Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tea . L. C.

Thank you for the get well wishes from the lovely ladies that commented on my previous post and i am feeling much better but sadly the bug has now moved to my husband, he hasn't been working since yesterday. We usually have our weekly shopping today but thankfully we still have some stocks of cup of soups and noodles though i think i need to pop by the nearest co-op to grab some bread and milk later.

We've been drinking an awful lot of tea and soups lately but i guess i have to be grateful that we didn't get sick at the same time :) though i still have no energy to do alot of things but at least i can still make some tea and soups for hubby.

anyways, i did abit of crochet while recuperating, just some snowflakes that i might use for christmas. Nothing else going on but i do hope hubby gets well soon. I'm so far behind with my craft projects and for christmas. So many things to do, so little time, but i do hope everyone is well?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Tea

I'm not feeling well since yesterday, I got a cold and i blame it on the weather too, this post will be a short one as i want to take it easy and take alot of rest. My tea time is a simple one accompanied by a small sponge cake with custard.

A friend of mine gave me these chinese lantern flowers last week from her garden, i love the striking orange color and the shape of it, it reminds me of a pumpkin and halloween :)

I found the cat sleeping on top of my wools next to the fireplace, i didn't blame her for wanting abit of warmth when the wind blowing up a gale last nite and raining too, just had to take a pic of it.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pink-ish Buys

Yay! i saw a new charity shop (for the Homeless) is setting up its shop near my home, it's still closed though and i could see some people inside trying to re-arrange the shop when i was about to visit the other two charity shops next to it. First visit was to the Good Samaritans charity shop, very small, cramped and u really need to dig and rummage through stuff to get lucky..well if you're lucky you'll find some things worth your pennies, I found this among kitchenwares in one of the boxes.

This retro-ish flask only costs 50p, it was dirty but after a good clean and scrub, it sparkles :) This charity shop doesn't really put any effort on displaying their items neatly in front, but I don't mind coz unlike its neighbor the Guild Care charity shop with its big space, neatly displayed items and also selling new items and furnitures, i feel like their items are abit overpriced. Anyways I also found this big floral bag from atmosphere among other bags for £1 in good samaritans charity shop and again it was dirty and i had to clean it but i can see it's still in a good condition.

Then when i couldn't find anything else worth buying, i went in the Guild Care charity shop and bought these two floral vases for £2.50.

..and so glad that i found these 3 teacups and saucers as I've been searching for new ones to make teacup candles in winter, I bought them for £3.50.

Last but not least, A wicker basket with gingham lining for just £1 for my wools. I'm quite happy with my buys and hopefully next time i go there again, the new charity shop has already opened! :)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Little Tea Rooms

Wow-Wee! Look what i recieved from my dear blogger friend Lakota this morning! A super duper cutie cookie jar in the shape of an adorable tea rooms! Thank you for the birthday gift, Lakota! I really really love it soooo much! thank you soo much *teary eyed*.

..and a beautiful birthday card with lovely words, someday if i ever opened my own tea room, i'll make sure i'll serve coffee too coz i know you like coffee more than tea :)

I love how each sides has different designs, a cute window and the menu board, and it has a cute chimney too! I just love it!

I'm sorry I havent been able to get online this week as I'm busy looking for a job, updating my cv and going places to get job application forms and submitted them, i also been going back and forth to the job centre to attend a group session for jobseekers hoping to get tips and info on jobs and how to improve myself in the interviews to get a job, well so far no luck yet and it's near christmas, I feel abit depressed coz i really do want to get any job for extra money so I can buy christmas presents for my husband and family and friends.

Also, another fence fell down in my back garden coz of the wind, had to fix it and thankfully my next door neighbor paid half to get it fixed. The heater wont start when we tried it as it's getting colder now so that's another prob as we have a very old boiler , hopefully we wont have to replace it coz it's bloody expensive! so many other problems that I just dont feel like doing anything crafty this week but I'm going to try to put aside all the probs for now and just distract myself by visiting my lovely blogger friends again!

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