Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January, Hello February

Time sure flies! I promised myself to go on a diet in February and so i'd better get ready! a good news came from my dear sister who lives in Netherlands, she said she's going to buy me an airplane ticket to my hometown for summer holiday, i'm soo in tears when she said that she wants me to join her for our family reunion in Jakarta in July. It's been 4 years now i live in England, I got homesick alot and sometimes when we talk on Skype, my sister always there to help me go through it as hubby is still can't afford to pay me to go and visit my family, we can't even afford to go anywhere each summer! anyways Thank you sis, love you loads!

I also wanted to thank you lovely ladies for the get well wishes for my father in law in previous post, he's now back home and recovering well, we'll be doing grocery shopping for them later as MIL can't leave him yet alone at home.

Continuing the January Photo-a-day Challenge over Fat Mum Slim's blog, here are my entries for day 26 to day 31;

Day 26: Colour

I made these mary go round crochet flower rings,they're so fast and easy to make and very addictive too! Thanks to the tutorial from Lola Nova.

Day 27: Lunch

I like a quick to make lunch coz i tend to get very lazy to just cook for myself so instant noodle is my fave lunch meal :)

Day 28: Light

This is abit tricky as my camera isn't that good to capture lights and i don't like taking pics at night even though you can tweak it with photo editor but still..

Day 29: Inside your fridge

This is abit silly coz i dont find the inside of my fridge is interesting but oh well...

Day 30: Nature

Day 31: You (Again)

Hehe, i actually was trying to make a hair bun out of an old sock and they call it sock bun hair but it looks weird on me, poor hubby for losing a pair of his old socks for my hair!

...i'm off bloghopping.


  1. Hi Susan, that's great news you can go and see your family, what a lovely sister you have.

    And how funny, I just pinned something about how to do a big bun using a sock - I must have a go. I think yours looks cute (you have a lot of hair also)

  2. Awww susan thats fantastic that you will go visit your family this summer you must get very homesick! I know how much my husband gets homesick its not easy x
    Love your photo's and the little crochet rings are lovely i so wish i could crochet.

    jane x

  3. I am so pleased to hear you will be able to go visit your family this summer, that was so kind of your Sister. I know it can be very hard to be away from loved ones and it is so expensive to travel back and forth all the time. I hope you have a great time while you are over there, I am sure you are counting down the days! :)

    You make such lovely crochet things..just love the colourful flowers you made.

    I also am a big fan of instant noodles..easy to make but yummy!

    Yes, I thought as well that the fridge category is a bit of an odd one..haha. I was thinking..hmm does anyone really want to see the inside of my fridge and hmm do I really want to share the inside of my fridge and it's disorganised contents..haha :P

    Once again I enjoyed your photo's..I am so glad you have also taken part, it has been fun :)

    Hugs Magie

  4. Oooo I love those crochet rings! I will have to give them a try! They look so cute in those candy colours! Are they easy for a novice to do?

    So exciting that you get to visit home too! I hope your FIL gets well soon! xxx

  5. Lovely that you can go home! Being a student i'm also partial to instant noodles ;) x


  6. Oh, I'm soooo happy that you are going to be able to visit your family! Your sister is a sweetheart. (My sister has come to my rescue many times, too). You see? You can afford to go see your family now. Speak out what you want even if it is not manifested yet. It's the best way to receive it. I'm so excited for you, Susan, dear!!

    I love your photos..they make me smile...especially your sweet bun and beautifully expressive eyes. I must say, your refrigerator is sooo neat inside. Mine used to be. You are a wonderful homemaker. Something truly to be proud of.

    I'm also very happy to hear that your FIL is doing much better - yea!! It's sweet that you are going shopping for them.

    Got to run off to work now. Love you, sweetie..have a wonderful day thinking about your visit to Jakarta.

    Marianne xo

  7. Hi Susan! Oh my goodness, how exciting for you to be going to visit your sister and attend your family reunion!!! You must be so excited:) My brother paid for us to go back east last September...it's so nice having siblings like that!

    I love your bun, it looks so cute! I'm glad to hear your FIL is feeling better...have fun grocery shopping! You sure do have a nice clean fridge too:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Amazing news, I'm so happy you are going to be able to visit your family in the Summer, you must be so excited.

    Love the little crochet flower rings, you are so good at crochet! xxx

  9. Oh, Susan, you are such a delight!! I am glad that your father-n-law is feeling better and I still pray for him.
    I am so excited for you that your sister is going to help you spend reunion with your family! I know you have missed them so and now you will get a chance for hugs and laughter with those you love. And this little adventure will give you the motivation to lose some pounds so much want to be rid of.
    Your photos are very cute today. From your merry go rounds to your fridge to your hair bun!!You're so creative! Wonderful, delightful post.
    You are so beautiful!

  10. Your sis is so lovely, how kind! I love your photos - your flower crochet rings are fab and so pretty. Wish I could crochet! Have a lovely evening x

  11. How exciting! That's so great that you get to go see your family!! I have a cup o soup (instant noodles) every morning for breakfast! Those crochet rings are so cute

  12. Oh what a lovely sister you have I'm sure you'll have a lovely time with yhour family and it's something to look forward too in these drab February days, Lucey x

  13. i'm taking on the feb challenge - your photos are great x

  14. Susan thats so great that you are going to be seeing your family! What a lovely Sister you have and how exciting for you! Your pictures are so cute, i always love having a look in the fridge, its a bad habit of mine, i even check out my mums fridge when i go round there! Scarlett x


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