Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Tea?

It was a quiet night on Halloween, no knocks on the door and trick or treaters in my neighborhood. Shame though It's been like that for years here so we didnt bother to buy any candies or decorate. I remembered the first horror movie that I watched when i was younger called It and had nightmares for weeks and I got frightened of every clowns i see and resulting my dislike of clowns since then. Well anyways, Happy Halloween for those who celebrate :)

As usual, My tea time tuesday is a simple one, Tea by Twinings and Apple covered with orange chocolate. I'm inspired to make these after seeing someone's recipe and looked so cool on Pinterest

Recipe Click Here from Bakingdom.com

The real recipe is called cinnamon caramel apple pumpkins, since I dont have most of the ingredients, I had to improvise and use what i have, it uses licorice for the lines and I couldnt find it in sainsburys so I used icing sugar with food coloring for it and I had orange chocolate in my stash, so i melted with the rest of ingredient.

I'd like to thank you for the lovely ladies for the get well wishes on my previous post, My husband and I are so much better and he has gone back to work. I also want to thank my dear blogger friend Marianne for the sweet card she sent all the way from the US! x

That's all from me and I'm so ready to blog hop to your blogs! Have a great day!

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  1. So glad you and hubby are feeling better :) love your photos the oranges look great! I wondered how your job search was going?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Hi Susan,

    I am glad to hear you (and your hubby) are over the cold now :)

    I like your little apple pumpkins..they look yummy!

    It was a quiet Halloween here as well. We didn't bother handing out candy this year either. I think most of the children here, end up going to Halloween Parties instead. Plus Basil doesn't like all the knocking on the door and the noise..so we gave it a miss.
    I remember 'It' as well..scary! I was hoping they would play some Halloween movies etc on the tele, but I didn't really find any to watch.

    Enjoy your cup of tea and have a lovely week!


  3. Those look great - good thing there weren't any trick or treaters or you might have felt obliged to share!

    Glad you're both better now x

  4. I am so happy that you and your hubby are feeling so much better.
    I LOVE your orange apples!! They look so delicious! You are a clever women to know what to do since you didn't have licorice...The photos are colorful and inviting.
    My wonderful husband and I waited at home for our granddaughters to come by for their candy and treats, then we went to the gym for our little workout. After that we went to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant for some soup and salad. By the time we got home, the trick or treaters were done. I really don't think our neighborhood had very many though.
    I remember when I was little Halloween was a big thing. We could go anywhere and not have to worry about anything. People would give us loads of candy and sometimes soft drinks or candied apples. My little brother would drag his bag around until the bottom would give way and the candy would trickle out.
    I remember when we took our youngest son trick or treating for the first time. When they answered the door, he just walked right on in. They were having a party and he wanted to join in. The people were real nice. Good memories!
    Thanks for your great blog, Susan. I really enjoyed stopping by.
    Here's to your (and your hubby's) health!

  5. Thanks for sharing these. They look so good.

  6. Susan, your orange chocolate covered apples look divine, and sound o, so yummy. You are really one creative woman. I always like to see what your 'whipping up'.

    I like your tea cup with the kitty. Your vignette looks so inviting and clever.

    I am sooo happy to hear you and hubby and well again. I couldn't resist sending you the card. I know it takes such a long time to receive it, but it was so pretty with warmth and healing words.

  7. Love the orange chocolate goodies...one of my favorite flavor combinations. Glad you are both feeling better. Happy TT!

  8. Hello Susan! Long time, no see. I've been back into blogging but am still working on a huge cross stitching (almost done!).

    Your cup is so cute and the orange apples look amazing:) I'm sorry you were sick but glad to hear you're feeling better! How sweet of someone to send you a card, it's very pretty.

    Have a wonderful day Susan!

  9. Hello Susan glad to hear that you and hubby are feeling better! Those orange apples look so cute and yummy too.

  10. I'm really pleased to hear you're feeling better Susan. And the apples look amazing! I'm not a big fan of horror films myself, I am definitely an action or comedy type of gal! Happy Hallowe'en to you x

  11. Susan, I'm so glad you and your hubby are feeling better. Your orange apples look really good. I do love orange chocolate and Hubby gets me Terry's orange chocolate every year for Christmas. Thanks for joining me for tea today. Hope you have a wonderful week.


  12. Trick or tea you say? I say tea, any day of the week. Sorry to hear that you and hubby have been ill. Glad you're back to normal. xx

  13. Hi Susan,
    I am rather new to tea time tuesday and wanted to stop by and say your pumpkin apples caught my eye. I love the orange theme. I think I would improvise also with icing instead of the licorice. Glad to hear you are feeling better, nice card and thoughts.

  14. Oh my Susan.., I love your Pumpkin apples.., What a cute orange theme; yum!

    Thanks for joining us for TTTT and also for Tuesday Tea For Two.

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  15. Love your eat drink and be scary picture!

    Victoria xxx

  16. Susan, I just noticed your 'magical essence' on your photo. What a delightful touch!!

    Happy Wednesday,

  17. Very glad you're both feeling better lovely! :-)

    Trick or tea? Tea all the way!
    Jem xXx

  18. Glad you are both feeling better. Your halloween tea is so lovely, i think the keep calm sign is brill! Scarlett x

  19. Susan what an amazing tea you have this week. I smiled ear to ear looking at your pumpkin apples, how fun! Glad you are feeling better sweet gal. Hope you are doing something crafty soon so we can all enjoy your talents some more.

  20. Glad you are feeling bettere Susan. Have missed you :)

  21. I've been back into blogging but am still working on a huge cross stitching, almost finished. Your cup is so cute and the orange apples look amazing. I'm sorry you were sick but glad to hear you're feeling better!


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