Friday, December 24, 2010

Lil' Baking

This is my first try making gingerbread Men, I wasn't really pleased with the gingerbread Man cookie cutter as it's too large and ugly so I improvised and make a teacup and a tearoom House out of it, i must say it's good enough to eat! :)


  1. Susan, thank you for your lovely comment on my tea set post. I had so much to do yesterday and was in such a hurry to look through the teacups that I didn't have a chance to view more of your delightful blog! So here I am to see more.

    I must say, your embroidery is beautiful! The pillow cover is so pretty with the roses, and the purse matches the tea cup perfectly, or so it seems to me. The colors you use are very pleasing to the eyes and soul.

    I am in faith that you will get a sewing machine. I used to sew by hand, too, many years ago. Although I liked it, I understand how tedious it can be for very big projects.

    Now for your ginger cookies...Well, I want one. They look delicious - all of them. And how scrumptious - a teacup! I like that you have inspired a new saying for me - "Don't get up without your creativity!"

    Well, I'll have to come back to see more of your goodies. I'll link you on my blog, that way I'll be reminded to check in, and others will be able check in, too.

    Have a pleasant, creative day,

  2. Love love your profile pic! So my style! ;)



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