Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Afternoon Tea Swap

I joined the Afternoon Tea Swap over at Pretty Little Jewel and i'm so lucky to be partnered with her, I'm so sorry that I sent my parcel very late as I was sick and couldn't post the parcel on time.

I was so excited despite my high temperature with a fever and was lying on the bed helplessly when hubby told me that He found a parcel on the door for me, I had to wait till the fever's gone then i opened the beautifully wrapped gifts she sent me, Thank you Julie! so here are what she sent to me;

She sent me; A lovely teacup but sadly the saucer was already broken when i opened it but i love it nonetheless, a beautiful victoria sponge cake recipe handmade by her, a delicious smell of Danish tea called Kaerlighedste Love Tea, can't wait to try it! she also sent me a chinese tea in a cute tin, a yummylicious homemade strawberry jam made by her which i've tasted it and love it! she also gave me a handmade necklace with a cute teapot pendant and a cute tea house stickers. Thank you so much and I do love the cute card too!

...and here are the gifts I sent to her, I wanted to apologize first as I didn't have time to make a craft item :)

I sent her; a set of English Breakfast Tea in mini tins, a Cath Kidston's Tea Mug, Tea Party Fridge Magnets, Handmade crocheted Cupcake and handmade Teapot cushion hanger and Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Lemon Shortbreads to accompany drinking tea. I do hope you'll like them :)

Thank you again for organizing the swap, I've had so much fun and Thanks for the swap gifts you sent, love them! x

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  1. Beautiful swap gifts from you and Jewel :) hope you both enjoy using them, glad you are feeling better Susan, it's horrible being ill!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh wow, lovely swap gifts sent and received! I'm sure the gifts really helped you to feel better. Have a lovely evening x

  3. Beautiful gifts all round and right up your street - a perfect swap for you to take part in! Glad the parcel brought you back to the land of the living :-)


  4. gorgeous gorgeous gifts!! i really wish i had seen this swap. i hope it comes around again xx

  5. My pleasure! I really loved everything you sent! I am so so lucky! Hope you're all better now! xxx

  6. That Julie from Pretty Little Jewel is an awesome lady! How nice of her to hold this party. All the gifts are just fantastic!! What you received AND what you gave. You ladies are so talented.
    You sip on the Chinese tea, Susan. I bet it has good health values in it...and get better.

  7. Hi Susan,
    I hope you're feeling better! You and Jewel both did very well with your swap gifts. Thank you for sharing all these goodies with us at Tea Time and have a lovely day.


  8. Your little gifts are lovely! What a fun thing to participate in. Now you can snuggle up with your new mug and some of your new tea:)

  9. An afternoon tea swap sounds like utter bliss!! :-)

    Jem xXx

  10. Aw I hope you're feeling better soon! Your gifts are really pretty & the cupcake is just so cute.

  11. What a fun swap, lovely presies as well. Let us know how the tea tastes :) The teapot pendant is sure adorable.
    I love your swap gifts. Those tea party magnets are just far too cute and so is the knitted cupcake.
    Enjoy your cups of tea and glad to hear you are feeling better :)
    Take care

  12. What a fab swap, such beautiful treasures sent both ways, the homemade recipe kit is so lovely and thoughtful. Also the English Tea Tins are adorable! xxx

  13. Hi, Susan...glad you're feeling better...oh, what a wonderful surprise to cheer you up. Friendly packages in the mail are an uplifting thing. I love all your gifts, and I love the ones you sent to her, too.

    The teapot hanger is adorable!!! and the crocheted cupcake is sooo cute. A friend and I went to our favorite cupcake place yesterday...I'll post pics someday soon...

    Enjoy a delightful day of sunshine, if not outside, then within you...you are sunshine!

    Marianne xo

  14. Sorry to hear you have been ill - there is so much going around! You both had fabulous parcels, what a great swap :o) Scarlett x


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