Tuesday, September 27, 2011

English Breakfast

..well that's the tea i'm drinking this morning accompanied with crumpets dribbled with maple syrup.

and finally could finished one of the cross stitch/embroidery kits that i bought in a charity shop awhile back.

I felt like having crumpets and so when we went grocery shopping last night, i bought one packet from "taste the difference" range in sainsburys. Just put them in the grill for a few minutes and have it with maple syrup. Yumm!

as i was having my morning walk yesterday, i passed by one of the charity shop near my house and couldn't resist the temptation to go inside and have a look, saw these ladybird books for 20p each, so i bought 5 for £1.

'til next time...Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

PS: I just signed up for Christmas Charity Shop Swap over at the lovely Lakota. So excited!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet New Friends

A friend of mine asked me out last night to Brighton Marina, she also invited three other friends and introduced me to them, i must say it's abit like a multicultural meeting, 3 Indonesian including me then she introduced me to one lady from Malaysia, another one from Vietnam and an English lady.

We had dinner at Frezzo Italian restaurant then went next door after dinner to Karma Bar, the food was gorgeous and the girls were awesome!

I had too much drinks that i can hold, not used to wear high heels or heels at all for that matter so after 15 mins of trying to be proper with shoes on while dancing, almost toppled over so i took them off :)

Lovely place and kind of romantic with incense smell and candles as well as comfy chairs and cushions, came home about 3am and so glad i dont drive coz i think i dozed off in the car all the way home :)

dealing with hangover now but wishing everyone a HAPPY Sunday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not yet ready for Christmas

..but i sure wanted to get started making things for christmas right away! I ordered this book a few days ago via Amazon and it arrived today! I love all of Tilda's fabrics and i sure need some inspiration on what to make for christmas so when hubby ordered his cartridges for the printer, I told him to add this book to the shopping cart too :p

and i also have another book i want to buy too! the Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle but was too late as hubby already paid it, so it'll have to wait for next month i guess.

I have a few things I wanted to make from this book such as christmas tree ornaments and the lovely stockings, i think those are going to be my next projects, I just need the fabrics to make them. Here are some of the pages i snapped while browsing quickly before posting this :)

I'm doing as fast as i can to finish my other projects before starting my Christmas projects, managed to finish this cute cross stitch card from a free kit i got when i bought a cross stitcher magazine many months back.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I ♥ Bunting

After a few days trying to get used to the new sewing machine, made a dash to the nearest haberdashery to buy some threads and learning to thread the bobbins as well as testing the 13 different stitches in a piece of fabric and added to that I've had a few panic attack when i made some mistakes putting the bobbins underneath which resulted some jams but thanks to hubby for trying to help me and calm me down and re-reading the manual again and again, I finally braved myself to make my first cushion cover.

I added bunting for extra cuteness :p I must say the stitches are still messy, i'm still learning on how to sew a straight line, it keeps running away from me :) I'm going to practice more, maybe on simple projects first.

I feel abit guilty on putting other half done projects aside because of this and there are so many new ideas that i wanted to do including christmas projects. So many things to do, so little time! I'll have to blame all of you lovely ladies for inspiring me :) each time i visited your blogs, i got inspired and wanting to make what you made, wanting to buy what you bought hehe...drooling over each and everyone's blog posts, I gotta say You're all my inspirations, so I Thank you!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank You Ladies!

I want to thank you soooo much for the lovely birthday wishes from all of you lovely ladies and for the cute cards that i recieved yesterday from the lovely Scarlett and Jem, love'em!

I'm happy but also sad everytime i turned one year older (blame it on my period), but thanks to Skype I can talk and see my family on webcam, i miss my mom and everyone in Indonesia. I do hope next year I can go there for holiday and see everybody *fingers crossed*.

Me thinks it's about time that i have a birthday resolution which is to try and go on a diet (easier said than done), i realized that not only my clothes are getting tighter, i dont even have to weigh myself to know that im getting fatter, I want to try low carbs diet suggested by a friend's hubby who is in the process of doing it and has lost a few pounds in just 10 days! So yes it's the reason why i said no to a birthday cake (grudgingly) when hubby wanted to buy one and starting today i'm going to try to do some exercise like walking 3 times a week (at least). So wish me luck!

There's a good news that I might get a bicycle for Christmas (but no promises) coz hubby thought i'm super fussy as I wanted a hybrid/country bike that costs alot (with front basket of course) and he also suggested that if i wanted to do a course on dress making in our local college, i should find out when and how much (again no promises and depends on how much and whether we could afford it). So we'll see..

in the meantime...i'm back in business on blogging and have a nosey on everyone's blogs! :) Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay! the sewing machine is here, almost didn't get it in time coz there was a slight problem when hubby went to collect it in argos shop and they said they didnt have his reserved name online! but thankfully they have it in stock! apparently the website had a glitch or something and was under maintenance so they might not get his reservation but oh well, i was lucky and happy when he came home with it!

