Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching up...

I found a parcel at my doorstep yesterday sent by my lovely blogger friend Bee Happy, it was a lovely surprise and I wanted to thank you so much for the birthday gifts you sent.
Loving the 3 spools of cute ribbons she sent, a cute metal sign, lovely Heart shaped hanger made of fabric that she screen printed (i gotta learn that!), handmade cute keyring from ribbons and a sweet birthday card, Thank you Bee! x

I know it's kinda late but I didn't have time to take a pic and post it before i left to Indonesia but my dear friend Marianne also sent me a parcel full of pretty things for me.
I'm enjoying flipping through each page of the Tea Time Treats she sent me along with the heart shaped cookie cutters (definitely going to use it soon), a gorgeous red nail polish, lovely selection of ribbons, a sweet notebook that i brought with me to Indonesia to write little notes about my journey and floral scented soap that smells heavenly. She even wrote me a lovely letter on a paper that she designed herself...cute cherries! Thank you Marianne! x

I also won a giveaway before I went for a holiday from MellyBee, I was so happy to have won Jubilee items from her such as Jubilee greeting cards and postcards, some cute badges and lovely tea towel that she made herself. I'm so lucky!
..and last but not least, I wanted to share photos of the Jubilee swap that i sent to and received from Hannah that I joined over Faith Hope & Charity Shopping, this sorry to say I took the pic from my camera phone and it's not a good camera and posted it in Instagram, so i'm sorry it's abit blurry but I would like to say thank you to Lakota for hosting the event and to Hannah for the lovely swap gifts she sent.
if you want more clearer photos, click her link on her name above to see what she has sent me, I love the jubilee bunting that she made, the pomander is a pretty addition, a Jubilee tea and.......a sedum cutting (also known as 'Ice Plant) that she grown herself in her garden which is a direct descendent of a plant which is growing in one of the Queen's gardens i'm told, complete with a note on how to care for it coz i dont have green thumbs....but Lo and behold! it's not dead yet although i left it for more than 10 weeks but it has now pink flowers on it though it doesnt look that good but i do hope I don't kill it! hehe Thank you so much! please forgive me if i killed it in near future (fingers crossed i wont!)


  1. I'm terrible with plants also Susan! They love to die on me. Happy belated Birthday!!! You got some lovely goodies in the mail:)

    We are now living in Florida, took us 5 days of driving to get here but we've been here since May. We've been house sitting for my dad and stepmom, they spend their summers up in Canada but we finally found a little nest of our own and will be moving in October 1st. I can't wait, I miss all my stuff!!!

  2. Yay! I reckon if it's survived 10 weeks and is now flowering it'll be fine! Maybe you do have green fingers after all!

  3. What lovely pressies..I like the jubilee items, the badges are so cute (especially the corgi one!)
    I will try and get my little package for you sent off some time next week :)
    Thanks for leaving all those sweet comments on my blog..I am so happy that you are back blogging again, I missed you!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend... x

  4. Happy belated birthday Susan, looks like you were properly spoiled if these photos are anything to go by - quite right too. Thanks for posting about the swap, seems so long ago now - suppose I should start thinking about the Christmas one!

  5. Ha,'re such a sweet heart, Susan, I'm sure the plant will thrive in your care.

    Oh, what wonderful surprises you've received. I'm simply thrilled when there are goodies in the post. That's just something the computer can never replace.

    I'm experiencing cold symptoms so I'm taking the time to browse the computer a bit. I get more things done in the morning when I don't do the computer, and at night after work, well, I'm just too tired. So I haven't been on in a few.

    I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you and your posts very much.

    Sending love,
    Marianne xox

  6. Such gorgeous gifts, and so much thought and detail that has gone into them xxx


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