Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Little Tea Rooms

Wow-Wee! Look what i recieved from my dear blogger friend Lakota this morning! A super duper cutie cookie jar in the shape of an adorable tea rooms! Thank you for the birthday gift, Lakota! I really really love it soooo much! thank you soo much *teary eyed*.

..and a beautiful birthday card with lovely words, someday if i ever opened my own tea room, i'll make sure i'll serve coffee too coz i know you like coffee more than tea :)

I love how each sides has different designs, a cute window and the menu board, and it has a cute chimney too! I just love it!

I'm sorry I havent been able to get online this week as I'm busy looking for a job, updating my cv and going places to get job application forms and submitted them, i also been going back and forth to the job centre to attend a group session for jobseekers hoping to get tips and info on jobs and how to improve myself in the interviews to get a job, well so far no luck yet and it's near christmas, I feel abit depressed coz i really do want to get any job for extra money so I can buy christmas presents for my husband and family and friends.

Also, another fence fell down in my back garden coz of the wind, had to fix it and thankfully my next door neighbor paid half to get it fixed. The heater wont start when we tried it as it's getting colder now so that's another prob as we have a very old boiler , hopefully we wont have to replace it coz it's bloody expensive! so many other problems that I just dont feel like doing anything crafty this week but I'm going to try to put aside all the probs for now and just distract myself by visiting my lovely blogger friends again!


  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for the lovely Birthday card and the postcard :) I was off for the week of my Birthday, but it was a nice surprise when I went into work on the Monday. The postcard now lives happily on my fridge :)
    That cookie jar is so cute, it has to be one of the cutest cookie jars I have seen. I must admit cookies don't last long enough around our house, to put them in a jar..haha :P
    I wish you the best of luck in your job hunt. It is so hard now a days to find something, but don't give up. There may be some Christmas positions coming up soon..some places may take extra staff on over the Christmas season.
    Hugsx Magie

  2. Your Tea Room cookie jar is soooo cute! What a nice gift to receive...especially now.

    I don't want you to have to get a job either...I'd rather you do your lovely crafting and sell them (fingers crossed). But I agree with Maggie...there are many dept. stores and such who are looking for seasonal-only people, that way you could be making extra money, and after the holidays, the job ends, so it's only a minimal commitment. However, if you decide you like it you could always ask for a permanent position if one's available.

    Anyway. I'm still eyeing some of the cute things in your shop. I'm waiting to get up enough in my pay pal account to purchase online (if that's possible - I've never done that before).

    Something good will happen for you, you'll see.

    Big hug,
    Marianne xox

  3. Oh my that tea room cookie jar is amazing! How fabulous of Lakota - just love her!

    Sorry to hear about all the problems with fences and heater :o( Plus the job search must be frustrating. I hope you fimnd the perfect job soon (and maybe in a tea room!) Scarlett x

  4. Awe what a lovely present! I have a similar one and it's so cute!

    I hope you feel better soon! Keep persevering! You will get a job, and it will be one that's perfect for you! x

  5. Hi, Miss Tea, I have missed seeing you in blogland! It is good to have you back, even if it's for just a moment. I love your gift!! What an awesome woman to send you such a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Try not to let the stress get to you while you are searching for a job; don't worry about the other problems, they will be resolved in time and worrying will not change anything! It only puts your body in distress that only causes other problems. Be good to yourself and take some deep breaths. Everything will work out. You'll see...
    Here's to your health!

  6. Ohhh that's such wonderful gift and perfectly chosen for you too! :-)

    I have my fingers firmly crossed for you on the job front, it's just so tough at the moment - so many applications for each job. Something will come up - it might be worth applying for some of the Christmas temp vacancies that are popping up now, that's how my friend got a full time job with Debenhams - she temped last Christmas and was then taken on full time in February when there was a vacancy to fill

    Jem xXx

  7. Yay! I'm so glad it finally made it and in only the two pieces it's supposed to be! Glad you like it. Good luck on the job hunt xxx

  8. Hi Susan, love the cookie jar. So very thoughtful of Lakota. Good luck with the job hunting. xx

  9. What a perfect gift for you!

    Victoria xx

  10. Such a lovely present :) at least your neighbour paid towards the fence, our boiler broke last year and we thought we would need to replace the whole thing but we managed to just replace parts inside and it is working so much better now. Wonder if it's the same for you. Good luck with the job hunting, fingers crossed for you. At least you can always make things for presents if you don't get a job in time for christmas :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. This cookie jar is SO adorable xxx


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