I'm also over the moon when the postman dropped something on my doorstep, a package from my dear blogger friend Bee Happy. She's sooo sweet as to have sent me a birthday gift! a lovely birthday card along with varities of PGtips Tea and Tetleys (can't wait to try them all)...and the most gorgeous teapot necklace i've ever seen! u can even open the lid and it has a stunning jewel inside! Thank you soo much, i love it!

I also had a few gifts from my in laws which hubby brought me after a quick trip to their house on the way to Argos, a lovely brooch and chocolates in a bag, yummy!

I've been reading the manual book of the sewing machine (which gives me a headache) i think it's easier to just check youtube on how to do thread the sewing machine, the bobbins etc...i think that's the first i need to know before i do any sewing hehe so excited!

Thank you so much for all the lovely ladies who have wished me Happy Birthdays! i'm so touched and very Happy! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Capuccino and Surprises

Yesterday, my friend Komang asked me to meet her for a coffee down town, we also ordered cakes which was really yummy, this is her drinking her capuccino.

She couldnt stay long as she needs to pick up her daughter from school and i was surprised when she gave me a birthday gift and told me she couldnt give me on my birthday as she will be away to Scotland for a few days to attend her hubby's friend's wedding, I'm so touched! she gave me a cupcake shaped cookie jar and a cath kidston's mug, she knows what i love!

When i got home, I saw a red envelope on my doorstep, it's from my dear friend Magie, it's a birthday card from her and the card is absolutely adorable! i love it so much, Thank you Magie! you're so sweet! Hope you're feeling better soon and got over your cold! x

Hubby is taking the day off tomorrow but today he'll be getting the sewing machine from argos later this afternoon, can't wait when he comes home with it! i'm sooo ready to try it straight away! hehe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I know it sounds weird...

...but i'm drinking tea accompanied by apple chutney with biscuits, I finally able to make apple chutney on weekend from the cooking apples that i got from my friend's apple tree and recipe from Jamie Oliver.

I managed to make about 5 jars (used up about 15 apples) which i gave one to my friend who gave me the apples and my in laws (as my mother in law likes to give me her homemade tomatoe chutney that she grown herself) which leave us 3 jars, not so bad at all, though it says that u have to wait at least 2-3 months for them to mature, hubby and i cant wait to taste it so we opened one jar and i must say it tastes yummy!

I'm drinking Lady Grey zesty and bright tea, a pale golden tea infused with refreshing citrus flavours, using a mug from Guildcrest and printable label for the jar from Maize Hutton.

it's 3 more days before my birthday, hubby and i havent planned anything or what to do on my birthday, we're just going to go with the flow and decided on the day as i'm just too excited for my sewing machine that i dont really thought about anything else besides that, i know money is tight right now and though i suggested hubby to buy it on ebay coz we might get it cheaper, but he said he saw one in Argos catalogue that they have a sewing machine that costs about £60 which was fine by me, i'm grateful already. So i can't wait! will keep you posted :)

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

He Killed The Cake!

I went solo to a friend's hubby's birthday on friday night, tagged along with another friend with her hubby and drove to chichester to have dinner at Jasmine Thai Restaurant. The birthday boy, as usual always make jokes and funny :)

Crispy duck came first as starter and finished in a split of seconds before i got a chance to take a pic but the main course are selection of delicious thai food, lovely companies and a good news from another friend (with red dress) that she's got engaged.

surprisingly, the restaurant was abit quiet on friday night but then again, it wasn't a very good night anyways as it was pouring down with rain. Got home almost midnight, had a great time and lovely company.

I made a short clip of video as i was bored the other day and thought to have a go twiddling with windows movie maker on my laptop. Started out coz i couldnt play whatever i recorded with my digicam as it was in .MOV file so i needed to convert it to something else. Don't know if u can play it :)

or if u can't play it and still want to watch the link is HERE.

Hope everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boy meets Girl

Thanks to the tutorial at Goody-Goody on how to make this mini cute doll pocket pillows, I've made my version of these boy and girl dolls, handsewn and only taken me less than an hour to do accompanied by lots of tea from one of my fave mug.

at the back of the doll there's a pocket that u could put something like notes or other little things. i put small knitting needles in the pocket :)

Once finished, i treated myself with belgian chocolate cake that i bought the day before at sainsburys, yummylicious.

since the weather is back to being wet and gloomy, i'd better take up my other projects that i left half way done. There are buttons, Bookmarks, Granny Blanket and cross stitch projects that I need to finish....but then again i should start browsing ideas for christmas soon also and me thinks shopping on ebay is long overdue :) will keep you posted!

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