Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all I'd like to thank Pretty Little Jewels and Twinkle Star for the awards! really appreciate them!

I also would like to wish my dear friend Marianne a very Happy Birthday! I wish you all the good things in life and God Bless you, always! and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you my lovelies, you're all my inspirations. Love you all!

unfortunately, no flowers and/or a box of chocolates for me this valentine as i was shocked to see the price of a dozen of roses when we went to sainsburys last night though hubby offered but i told him I'd rather he bought me a book of craft that costs the same as those roses :) and as for chocolate, well you know i'm on a diet though i'm beginning to get abit pessimistic :p

I spent hours this morning to make this velvet valentine cake and i failed miserably! it tastes weird, it looks weird and blah! I got the recipe Here. I made it for hubby but i feel like throwing it into the bin :P

I also made these mug cosy for hubby and me from the tutorial in Mollie Makes Magazines, Cappuccino for him and tea for me.

I also made the puffy crocheted heart from the tutorial Here, I made several to hang on the twigs on my mantel and cute valentine printables from Here.

That's my February Photo-a-day Challenge for Day 14: Heart entry over at Fat Mum Slim's blog.

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  1. Aw, a perfectly pretty valentines post. I don't think your cake looks bad at all, although I have to admit I generally think a regular fruit or chocolate cake appeals to me more than all these rainbow type concoctions - pretty as they are.

    I am failing miserably with crochet although I did finally manage to make a heart the other night after a lot of swearing!

    Nothing wrong with a craft book for valentines - a present is supposed to be something you actually like xx

  2. Such fun Valentine things. Your cake looks neat anyway! I love your Union Jack piece! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Enjoy your new book. Pretty Valentines.

  4. I think your cake looks lovely! I once made my oldest son a birthday cake from scratch and it was horrible, as heavy as a brick but the boys ate it anyway:) Your little mug cosey's are just too cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day, although I suppose it's almost over there!

  5. I think your cake looks lovely - if i had produced it i would be proud as punch! I also think a craft book makes a wonderful valentines gift - the roses this time of year are a complete rip off. Happy Valentines Day hun Scarlett x

  6. I agree I LOVE your cake! What a fun heart in the center!! I have wanted to attempt that for awhile now. I love you yummy latte's too! Happy VAlaentines

  7. Oh the cake is so pretty! I love the cup cozies I'm going to try my hand at them (the pink of course!) Also the puffy hearts are SO cute!

  8. Hi Susan,
    Your cake looks good to me! I like the hearts floating in your mugs of coffee and tea; very cute. Thank you for joining me for tea today and Happy Valentines Day.


  9. Hi Susan,

    I agree I think the cake looks good. I made some cupcakes for Valentines day, a lot of work went into them but they were a bit of a disaster..wasn't happy with how they turned out..like you, I was tempted to just throw them in the bin. Next year it is shop bought tiramisu for me :P

    The crochet mug cosies are cute and the hearts. You make just the cutest things..you should really sell them :)

    Have a lovely day today :)

  10. Awe thank you Susan! It was my pleasure, you and your blog deserve an award!

    You really are on fire with the crochet! I love the mug warmers and the hearts, they are so so cute! Were the mug cosies difficult? I have the pattern but I am a bit scared to try!

    The cake looks fantastic! Not blah at all! And I'm sure it tastes good too really!


  11. Congratulations on the awards, Susan...you certainly deserve them. And thank you so much for the Happy Birthday mention. I just love birthdays!

    I see a heart in your cake, so in that it wasn't a total failure. But if you don't like the taste or texture of it, then toss it. Sweets are a luxury and if you're doing well on your diet, you don't want to waste your treat on something you don't enjoy. You are a wonderful cook and baker and will whip something else up another time that will come out delicious.

    Your cup cozies are darling, too, and of course the little hearts. I love that you are always creating something.

    I'm certainly enjoy your photos, and look forward to more.

    Enjoy a delightful day, Susan, dear...
    Marianne xox

  12. Hi Susan, I like the mug cozies and the cappacino with the heart! Sorry the cake didn't turn out as you would have liked. That happens sometimes with recipes and it's disappointing. Wish I could join you for a cup of tea today, Susan!
    Blessings to you, Beth

  13. Hi: What a very pretty post. It is just perfect for Valentine's Day. Love the way the cake cuts into a heart. Can't even begin to figure out how you did that! Blessings, Martha

  14. Congratulations on your awards Susan! You do have such a very lovely blog! I always enjoy coming for a visit.
    You have been busy! You have crafted so many lovely things! The hearts and the mug cozies are wonderful! The Valentine vignette is very pretty. I am sorry all your hard work with the cake did not come out as you hoped. Sometimes I get a bum recipe too, and the outcome is not as hoped.
    As for picking a book over roses...been there too! It is a hard choice sometimes! Maybe you will share what book you chose.

  15. Well, I tell you what...your cake LOOKS delicious and it even has a big smile!! Your posts are just so adorable. I love your heart!!! and all the little hearts...Your cosies are the greatest.
    You are so creative.

  16. Your cake looks pretty delicious to me, my lovely!!

    Can't tell you how much I love the little heart tree! :-)

    Jem xXx

  17. Aww those mug cosys are fab! And I'm always spending hours in the kitchen and then deciding I don't like what I have made, but I'm sure it's the thought that counts :) xxx

  18. The crocheted heart is so sweet. I can see a string of them decorating my home. The cake actually looks yummy. I always love coming over here to visit. Your posts make me happy.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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