Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

...although i love milk in my tea very much, I don't put milk in herbal or fruit tea. Today i decided to drink tea with freshly picked mint leaves from the mint plant I have (though it's dying on me as i've never been good in growing herbs or plants). I love the aroma it created while waiting for the mint to steep, it's relaxing to just inhale it and energized when i drink it (i sound like a promo girl)

I also made a very quick and easy to make lemon shortbread, don't you just love the smell of lemon that coming out from the oven, although some were a lil burnt but they're still tasty :)

I didn't do much on bank holiday yesterday, just relaxing, watching TV, made asparagus risotto and did abit of knitting. Hubby's gone back to work today and I'll be going back to visiting people's blogs to find inspiration for my next post :) I hope everyone had a great weekend?

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  1. Your lemon biscuits look so tasty and not at all burnt! would love to come over and have tea with you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Your lemon biscuits look delicious! I love lemon bars and make them quite often. I love fresh mint too!

    My husband works Sunday through Thursday and the only holiday he gets off is Christmas so it was just a normal weekend for us. We did rent Black Swan...rather creepy movie but it was good:)

    Happy tea drinking Susan!!!

  3. Your cookies look delicious-I love anything with lemon in it.Glad you are feeling better.

  4. the lemon treats in that jar are so cute! thanks for linking up Susan, you are such a delight. I have found mint so nice in my tea this time of year.

  5. Beautiful treat! The lemon treat is just so inviting...I'll be back, going to make one!

  6. I do like the look of those lemon biscuits ;0) Dxx

  7. Mmm, lemon biscuits sound lovely with tea! What a charming sight they make all tied up with ribbon! Thank you, Susan, for joining me for tea today. Hope you have a delightful week.


  8. I agree, your lemon shortcakes look scrumptious.
    Fresh mint just can't be beat...I love it! Sometimes I put fresh mint leaves in hot water to steep..then put that in a larger pitcher and add cooler water. Once in the refrigerator fresh, cold minty flavored water is ready to refresh any time.

    Take some sprigs and root them in a glass of water on your window sill...once rooted, plant them in a container and put them outside. They need sun and outdoors..I haven't had much luck keeping them inside, either.

    Good luck with your mint. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby♥

    Marianne xo

  9. I love lemon shortbread...a favorite at our home. I take my tea without milk as well. Looking forward to seeing your next new project!

  10. oooooh im so craving lemon shortbread now! Its looks yummy and I love the way you've displayed it (it wouldnt last that long in my house to get the ribbon out!). Scarlett x

  11. Fresh peppermint tea in a lovely glass cup! What a treat! Your lemon shortbread sounds delicious to me and makes me hungry just looking at it : )
    Thank you so much for joining in TT again, I love coming by to visit you.

  12. Oh, I would love the recipe for the lemon shortcakes! Sounds delicious!

  13. You must share your lemon shortbread recipe, the boys at work would love me to make them some!

    Victoria xx

  14. Hey! I would love it if you came over and shared at Savory Sunday! The hope is open until saturday night :)

  15. Ooh my!..,I would so love to join you for a cup of tea and that delectable lemon shortbread.., Yum!

    Thanks for joining us for this week's TTTT an also for my 84th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two'. ~ We always love having you join us..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee


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