Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trifle Trouble

I wanted to try and make Strawberry Trifle from this Recipe, it looks nice in there and i happened to have all the ingredients but failed miserably! but it's still tasted fresh and nice, i guess that's something in a nice sunny day :)

I didnt have the proper trifle glass but i found a big brandy glass in a charity shop for £1 so i guess that it'll have to do for now :)

I'm using Regency English teacup and saucer which i also bought from the charity shop awhile back but can't remember anymore how much but i'm sure it's below £4. I also bought Twinings Earl Grey tea from sainsburys and got a free tea caddy, very useful :)

Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

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  1. Yum that trifle looks delicious :)

  2. Your strawberry trifle looks soo good..ohh yummy yummy!!
    I like the teacup pattern as well..pretty colors. Mmmm Earl Grey..a cup for me pls (with sugar) :)

  3. I love trifle, have to have some at Christmas!! yours looks so tasty I think trifle looks great whatever :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Looks really yummy ... I love the brandy glass, it gives a wow factor! ... visiting from Sweetology- Tea Party Tuesday..xo HHL

  5. I'm not sure what you mean by 'failed miserably' because I could just dive right into that trifle and eat the whole thing!! It' looks yummy-licioius! O, to have a neighbor like you...hee, hee....

    Your teacup is darling...tea and trifle...Mmmm-mm!

    Have a glorious day, Susan,
    Marianne xo

  6. Your trifle looks yummy Susan and it all gets smooshed up when you serve it anyway right! I grew up with my mom making trifle, my brother loved it but I could never eat it because I didn't like the texture of the lady fingers in the jelly! I think my hubby would like it though.

    Your teacup is lovely!

  7. Your trifle looks delicious ... it's the taste that counts!! I love the teacup ... the cone shape. Happy Tea Day!

  8. I've never really cracked the trifle either hun! My grandma used to make fantastic, if slightly on the boozy side, trifles but I wasn't passed the gene! I make a mean eton mess from scratch though so I whip that out instead! Lol.

    I am actually going to have to go to Sainsbury's purely to see whether I can get an Earl Grey caddy - I neeeeeed one. I looked everywhere for the packs of Always with the free tins but couldn't find those :-( I'm a woman obsessed with tins! :-P

    Your teacup is utterly gorgeous!!

    Jem xXx

  9. Trifle is always a treat on a Summer's day! I often make it at Christmastime too. Yours looks good, Susan. I always buy Twinings Earl Grey tea in fact I had some earlier today. Your teacup is very pretty and a nice shape. Thanks for sharing your post with Tea Time and have a lovely week.


  10. I think your trifle looks delicious! And your bargain brandy glass is a perfect substitute.
    Your new tea cup and saucer are lovely! What a pretty vintage pattern.

  11. I love your cup!! So delicate and sweet...and let me tell you, that trifle is terrific!! Say that 5 times fast! whewwww.

  12. Oh, I will still have a taste of your trifle and drink some Earl Gray from the lovely tea cup. I see you just be from England from the pound sign! I am new today and have been obsessed with tea cups for the last month. I just had to have some. My first one is very modest, but charming to me. I think there will be many more! Please stop by if you have time,



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