Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello Mr.Postman

I've added bits and pieces in the mail room so it looks abit more pleasant and different.

I made the heart shape hanger with leftover fabric I had and cut some squares of it as well to put in the frame behind the home sweet home sign and replaced the old scented dried flowers to a new strawberry scented one.

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  1. Your photos are homey and inviting, Susan....and who would have guessed - a heart shaped hanger - it's wonderful! The home-sweet-home sign is very chic and goes very well against the fabric.

    Everyone seems to be ready for Spring, but here in SE Texas, USA Winter's just begun (LOL)...

    Love your transformation.


  2. Your photos are stunning and your crafts wonderful, Susan! I LOVE your blog!!! Come visit me sometime if you have a chance. I blog at and my garden blog is

    Blessings to you, Beth


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