Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January, Hello February

Time sure flies! I promised myself to go on a diet in February and so i'd better get ready! a good news came from my dear sister who lives in Netherlands, she said she's going to buy me an airplane ticket to my hometown for summer holiday, i'm soo in tears when she said that she wants me to join her for our family reunion in Jakarta in July. It's been 4 years now i live in England, I got homesick alot and sometimes when we talk on Skype, my sister always there to help me go through it as hubby is still can't afford to pay me to go and visit my family, we can't even afford to go anywhere each summer! anyways Thank you sis, love you loads!

I also wanted to thank you lovely ladies for the get well wishes for my father in law in previous post, he's now back home and recovering well, we'll be doing grocery shopping for them later as MIL can't leave him yet alone at home.

Continuing the January Photo-a-day Challenge over Fat Mum Slim's blog, here are my entries for day 26 to day 31;

Day 26: Colour

I made these mary go round crochet flower rings,they're so fast and easy to make and very addictive too! Thanks to the tutorial from Lola Nova.

Day 27: Lunch

I like a quick to make lunch coz i tend to get very lazy to just cook for myself so instant noodle is my fave lunch meal :)

Day 28: Light

This is abit tricky as my camera isn't that good to capture lights and i don't like taking pics at night even though you can tweak it with photo editor but still..

Day 29: Inside your fridge

This is abit silly coz i dont find the inside of my fridge is interesting but oh well...

Day 30: Nature

Day 31: You (Again)

Hehe, i actually was trying to make a hair bun out of an old sock and they call it sock bun hair but it looks weird on me, poor hubby for losing a pair of his old socks for my hair!

...i'm off bloghopping.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 21 to 25 Photo a Day Challenge

I've been accompanying my mother in law going back and forth to the hospital as my father in law was admitted on monday scheduled for an operation for his prostate condition. I've been feeling not to good either as i was out in the cold rain yesterday but hopefully just a few sniffles and wont get worst.

Anyways here are the continuation for the January Photo a Day Challenge for Day 21 to 25 over at Fat Mum Slim's blog and February Photo a day Challenge theme is up for those who want to take part in the fun :)

The flower brooch i'm wearing was a gift from Bee Happy to me, cute eh?

The shoes is Primark and the knee length socks is New look that i bought on January Sale in Brighton :)

Wedding ring that was given to me from hubby's mother and it was given to her from her mother in law, it's too big so i don't wear it but was suggested to resize it and i didn't coz i like it just the way it is :)

Cheese and Chocolate scones that my dear friend gave me yesterday, bless her! She always share what she bakes! yummy!

I just made these cute little bows, it's fast and easy as i dont have alot of time today :) Thanks to the tutorial in youtube Here.

and oh! i forgot to post for my Tea Time submission, so i guess i can do it in one post, here it is again, the scones with my Tea :)

Right! i'm gonna try to visit everyone's blogs to catch up now :)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 16 to 20 Photo a Day Challenge

My days have been abit hectic with going out with my friends either for a window shopping in Brighton or lunch dates at their houses. I had so much fun but at the same time i kind of miss my "me-time" doing things i love, creating and/or reading. Anyways here are the continuation for the January Photo a Day Challenge for Day 16 to 20 over at Fat Mum Slim's blog;

I can't function without a cup of coffee in the morning so it's a must haves for me every morning after i got out of bed to make a cup of coffee first before doing everything else :)

I know i should drink more water,it's another new year's resolution that i should drink more than 2 pints a day :)

Pin brooches i bought the other day from Cath Kidston, it was £8 but bought it for half price :)

Thank you to my dear friend Brenda for sending this to me, love it!

Chubby Hubby :)

That's it, Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! visiting everyone's blogs now...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Some of you might remember that I got a sewing machine on my Birthday but sadly i haven't or dared yet to use it often coz i don't know much about sewing and/or scared that i might break it :P

But i've made a New Year's resolution that i'm going to learn how to sew properly and will do alot of sewing in 2012, I've pinned a few Sewing Projects on my Pinterest that I want to do this year and hopefully before the end of this year, i can make all of them and know how to sew. .

I want to make my own phone case, another try in making bunting, cushion cover, patchwork/quilt cover, another cute apron, a bag, curtain and even going to try to make a simple dress! all i need to do now is to gather all the materials and gather my optimism and the will to make them! wish me luck!

VeryBerryHandmade has a fabulous competition going on right now. Blog about your 2012 resolutions linking back to her "Resolutions to Sew 2012" post, leave a comment on her post to say you have done so and stand a chance of winning one of many fabulous fabric prizes.

