Monday, February 6, 2012

Breakfast Bowls

I was abit disappointed that we didn't have snow this year although I did see it on saturday night but it wasn't alot and it's gone in the morning and washed away by the heavy rain but they say there's a chance of snow on wednesday, so hopefully, i get a chance to see it this year!

Anyways, I've started my diet this month though hubby doesn't want me to and no dukan diet or any extreme diet kind of thing, he says...I'm going to just do a normal diet, which is to eat a smaller portions 3 times a day, healthy food which means veggies (which im not too keen but i have to) and basically eat sensibly and exercise. well easy to say! but wish me luck!

I tend to skip my breakfast which i didn't do it on purpose as i tend to forget when i do the house chores after hubby goes to work in the morning, by the time i finished it's almost lunch time, I didn't do it very often, only when i have chores that needed to be done :)

The bowl on the bottom one has a little crack line coz i accidentally knock it with other plate when i washed it, i don't have many breakfast bowls, just three ..oops four as my friend bought me another polka dot one last month.

I want to lose at least a stone before i'm going back to my hometown coz GOD knows i'll probably turned into a glutton once i'm there, I miss my mom's homemade food so much and she already promised me to cook all kinds of my fave Indonesian food when I arrived! :p

Have you had your breakfast today? what's your fave breakfast?


  1. Hi Susan..Well you have a very good approach to dieting so I am sure you will do well and stay healthy. You must be so excited about going home! Mothers are the best cooks in the world arn't they.
    I love your breakfast bowls. I love my cereal in the morning or toast.
    Marilyn xx

  2. Susan im not one for breakfast either coffee does me lol although sometimes i'll eat toast mid morning then nothing else till tea time.
    Good luck with your diet x

  3. I always forget to have breakfast too! I'm sure you will manage to reach your weight goal, and those bowls are just so pretty xxx

  4. Wishing you all the best of your diet - im terrible at sticking to them! I love breakie so always make sure i have something in the morning to stop the midmorning munchies - i am a wholemeal toast girl, for some reason i cant stomach cereal but do adore the cute cereal bowls. I have far too many ceral bowls but they get used for everything from soup to noodles in my house :o)

    I hope you get to see the snow, we had a bit here but now its nearly all gone. Scarlett x

  5. Oh we've got lots of snow here on the coast just right for snowballs and sledging!! During the week for breakfast it's either brown toast and marmalade or bran flakes, saturdays it's either boiled eggs and soldiers or toasted muffins and bacon but on sundaysw we always have the "full english", bacon, eggs, saus, black pud, mushrooms and beans or tomatoes it sets us up for the day, yummy, Lucey x

  6. I think sensible diets are the best way :) I love porridge for breakfast x

  7. Ooo how you can you miss breakfast when you have such gorgeous bowls to eat it in! I love that they are mismatched! I really would love to do the same!

    Good luck with the diet! I am trying too, so you're not alone!

    Fingers crossed you have snow! You're welcome to ours lol! xxx

  8. Love your bowls :) good luck with the diet, sounds like the best one, eating healthy and don't forget to exercise! hope you have a great week Susan :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. i went for breakfast with my sister yesterday in this really cool place in London called The Breakfast Club, its down a little side street near liverpool street station. But they have a really good menu and the food wasn't coated in grease...i suppose it was more of a brunch because it was gone 12pm. I'd definatley recommend it if you were in that area.x

  10. Susan, you can do it! I'm proud of you. Remember exercise is important as well. If you keep in touch with Brenda, I know she will encourage you as you walk this healthier path.

    Your bowls are so pretty. My breakfast is usually Ezekiel toast (when I can get it) with Smart Balance or, on occasion, butter, with some tea. Sometimes I'll eat the toast with an egg. Mainly staying away from extra sweets is my goal, and more vegetables and exercise.

    Let us know how you are doing...sometimes having a person to 'report' to keeps on on track more easily.

    Got to run off to work (that's where everything goes down hill).

    Marianne xo

  11. Good luck with your healthy eating, your breakfast bowls are so pretty! I love a toasted crumpet and cup of tea for breakfast, (not often I get the chance though, with 3 little ones to feed first!) x

  12. I just adore those pretty bowls!!!!

    GL with your diet, it sure isn't easy. That's why I never try, haha.

  13. Hi, Susan! Those bowls are so pretty. I usually don't eat a good healthy breakfast, and I know they say it's so important. I even bought myself TOTAL cereal about three weeks ago, and have yet to open it!! Bad Gloria! LOL!

  14. P.S. I don't know if you have "Total" brand cereal in England, but it is supposed to have 100% of one's daily requirements!

  15. I really struggle with breakfast as I don't tend to have time before work and then it's finding something that's healthy and filling that you can eat at your desk.

    Victoria xx


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