Monday, April 18, 2011

Decoupaged Chair

I've been delaying to decoupage a chair that I bought in charity shop for £5 last week just because, I haven't got the guts and afraid that I'd ruin it, it's my first time to do decoupage and I've been drooling for it since I saw it on people's blogs on how it turned out and a tutorial shared by my dear blogging friend Scarlett helped me through the step by step process on decoupage.

But hey, it's only £5 chair, so if i failed, it wont hurt so bad! :)

1.First I sanded the chair (I really hate this part, really!
2.Painted it white and let it dry overnight (i used two coats of paint)
3.I then painted the legs and the wooden bars on the chair a blue duck egg color.
4.Once dried, I sanded again on the seat of the chair before I decoupage so the paper that im using got something to grip to.
5.Prepare your paper, im using this lovely color and design from Cath Kidston napkin paper (3 ply), peel off the two blank sheets as i'm only going to use the printed part.
6.Start by brushing a thin layer of modpodge on the seat with the paper.

7.Then move on to the other parts of the seat, cut the paper in small pieces for round corners and just overlapped each other to give it a seamless appearance.
8.Don't forget to dab with a dry cloth to remove any bubbles on the paper.

I didn't try to decoupage the the whole chair as I wanted to know how it turns out first, i think i made a few mistake here and there but i'm pretty satisfied with the result and if i ever found another chair like that, i want to do a full decoupage with a different print of Cath Kidston's paper.

Oh By the way, I'll be doing a Giveaway as soon as my followers reached 100! I've been thinking about selling something for awhile now and i have created another blog for my online shop but it's not finished yet so i'm excited to do this as well. Thanks for all suggestions that you, lovely ladies gave me in the comments.

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  1. Susan this looks fab, you've done an absolutely brilliant job with it and I bet Scarlett will be proud! :-) The duck egg blue was the perfect shade to match your CK napkins too!

    Jem xXx

  2. Susan as Jem says I am very proud! You've done an amazing job and with a small print meaning its more tricky! You'll be decoupaging everything now lol. Mwah Scarlett. P.S Very much looking forward to seeing your shop site :o)

  3. I love this! Decopaging a chair, I wouldn't have thought of it, but what a great easy way to make it so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  4. It looks fantastic Susan well done! Great job :) where is it going to live?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Hi Susan. What a fabulous job you've done. It looks stunning.

    Ages ago, I started collecting flower catalogues in order to decoupage a chair. Haven't attempted it yet. Will day!

  6. Looks fab lovely, good work! Want to see your shop. Will be interesting as keep debating setting one up myself xx

  7. What a smart idea! looks great!! HHL

  8. That looks amazing! My decoupage always comes out bubbly and lumpy, yours looks perfect!

    Can't wait to see your online shop!!!

  9. I love the tip on how to get out bubbles, I will have to try that.

  10. You and Scarlett have me so inspired! I may have my temporary chairs but as soon as some turn up in charity shops I'll be getting handy with the modge podge!

    Victoria xx

  11. You did a fabulous job! Good for you to go ahead and try it. I love Cath kidston too! And I think it was the perfect paper choice. You make me feel brave and want to decoupage too!

  12. Very beautiful, I love the print you chose. Thanks for linking up at my monday sharing party.

  13. I have a similar chair I am definitely going try decoupage thanks for the idea


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