Friday, May 4, 2012

Cross Stitch Mural

I came across a lovely blog called Craftberry Bush last year and admire her creative and talented works as well as her photography skill that I just love. I think it was in January that I happened to pop by her blog again and saw her creation of cross stitch mural and heart pillow she made that blew me away, I wish I can draw like her but I can't but anyway I read her blog post on the cross stitch mural she made that led me to the original creator of the mural itself, a very talented and creative lady by the name of Eline Pellinkhof, she created a beautiful cross stitch mural that i can't help but try and make myself!

Eline Pellinkhof is a designer,an illustrator and an author of home decoration books, i'm in love with her creations but sadly all of her books are in dutch language and although my sister who lives in the netherlands offered me to buy her books over there for me, I hate to say that I need to be able to understand what she wrote and would rather wait until she published her books in english :)

I tried and made my version of cross stitch mural by using the leftover canvas I had and printed out a simple small rose image on my photo editor that i changed it into pixels, there are online converters out there to help you transform any image/photo into pixel/cross stitch pattern, i want it to be simple and easy to follow then I just used my laura ashley's paints and a small brush and just painted lots of cross-es where the pixel indicated by little squares on the image :)

the problem is you cant really see the shape of the rose if you see it close but you can see the shape of it when you stand further away :) but i'm happy although i still dont dare do it on the wall :P

I'm not surprised when i saw her featured in February Mollie Makes magazine (issue 11) with her beautiful cross stitch mural! I just love her and cant wait to get her book!

I also love the free gift from mollie makes, a free kit to make a cute babushka doll keyring :)

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