from alot of walking to the train station and to work/home (my only exercise i'm doing) and I haven't eaten properly as work has been manic and stressful.

I am still grateful though as I finally got a job and that our financial issue is getting better now, I am also happy that I lost abit of weight because of it although for the first few months, I can't even relax on the weekends! doing house chores etc but I think i have gotten used to it now and more organized. I can even make simple things on weekends now and still taking photos on my mobile phone which I post on instagram (that's probably the only place I update daily as i don't have to switch on the computer and just snap a pic and post it wherever I am).

The reason why I can blog now is because Im taking a week's off from work coz i have enough holiday hours accrued and another reason is that my 5th wedding anniversay is coming up on the 6th of June! I have so many things to do this week, spring cleaning isn't that exciting but someone got to do it but we're planning to have some outings and of course a romantic dinner!

Anyways, I think i have spent alot of time on the computer as the screen has started to get abit weird (I hope to buy a new laptop soon!), so I'd better switch it off and do abit of crochet before bed time. I'm sorry i still can't visit everyone's blogs but I hope to have time this week to do it and I wish everyone has a lovely weekend! x

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