Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fake Gumball Machine

I was browsing the internet for Valentine's day ideas that are easy to make and i don't have to go out and buy the stuff to make it instead use something around the house and stuff that I already have. I made this fake gumball machine from a plant pot (upside down) and the pot's plate (for the top/cover), a small bowl which I bought a long time ago from the charity shop, ribbon and tags for decoration, I just painted them with pink and red (for the heart) paint and instead of using real gumballs, i used my mentos candy fruity flavor inside the bowl. Big thanks to Pamela Susan for the tutorial which you can click the link below. :)

Tutorial can be found here:
Pamela Susan

Linked to:


  1. How charming...I love visiting your realm..always enchanting!!
    Have a super sparkly day!

  2. Hello, Susan,

    What a cute idea, and you did such a perfect job!
    Who wouldn't want a goody from your 'gumball' machine. I bet hubby was surprised to see it.
    And I like the tag, too.

    Once you start creating, all sorts of ideas can begin to form. Thank you for sharing it and the tutorial.

    I hope your day is full of splendor!


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