I've entered, pop over if you want to join!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 11 to 15 Photo a day Challenge

I'm having fun taking pics each day for this January photo a day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog, i decided to post early rather than later as i have nothing else to blog about anyway :)

This is where i sleep, i just changed the bedsheets and put the old one to wash :)

it's a paper heart i made a long time ago from a book that i bought in charity shop but didn't like the story but it happened to have a character named susan :)

usually I have many things in my bag and it's quite messy with receipts etc but i'm just going to show you my frequent occupier of my bag, sorry i cheated abit by excluding the mess :)

I just finished the book called "Twelve days of Christmas" that i got as a christmas pressie from the lovely Bee Happy. Loving it and love the ending!

It's a bit difficult to capture happiness coz it's hard to describe and can only be felt but i guess i can find a lil happiness when i'm drinking my tea :)

That's all for now, wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Photo a Day Challenge

Day 1 to 10

Thanks to the lovely Magie over at Teacups and Buntings for letting me know about this January Photo a Day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim's Blog

I know i'm about 10 days late so I'll try to catch up with 10 photos and will post in batches til end of January :) this sounds like fun! Do check it out and who knows you might be tempted to join in the fun!

So here i go start from Day 1...

Day 1 : You

Day 2 : Breakfast

My day starts with a bowl of Cereal :)

Day 3 : Something You Adore

I adore Colorful fabrics especially with floral pattern :)

Day 4 : Letterbox

ok it's not an actual letterbox but it's a card of a letterbox that i received on Christmas :)

Day 5 : Something You Wore

Tights and Skort (skirt+Short) :)

Day 6 : Makes You Smile

Looking at my cat when she sleeps always make me smile, she's just too cute and i cant resist disturbing her when she sleeps! i'm bad i know!

Day 7 : Favorite

It's abit hard to choose a favorite coz i have lots of favorite things but i guess this sewing machine i got on my Birthday is my new favorite toy :)

Day 8 : Your Sky

I took this pic around 7am this morning from the window of my dining room, just love the blue and orange color of the sky when the sun is about to come out :)

Day 9 : Daily Routine

Definitely washing the dishes, some cant go into the dishwasher and so had to do it by hand :)

Day 10 : Childhood

Photo from my childhood when i was probably 4yrs old, scary! :)

That's it and will post another batch in 10 days time for day 11 to 20 :) i'm off to catch up everyone's blog posts!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Peter Pan Collar

I'm still crazy about Peter Pan collar since last year, I really want all of my dresses/tops that are plain on the collar to have Peter Pan Collar on them :P but since I don't think i have the budget to hunt down and buy every clothes that are cute and have Peter Pan collar on them, I have to resort on making it myself.

I found a tutorial to make the collar yourself from Transientexpression blog, Thanks to google and of course the lovely and talented Rachel who made and shared the tutorial, I finally can make my first Peter Pan Collar! but...

I made a mistake! i was so impatient that i didn't read it carefully the part where you should turn the dress/top inside out when you pin the collar and sew two seams on the collar! aaacckkk ...and when i printed out the pattern for the collar i forgot to set up the size so i think it looks bigger on the dress! i'm so tempted to pick my stitches and start from the beginning but i dont want to ruin my dress! (though it's a cheap dress coz I know i'll be experimenting and if it's ruined, i wont feel that bad)

I've learnt my lesson, i can see the stitches on the collar to the dress and it's not neat at all but i'll only wear it at home anyway but will try and make again and when i get the hang of it, i'll try and make something out of laces or different fabrics for the collar :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Few more gifts and a Cat

I received these sweet gifts from my gorgeous blogging friend Scarlett in the post yesterday! Thank you for the cute fan Japanese pocket mirror with the doll and the cupcakes 2012 diary!

I also received christmas gifts from my friends here;

The amount of chocolates i got from family and friends and not to mention some that i bought myself are just crazy! I'm a chocoholic and have been stuffing myself with them and yes..i'm feeling so guilty coz I know now i gain more weight and i have no idea if i manage to lose weight as i've failed in past years!

Loving the Christmas Cookie Jar I got as well from my friend, it'll be handy for next christmas :) and last but not least, i got this super handy traveling mirror from my friend that also contain mini lipstick attached on the handle, blusher and powder on each side of the mirror :)

so, that's it from me and i'll be blog hopping after this but before i go, i want to show you a picture of my gorgeous cat :) it's her first 2012 snapshot haha.

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