Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Christmas Tree

My first craft fayre was abit disappointing despite the planning i made the night before, i still forgot things that i supposed to bring and i forgot my camera too! I guess people has finished shopping for christmas presents hence the lack of people who came to the fayre today though i'm thankful that i managed to sell a few things and still make a profit about £25 (£10 i had to pay for the table) :) it lasted til' 2pm and hubby picked me up and we went to sainsburys to buy turkey crown as we're inviting his parents on Christmas day.

We finally put up our Christmas tree today and had a relaxing afternoon watching Black Swan, Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Trader and The Legend of The Guardians. I even managed to make a quick Snowman Ornament from the Tilda's Christmas Ideas book for the top of my tree, i'll make one more tomorrow and also going to try and make christmas stockings for the same book too! :)

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and will post more photos soon :)


  1. I love the Snowman topper for the tree. Snowmans are a favorite of mine during this season. And the red heart is so sweet. Merry Christmas!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. very cute snowman...glad you enjoyed a relaxing day

  3. OH, your tree is so sweet, Susan...and I love the snowman..I love all the things you make.

    Hey, you made a profit!! Yeaa!! That really is a good thing. I wish you had been able to sell more, but you did really well. I've been to some craft shows where I barely made back the price of the booth. Don't give up hope, and remember, if you have any items left over you can put them up for sale in your e-shop.

    Thank you for your sweet dear comment. I wish you, too, a very happy weekend.

    Marianne xo

  4. Your Christmas tree looks lovely! I like all your Christmas decorations. The polka dot heart ones are really cute! The reindeer, bell and bauble you made look just great on your tree :)

    That is one cute snowman!!

    I am sorry to hear that the Christmas craft fayre wasn't that busy, but I am glad that you were still able to make a profit though. I agree with Marianne comment, you should add the rest onto your online shop..that would be a great idea :) You sure made some super cute things!

    Do share a photo of the stockings once you have made them..I would love to see them :)

    Hugsx Magie

  5. It seems all the Christmas fairs haven't been great this year although well done for bringing home some earnings!

    Your tree looks lovely!

    Victoria xxx

  6. Hello there Susan and happy one week before Christmas!!! I love your little tree:) Are you all ready for the big day?

    Sorry to hear the craft fair wasn't as successful as you'd hoped but I think it's wonderful that you made a profit!!! I think that's great and you should be very proud of yourself:)

  7. Sorry to hear about the craft fair:( Your tree is so cute!! I love the snowman

  8. Your tree looks so lovely, and very you indeed. Congratulations on the fair, I'm sure you were pleased to make a profit and next time you will do even better :) xxx


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