Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Bee Happy!

Look what I saw in my doorstep this morning? A package for me from Mr.Postman that was having trouble opening and closing the outer door of my house as the heat might expand the door so I helped him out as he apologized which wasn't even his fault! I know the screw on the knob also abit loose and he didnt want to cause more damage haha.

It's a gift that I won from Bee Happy, oooohh i love it so much!! I won a Liberty London bag. It's sooo cute! love the design on it, i also love the cath kidston card with her lovely words in it. Thank you!

..Then a friend of mine asked me out to visit another friend who lives outside of worthing, we had lunch at her house while she helped my friend shortened her maxi dresses and I was observing how she's so good with her sewing machine and even tried out myself, i told her if i had one i wanted to learn from her how to do sewing with the machine, then the three of us went out for a short trip to chichester town center, my first time going to the further part of Chichester town centre where i found a Cath Kidston Shop!! I didn't go in though afraid of the temptation when i'm already broke so just took a shot of the front of the shop and told my friends that if they ever wanted to go there again next month or so, please bring me along haha.

I even drool to see the front display but so glad that my two friends were in a hurry to go shopping at H&M and i'm happy enough to babysit her one year old son in a pram :)

next time! at least i noted a bus number that i can take from my town that goes there.


  1. oooh lovely prize from bee happy, and a massive well done for resisting caths charms, I wouldnt have been so controlled and would have maxed my credit card probably! Scarlett x

  2. love what you won, congrats! what is caths charsm? do they have a link? have a great one! xx

  3. Aw am really jealous of that bag, it's lovely. Cath will always be there...she watches us all, mwhahaha!

  4. Yay lovely post and a new cath kidston shop to explore! I'm very jealous! Thank you for all your lovely comments! They really make my day! x

  5. What a wonderful thing to get a package in the mail! I love winning giveaways, they're so much fun and always mean so much! I found out the other day that I had won one so I'm looking forward to checking the mail everyday:)

    Looks like a fun shop, maybe you can save up a bit for next time! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  6. Hi this is Trish, I seem to be having problems posting a comment ~ so I hope you get this. I love you treat!! Have a great week.

  7. How good are you not venturing inside a CK shop!!!

    Victoria xxx

  8. I am so glad your prizes arrived - what fun! I know you'll enjoy them. Oh, I understand how you felt about going into(or not going into) your favorite shop. But you WILL be there again soon.

    Oh, I do hope you get a sewing machine in the near future. I have a challenge for you - this is a great experiment. Imagine yourself with your sewing machine, as you have already received it - imagine how you feel about it, imagine sewing with it, and all the wonderful things you're making with it. Hold the emotion of how that makes you feel for as long as you can during the day. Don't worry how it will come to you, just give thanks after your 'exercise' and let it go until you think of it again. It's there for you and you will have one.


  9. So glad you like the bag Susan :) Well done on not spending in CK although Easy Living Magazine are giving 15% off in CK through their mag, they also have a free CK bag in this issue :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I can’t believe another week has gone by with another delightful tea party. I love your sign. Don't stop dreaming about your tearoom. Maybe some day!!!
    It would not be so enjoyable without you and your creative touch. I always look forward to seeing you as often as you can pop in.



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