Tuesday, September 27, 2011

English Breakfast

..well that's the tea i'm drinking this morning accompanied with crumpets dribbled with maple syrup.

and finally could finished one of the cross stitch/embroidery kits that i bought in a charity shop awhile back.

I felt like having crumpets and so when we went grocery shopping last night, i bought one packet from "taste the difference" range in sainsburys. Just put them in the grill for a few minutes and have it with maple syrup. Yumm!

as i was having my morning walk yesterday, i passed by one of the charity shop near my house and couldn't resist the temptation to go inside and have a look, saw these ladybird books for 20p each, so i bought 5 for £1.

'til next time...Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

PS: I just signed up for Christmas Charity Shop Swap over at the lovely Lakota. So excited!

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  1. Oooh now crumpets and maple syrup are two of my favourite things, I'd never thought of trying them together!

    Victoria xx

  2. Yum! Now I want crumpets ;-)

    So glad you've signed up for the swap again Susan xx

  3. Good morning Susan,
    Your crumpets and maple syrup sound delicious to me! What a treat with a cup of tea. The cross-stitch is very pretty, by the way! Thank you for joining me for tea today.


  4. Hello Susan
    I'm visiting from Rose Chintz Cottage and always love to meet another blogger that enjoys tea.
    We haven't have crumpets for awhile, I must look for them at the grocery market this week. I grew up having mine with maple syrup too but hubby's family spread theirs with jam - either way is yummy!

  5. Yum...crumpets! It's hard to find good ones here in the U.S. but Trader Joe's has some, I love them with tons of butter:) What darling little books you found.

    Your stitching is so pretty! I'm working away on one for my MIL's Xmas present, my eyes are crossing by the end of the day.

  6. Mmm-mmm...I'm hungry as I' haven't had my breakfast yet, and those crumpets look sooo good.
    I love the photo of your mostly lovely cross stitch embroidery project, and teapot and flowers with the sun coming in. It's a beautiful photo showing off everything so quietly pleasant, and cool.

    I like children's books, too. I just bought three for 59 cents each at the grocery store. I couldn't resist, I loved the illustrations so much. The Ugly Duckling is such a wonderful story.

    Enjoy all your goodies,
    Marianne xox

  7. yummmm.... crumpets and maple syrup ... cute tea for one, too!

  8. What a lovely tea. And what a fun find in those childrens books! Visiting from Tea Party Tuesday. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Susan,
    I came Via Sandi@Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday. Your tea for one is cute. And crumpets are lovely, as I think. Thanks for sharing and lots of luck with the swap.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. Oh yum! I adore maple syrup. On anything really! And those books are a lovely buy, how very nostalgic! I occasionally get the urge to revisit books of my childhood but fear they won't seem as magical now I'm grown up and bitter! Heh :D

  11. A delightful post today, Susan! I have never had crumpets, but they look yummy. And the maple syrup is certainly a more healthy choice!! i LOVE the arrangement of your flowers that show off your beautiful cross stitch/embroidery. You are very talented and I appreciate very much that you share what you do.
    Here's to your health!

  12. ooooh yummy yummy crumpets!!!!! LOVELY tea set here, and most of all WOWIE to the embroidery...such a sweet thing and quite a lot of work! I could never have the patience to do that and I am so impressed with you. ooooh the nice comment you left today was touching...we have never met, not even talked but yet we seem to be good friends. I get that and feel very lucky. Wishing you a GREAT week my dear.

  13. Warm crumpets with jam....yum! Love the stitching~ What sweet books you found, Susan :)

  14. Hello Susan,
    Your cross stitch is lovely! Beautiful colors and vibrant flowers make it a wonderful piece.
    Your tea for one is also beautiful, and those crumpets....YUM....drizzled with maple syrup?.....double YUM!

  15. Very yummy and what a cute x-stitch, i really need to get going on mine again. Im looking forward to the swap too :o)) Scarlett x

  16. I just had crumpets the other day as well, but I had them with just butter. I am liking your idea of having them with maple syrup though..next time I will have to try that :) The cross-stitch is so pretty, they go so well with your cut flowers.
    I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm weather :)

  17. How did I miss this tasty post!? Crumpets with maple syrup is an absolute favourite snack of mine, but then I like crumpets with anything; a little peanut butter, a slice of cheddar, some marmite, cinnamon and butter . . . Have you ever tried a touch of maple syrup in coffee? Really warm sweetness about it!

    You've made my mouth water now and our shopping isn't being delivered until Sunday . . argh! May have to nip to Sainsbury's and pick up some maple syrup in the mean time!

    Jem xXx

  18. I never think of maple syrup being a popular product in England. Now, here is Canada, it's a sweet treat!
    Your floral stitching is just beautiful! Perhaps I should learn how to do that...
    Enjoy your day

  19. Your breakfast sounds fab, I love crumpets too with loads of butter!! great job on the cross stitching :) have a great weekend Susan.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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