Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun with Felts :)

I decided to use my felt stocks to make brooches, i'm glad i can manage to make 10 of these cute birds, i'm using the bird template from Cath Kidston Stitch book.

I'm in the process in making 10 more of a different bird design, so hopefully will be done today and off to do another craft project, maybe cushion heartshaped hanger, i dont know yet. I showed hubby of my brooch and his comment was, is it a penguin? *DOH* :)

I can't wait to finish everything so i can start on my christmas decorations, i see some of you have put up the christmas tree! accckk I'm sooo behind in this! My friend has arrived in London today and she's trying to lure me to accompany her galivanting around London coz she said it's no fun to go sightseeing alone. I don't think i can afford to pay the hotel and tickets to see Madame Tussauds, London Eye and a Harry Potter tour etc, so if I had to go, it'll probably just a day to spend walking around outside the Buckingham palace and Big Ben and taking her pics *sigh*

I still haven't reply her and she knows that i'm the type who can't say NO, i'm thinking like maybe this is also a way of saying she doesnt want to go all the way to my place if I said Yes to meet her and accompany her in London? I'm feeling rather unmotivated now :(

will keep you posted about this but meanwhile these cute bird brooches cheered me up a little. :)


  1. Your gorgeous felt birds look nothing like penguins!

  2. Such cute brooches :) it may be too cold to wander about outside for too long! you may be better off inside at home :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Aww these are so lovely, I am always admiring your crafty makes xxx

  4. I love the little birds!! They are so adorable and you did such a great job on them.
    I do hope your friend will change her mind and come see you. She has to see all the wonderful things you are doing. If not, then maybe one day would be good for you to be out, depending on how far you would have to go just to see her. But she shouldn't have to put you out of your way, just to spend some time with you. After all, it is HER trip and she should make the effort.
    I am enjoying seeing all the wonderful things you do. AWESOME I might add...

  5. Susan, your bird brooches are sooo cute! And I think they would make perfect tree ornaments, too. You could decorate by just hanging a few on a little tree, or anywhere in your house. I love them! You are so creative.

    I haven't made anything in such a long time. I should at least finish the crocheted runner I was making.

    Your friend's visit shouldn't be something that gets you down, so do what you can or what you want to do. And whatever you choose to do, try to be okay with the decision. It's the only way to find joy in it.

    I wish you peace of mind,
    Marianne xox

  6. Hi, love your little birds, they are very cute! I am visiting via Bee Happy and I am now your newest follower! x

  7. Those birdie brooches are adorable Susan! I like how you have decorated the tag that the brooch goes on as well, with a little twig :)

    See whatever you feel like doing about the London trip, if you feel like you don't or can't really afford to go all the way to London, then just keep the offer open that she is more then welcome to come and visit you at your place :) Good friends will always understand..


  8. Oooh Susan these little birds are too cute! I cant wait to see what your stall at the craft fair looks like - its going to be beautiful! Scarlett x


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