Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Tea

I'm not feeling well since yesterday, I got a cold and i blame it on the weather too, this post will be a short one as i want to take it easy and take alot of rest. My tea time is a simple one accompanied by a small sponge cake with custard.

A friend of mine gave me these chinese lantern flowers last week from her garden, i love the striking orange color and the shape of it, it reminds me of a pumpkin and halloween :)

I found the cat sleeping on top of my wools next to the fireplace, i didn't blame her for wanting abit of warmth when the wind blowing up a gale last nite and raining too, just had to take a pic of it.

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  1. Hi hun, go and check out my Poppy and Daisy blog page please xx ;)

  2. Good morning, Susan. I am sorry that you are feeling bad, but up your vitamin C intake so that those nasty bugs don't hang around too long. I LOVE the beautiful Chinese lantern flowers. How cheery they must make you feel. And your darling little kitty is adorable!! Stay warm and drink some hot tea! Here's to your health.

  3. Your kitty picture is fabulous! I would want to nap there too!
    I hope that your cold is short lived and that you are feel better in no time at all.
    The mosaic is lovely, I see your pretty tea mug in there!
    Take good care of yourself,

  4. Those flowers are beautiful. Are they real? I've never seen them before. Your kitty looks cozy and comfy :) Feel better!

  5. Awe, Susan, I hope you feel better soon! Thank you for posting in spite of your not feeling well. The Chinese lanterns are so pretty and make a nice picture with your cup of tea. Love the kitty! He knows just where to take a nap! Thanks for joining me and take care.


  6. I thought I'd just pop by and say Hello. I'm very much looking forward to the swap :)

    It's nice to see we already both have something in common- cats!

  7. Pretty flowers, they look fresh and unique. Sweet kitty amongst the yarns. Hope you soon feel better!

  8. I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather, my friend. Get well very soon, and your little kitty seems to have the idea. She looks so comfy, I can see how it would be hard to shoo her away.

    I agree that the Latern flowers look a lot like pumpkins and Halloween. When I was a young girl our neighbor had them in her front yard, and that's exactly what they reminded me of.

    Your tea and sponge cakes look so yummy. Yvette from Twistedvines posted a very fancy sponge cake her sister made. When you feel up to it you might want to check it out.

    We love you and wish you well very soon.

    Marianne xox

  9. Hi Susan,

    I hope you feel better soon! I have been sick with a cold as well. It's the start of cold season..sigh* Take it easy, try and get some rest and have lots of cups of warm tea :)

    The Chinese lanterns are so pretty! I had one on the backyard, but it never came up this year (hopefully I didn't pull it up by mistake, confusing it with a weed..I may have to buy another).

    Awe, that is such a cute photo of the cat..she looks pretty comfy on her yarn bed :)

    Take care, hugsx

  10. Hope you get better soon. I love the pic of kitty in the wool, looks so comfy! Scarlett x

  11. well wishes sweet one. I want to snuggle up w/ that cat myself for sure. I hope you enjoy your tea and get some rest and have a better rest of the week!! HUGS!

  12. Sorry you're feeling unwell Susan, hope you're better soon. Your cat looks so cute!

  13. Love the perspective in the kitty photo with the yarn - you have to look longer to find her. I don't blame her either - when you have a cold that's where I'd want to curl up. : )

  14. I love where your cat is sleeping.


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