Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hey June, Don't let me down

I can't believe it's June already! ... and I'm still broke and jobless *sinking in despair*. I was thinking of buying a gift for hubby for our 3rd wedding anniversay on the 6th of June but we can't even afford to go out for a meal to celebrate. I don't mind though as i have planned to make a cake and cook something delicious on Sunday for us at home but i feel bad that i still can't help our financial problem and he's one who doesn't like to use credit cards and prefers to pay everything from his saving eventhough it means that we dont have much left in the account *sigh*.

But, I must be optimistic and see the brighter side of this situation and keep on trying my best hahahaha *tragic laugh*, So! in a frustrated and angry state, I destroy one of the book that i bought in charity shop long time ago to make heart bunting! I feel much better already hehe.

I got the inspiration from the talented Craftberrybush, I painted the inside of the paper heart with red acrylic paint then hung it on top of my mantel.

I have a few canvas frames that I've been keeping for awhile now to practice painting but i already gave up on painting as i suck at it, i think i bought it for less than a pound, cant remember now. I decided to use it with my paper heart.

I slab modpodge glue on the canvas and put pieces of paper on it till it's all covered, i made a heart paper and burnt the edges with my lighter and used red acrylic paint again inside the heart and glue it in the middle of the frame, lastly i used jute twines for the edges of frame and glued it. Voila!

Easy and cheap crafts, I'll be doing more crafts with the left over paper as the book that i ripped out is quite thick. Until then....June, please don't let me down! :)


  1. I hope you find a job soon Susan! I gave up long ago and am just enjoying being at home. We live paycheck to paycheck but once the boys are older we can move out of the insanely expensive state of So Cal and head somewhere cheaper! We would be paying half what we pay in rent elsewhere!

    Anyway, your heart garland is so pretty!!! I love it! You made me laugh about ripping into that book, it sounds therapeutic:) I just framed a little tag garland that someone made for me, I'll put it on my blog tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful day and keep your chin up!!!!

  2. Susan, your heart garland is so pretty and happy!
    You have set up a lovely, romantic vignette. You know, of course you do, that money doesn't buy anything lasting like love.

    Although I understand perfectly well your emotions about it, you must imagine how perfectly sweet, romantic, and loving all the wonderful things you do are...baking such wonderful goodies, crafting such lovely, happy decorations, and so much more than I can mention here....all of these things you do come from a place within you where love is so cultivated that it would make the angels weep for joy. And money can't buy that.

    Trust that your anniversary is going to be wonderful and loving because within your hearts the two of you vowed 'for better or for worse...'

    I do hope you find the right work for you...something that will fulfill you and pay you very good money. I hope that for me, too. In the meantime enjoy all the wonderful things you create out of love, and have a very happy, loving, peaceful anniversary. I love you,
    Marianne xo

  3. Oh its so pretty! Great job! I hope June brings you loads of luck on the job and money front. Im sure you will have a fab anniversary at home, just enjoy being together, and by the looks of your baking on previous posts your day at home will be yummy! Scarlett x

  4. Wow, your hearts look so pretty! so does your display :) hope you have a great anniversary, the 6th is actually my hubby's birthday as well! maybe you could go a walk or watch a favourite film as well as cooking ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Wow Susan this is amazing. Your talents are endless. Happy 6th anniversary to you and your hubby. Those pictures as so lovely, your frames are pretty too.

  6. Susan I feel your pain! I'm currently working for a cafe on what they call 'casual' hours, which at the moment means no hours at all as somehow the place has gone deathly quiet. I've been searching for a full time job for 6 months now since I was made redundant through budget cuts from my last and it's such a struggle when you keep applying and trying and yet often never even get a simple rejection back. It's hard to think nobody wants to employ you - you're not alone though, I'm sure that like me, there's no reason you shouldn't get a job it just hasn't happened yet!

    Keep trying hun, I hope that the month of June brings us both the luck we need on the job front!

    Jem xXx

    P.S I LOVE the bunting!

  7. Good luck with the job hunt, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you,

    Victoria xx


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