Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 21 to 25 Photo a Day Challenge

I've been accompanying my mother in law going back and forth to the hospital as my father in law was admitted on monday scheduled for an operation for his prostate condition. I've been feeling not to good either as i was out in the cold rain yesterday but hopefully just a few sniffles and wont get worst.

Anyways here are the continuation for the January Photo a Day Challenge for Day 21 to 25 over at Fat Mum Slim's blog and February Photo a day Challenge theme is up for those who want to take part in the fun :)

The flower brooch i'm wearing was a gift from Bee Happy to me, cute eh?

The shoes is Primark and the knee length socks is New look that i bought on January Sale in Brighton :)

Wedding ring that was given to me from hubby's mother and it was given to her from her mother in law, it's too big so i don't wear it but was suggested to resize it and i didn't coz i like it just the way it is :)

Cheese and Chocolate scones that my dear friend gave me yesterday, bless her! She always share what she bakes! yummy!

I just made these cute little bows, it's fast and easy as i dont have alot of time today :) Thanks to the tutorial in youtube Here.

and oh! i forgot to post for my Tea Time submission, so i guess i can do it in one post, here it is again, the scones with my Tea :)

Right! i'm gonna try to visit everyone's blogs to catch up now :)

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  1. I hope your father-in-laws operation goes well and that he won't be too long in the hospital.

    What a pretty brooch, it looks lovely on you Susan :) I love your yellow shoes and floral socks!

    Mmmmm Chocolate Scones..I may have to try and make a batch..never tried chocolate ones before.

    Cute bows, are you going to make them into brooches? Would look cute on a hair pin as well.

    You always have such lovely things..I hope you start to feel better!


  2. Susan, just want to say that I wish your father-in-law wellness and will say a prayer for his recovery.
    You are not only creative in the things you make, but also in the things you take. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! You don't just take a picture; you create art! I wish I knew how you put the little writings on your photos. They really set off the mood. Such a delightful post today.
    Have a great one!

  3. Hope your FIL is better soon, hospitals are horrid. Bee's brooch looks perfect on you. xx

  4. I certainly echo the sentiments of these lovely's to your father-in-law's speedy recovery and good health. I hope you're also feeling more like yourself.

    Your photos are such a delight - they really are artistically done. Your tea cup/saucer is lovely!
    Love the cute on a peter pan collar.

    Have to run off to work. Have a delightful day and stay dry and warm.

    Marianne xox

  5. Hi there Susan! Oh I hope your FIL's operation goes well and that he has a speedy recovery!

    I love the little bows you made, those are so cute! I love your socks too:) The other day I was on Pinterest and saw a photo of a girls hand with her nails painted all Cath Kidston...I totally thought of you! They were so cute:)

    Yummy looking scones:)

  6. That is a beautiful tea cup with your scones! The scones too look delicious!
    Your photography is beautiful. What a fun project to have!

  7. I've not had chocolatre scones but now I must try them!! Love the little bowa, Lucey x

  8. Those little bows are so cute, I love the candy colours you chose for them xxx

  9. Hope all will be well with your father-in-law and that you feel better soon. Lovely photos, the scones look yum and I love your little knitted bows - so cute! x

  10. I hope your father in laws op goes well, also hoping you feel better soon hun! I love those little bows, will have to check out the tut for those. And lots of yummy pictures! Scarlett x

  11. Hi Susan,
    I hope your FIL feels better soon and you too for that matter.
    You have a sweet teacup today and scones are always a treat. Very nice photography. Thanks for sharing this with Tea Time.


  12. My sentiments of better health to your FIL and yourself. The Teatime treats of scones is so yummy with a cup full. I love the rose socks very cute. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  13. Great post, just love your photos :) hope you are feeling ok today, hate the sniffles!! your brooch looks good and so do your sweet socks ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  14. Hi Susan...another sweet blog from you! Hope you're feeling better now and hope your f i l is feeling better too. We are having lots of rain here with a litte flooding so can't go outdoors much... so doing fun indoor stuff :) Marilynx

  15. Beautiful pics, hope you are well now. Niki x

  16. Your ring has alot of hisory behind it. What a good idea to put in on a necklace. It is such a treasure. Your bows are so sweet, and Jess would love those socks! Have a nice week, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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