Friday, May 13, 2011

Got Chalk?

Blogger was under maintenance, it's back now but they are still working on restoring some of the data, I was abit worried that i might have to find other free blog sites to create a new blog, phew!

But all's well that ends well, i had time to do something else while waiting for blogger to work again, I did a bit of craft using this Ronseal Blackboard paint that i bought awhile back, I had in mind to use it within a frame for a menu or scribble something with a chalk.

..but I dont have a frame for it so i use it on wooden hearts instead that i bought on ebay last year, need to stock up more coz i'm thinking to decoupage them also.

I painted the hearts a few coats of the paint front and back so they can be used both sides as tags, just use chalks and write on it, easy to wipe and re-write. So I now find it easier to know which basket contains what :)

My first attempt on these wooden hearts was last year when I handpainted them with acrylic and crayons in time for christmas.

This was taken in december and they're abit messy but rest assured, i'll be trying it again once i got more and sell them, you know what they say, practice makes perfect :)


  1. I heart them! Genius idea , Susan. Btw received my winnings and love them although my daughter has commandeered the case. Drat!

  2. What a cute idea Susan! They look adorable:) My last post is missing too but hopefully it re-appears!

  3. I know, i was seriously missing blogger! Love your blackboard hearts, they are perfect! You keep showing me all these things I want! So going to have to get some blackboard paint ;o) Scarlett x

  4. Cute idea as usual Susan! I just did blackboard paint on some of my kitchen storage jars - I was always confusing which rice was which.

  5. They are so cute! You are so creative!

  6. great idea! I should do this in Sophia's playroom. Thanks and have a super week.

  7. Susan...what a nice idea! I like the baskets very much. The chalk hearts add a bit of nostalgia - remember when you were a girl in school wanting to use the chalk on the board? I do.

    You decorate so lovely. I always like to see your new projects. Glad your blog site is a-okay.

    Have a sweet weekend,
    Marianne xo

  8. Very nice! I like the little gingham ribbon you tied on them too! (and your first colored batch are really cute too)

  9. Those hearts are great!

    Victoria xx


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