Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paper Mache Shoes Box

While sorting old magazines and newspaper (while the weather is wet and gloomy), I had an idea of using the cath kidston's catalogues that i've been getting every month as a craft project that i saw a long time ago while browsing the internet from someone's blog (cant remember now), i found an old shoes box and use the catalogues as paper mache, i love the result :)

it took me awhile to make it as i was also trying to sort out other old magazines and being surrounded by magazines and cut up magazines can make you abit dizzy and almost gave up and just wanted to throw them all into the recycle bin!

I wanted to cover the inside of the box too but as the time was pressing that my husband was already on the way home from work and i didnt fancy him coming home into a floor covered magazine in the living room, so i just leave it as is and cleared the floor. But i like the look of every sides of the box :)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Heart Cupcakes

My dear friend gave me the most delicious birthday gift, she baked me some yummy cupcakes that she put in the most cutest cupcake box i've ever seen and i just had to share it with you...
Isn't it so cute? the cupcakes tasted lovely and it's a perfect company for my tea time when the weather isn't so great though i'm taking advantage of the weather for relaxing and it's about time to start making something and be creative :p

I might pick up and do the half done projects from last years or start a new one, no idea yet but will keep you posted..

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching up...

I found a parcel at my doorstep yesterday sent by my lovely blogger friend Bee Happy, it was a lovely surprise and I wanted to thank you so much for the birthday gifts you sent.
Loving the 3 spools of cute ribbons she sent, a cute metal sign, lovely Heart shaped hanger made of fabric that she screen printed (i gotta learn that!), handmade cute keyring from ribbons and a sweet birthday card, Thank you Bee! x

I know it's kinda late but I didn't have time to take a pic and post it before i left to Indonesia but my dear friend Marianne also sent me a parcel full of pretty things for me.
I'm enjoying flipping through each page of the Tea Time Treats she sent me along with the heart shaped cookie cutters (definitely going to use it soon), a gorgeous red nail polish, lovely selection of ribbons, a sweet notebook that i brought with me to Indonesia to write little notes about my journey and floral scented soap that smells heavenly. She even wrote me a lovely letter on a paper that she designed herself...cute cherries! Thank you Marianne! x

I also won a giveaway before I went for a holiday from MellyBee, I was so happy to have won Jubilee items from her such as Jubilee greeting cards and postcards, some cute badges and lovely tea towel that she made herself. I'm so lucky!
..and last but not least, I wanted to share photos of the Jubilee swap that i sent to and received from Hannah that I joined over Faith Hope & Charity Shopping, this sorry to say I took the pic from my camera phone and it's not a good camera and posted it in Instagram, so i'm sorry it's abit blurry but I would like to say thank you to Lakota for hosting the event and to Hannah for the lovely swap gifts she sent.
if you want more clearer photos, click her link on her name above to see what she has sent me, I love the jubilee bunting that she made, the pomander is a pretty addition, a Jubilee tea and.......a sedum cutting (also known as 'Ice Plant) that she grown herself in her garden which is a direct descendent of a plant which is growing in one of the Queen's gardens i'm told, complete with a note on how to care for it coz i dont have green thumbs....but Lo and behold! it's not dead yet although i left it for more than 10 weeks but it has now pink flowers on it though it doesnt look that good but i do hope I don't kill it! hehe Thank you so much! please forgive me if i killed it in near future (fingers crossed i wont!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Back!

It's been ages! felt like it anyway, not sure where to begin and how to write it but i'm gonna try and make it short. More than 10 weeks in Indonesia and I just came back a lil over a week ago,I spent every single minute of it with my family and friends, shared so much laughter and tears, endless flow of conversations 24/7 and i feel like even 10 weeks is not enough :p Lots of happenings while i was there, being picked up by my best friend at the Airport was a nice surprise, visited my dad's grave the next day and then went for a road trip as it's our family tradition that we go for a family road trip usually once every 5 years so it's long overdue for me and as usual we took Java - Bali route as we've done it a few times by car.
From Jakarta where my family lives, it took us about 24 hours drive and more than 1500km to reach Bali Island plus a 20 min ferry ride to cross from Java Island to Bali Island. Since all my nephews and nieces have grown up, this time we rented the second car a slightly larger one (3/4 mini bus ELF), total family who went? 18 people :p
Lots of Toilet trips along the way in every rest areas or petrol stations and sometimes when you really gotta go and cant find toilet? well in the bushes in the woods. I was appointed to be the navigator for the bigger car and my older brother became the driver and as for the smaller car was my eldest sister the navigator and her husband as the driver who came from Netherlands with their kids :) Thanks to GPS now that we didnt get lost too often :p I truly dont want to be the navigator next time coz when all the others were watching movies in the back or sleeping, I had to concentrate on the road and see signs and entertain the driver so my brother wont get sleepy or hungry hehe.

Lots of meal breaks too and experienced lots of lovely food from different towns/cities along the way, stayed at nice villas/bungalows, mom and aunt are in charge with the food with the help of my sisters/in law. Cook our own meals in the villa and the kids spent many nights awake playing cards and hanging out alot. I took so much pictures that the 8GB memory card in my digicam ran out of space and had to buy 2GB more. Watched sunsets every afternoon on the beach in Bali, truly heaven!

So much things to say, so many photos i've taken that I dont think it would be enough to put it into words in one page but anyways, when we came back from the road trip and had a long rest days, we attended my youngest brother's wedding and that too was a lovely family gathering, all my relatives were there and it was held in another town called Bandung so we also stayed in the villa, it was my chance too to meet my other relatives that i've never seen for ages!

so anyways, when my sister and her family had to go back to the Netherlands, it was a very sad moments, everyone was crying and then I too had to fly back to England. We don't know when we're going to have family reunion or road trip again as it's kinda sad now that everyone has grown up and have their own families and busy with their own things and I feel lonely the next day I arrived back in the UK, the house is so quiet and no midnight talks and kids' laughter while they're joking around. I'm missing them and feeling homesick already! :p

anyways, it's a long entry here, gotta say I miss blogging and i miss reading my friends' blogs and so many things i've missed! the jubilee, the olympic, my husband's parent's 50th wedding anniversary and i havent even unpack my suitcase, just finished cleaning the house that is sooo messy and I even almost missed my own birthday hahaha but got here in time and hubby cooked me a nice birthday meal, that's for another post as I've been on the laptop for quite a long time and it's still not fixed yet and I will give it a rest for an hour or so before I got online again and visiting my lovely friends' blogs one by one!

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