Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Own Tea Room

..well,a Tea Room sign anyway...that i finally finished after a few weeks of distraction on making other small crafts. Handpainted but cheated on using Cath Kidston's roses template and a teapot shape cut out.

oh, would be nice if i had my own tea room/shop *dreaming*.

This week's teacup tuesday, I'm using a teacup from Grosvenor Bone China England, love the green pattern on it and the lovely flowers on it too, as for the saucer is from Royal Stafford.

I'm in the lookout for duck egg blue teacup, so far i haven't yet found it in my local charity shops but they tend to sell teacups/saucers/plates in lots, i just need one cup and one saucer then i'm happy :)

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  1. One day you'll have it. And all your blog friends will expect free cakes and bankrupt you ;-)

  2. Great sign, save it you will get your tea room ;) love the tea cups so pretty!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Your sign is lovely Susan! I love your teacup too:) It's good to have dreams, you never know...maybe one day you will own a tea room!

  4. Perfect! Great idea for your special room. With your chairs, and....Love the teacup as well!

  5. awww cute sign, i'd be a regular in your tea room, although you may need to check my bag on the way out as I'd be pinching everything that wasnt glued down! Scarlett x

  6. I love your tea room sign. Beautiful tea cup and I'm sure you will that duck egg blue teacup! Happy Tea Day!

  7. A lovely sign, hope you can hang it in your tea room soon.

  8. Susan, you are a genius. Your tearoom sign is magnificent! I hope you get your tea room some day soon. xx

  9. Wonderful sign, Susan, and I definitely can see you with your own tea room/shop - definitely...keep dreaming, and creating it in your mind.

    Your teacup/saucer is a delight. I'm sure you'll find your duck egg blue egg. Now to share a spot of tea, please...thank you...

    Marianne xo

  10. Your tea room sign is a good start on your way to a tea room!
    Your tea cup is really lovely. I love those colors too. A duck blue tea cup would be gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful craft and your cup.

  11. Your Tea Room sign is wonderful, Susan! Love your pretty tea cup! The colours are lovely! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a super week.


  12. Keep dreaming this is a sweet sign, I adore it! Great post and wonderful cup. The green color with the flowers is so pretty. Have a nice week.

  13. Great sign and teacups. Love the books, too!


  14. Hello there dear Miss Tea,

    This is a just so darling! I wish you had a tea room as well; I'd love to visit you there and enjoy a cuppa and a sweet treat!..,

    Such a pretty teacup as well, in your charming little vignette.~ I love the colours!

    Thanks so much for being a part of the fun of TTTT and also for taking part with this my 82nd, Tuesday Tea For Two, once again. We always so enjoy having you join us!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee


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