Friday, October 5, 2012

Surprises and a Crush..

I received a lovely parcel yesterday from Magie at TeacupsandBunting along with a lovely card from Jem at BeautifulClutter, I really am touched and so happy to receive them, Thank you!
Magie sent me a cute heart shaped cushion hanger with super cute bunting card. i love the lip gloss she gave too, the color is just perfect and the crocheted flower is so fun and bright, thank you Magie! The parcel is beautifully wrapped and i just love the doodle she made, she's just so creative.

Jem sent me a beautiful Tea Time card from Wedgwood, it's so beautiful and I'm so touched reading what she wrote to me, i really thank you so much!
As i was re-organizing my stuff, I have this bundle of scrap fabrics that are too small to use them as small projects and don't have the heart to throw them either as i might have an idea on how to use them on something which i did, I have some unused picture frame that i got from charity shop a long time ago, so I just sort of decoupage the scrap of fabrics onto the frame and layer them.

I think i like the result and it is now has its uses to display the lovely cards i got from my friends :) I feel a crush coming on and i really want to make more and perhaps use the much more smaller scraps for a different project as i still have alot more of scrap fabrics lying around...
Have a lovely weekend! x


  1. Wow what beautiful gifts and fab card!

  2. I'm so glad you liked the card! :-) What a beautiful crafty project too, such a lovely idea to use up your scraps! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. What lovely gifts, Susan. Your idea to use up scraps is a brilliant. I love it. xx

  4. Yay! I am glad you have received the package and that you like it :)
    I really like the craft project you have done using the scraps of fabric..what a great way of using up the extra scraps. Did you just glue them on?
    I hope you are enjoying the weekend x

  5. I love this idea, it looks really lovely as a background here and means you don't have to throw away your scraps xxx

  6. What a brilliant idea! Abd lovely, lovely colours too!

  7. Pretty fabric scraps and I like what you did with them. They are so cheery to look at in your gloomy weather.

    What a nice surprise in the mail. She sent you such pretty things.

    Blessings for a good day,
    Marianne xox


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