Monday, February 21, 2011

Need a Makeover

Last week I spent three days cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, re-arranging, organizing and vaccuumming my small kitchen, yes it took me 3 days just cleaning the small sized kitchen although not a full day, just a few hours each as I need to divide my housechores in other rooms.

Anyways, My kitchen has always been like this since I moved in, even when my husband bought this house some 7 years ago, a little changes made only to replace the sink, the boiler, the bits that were broken, in terms of decorating, None at all.

I'm not sure when will I be able to give my kitchen a makeover it deserves, I will have to find the money for it but it's going in my to do list as a project, I wish I have alot of money to just buy a new kitchen set but i dont see myself having that much lying around in hubby's bank account, so I'm going to do it bit by bit over the years, I already imagine painting the cupboards white shabby chic, change the wallpaper and took down the ugly mirrors that covered most of the wall, I also need to find some lovely curtains for the windows, I hope I can do all these this year! i'm excited already.

But for now, I love it when my kitchen is clean from top to bottom, I will have to be happy for that for now, I know it's the one place that I spent alot of time in, and I assure you it's never sparkly clean and neat, always lots of stuff on it and I ran out of cupboards to store stuff but some says Kitchen is the Heart of The Home.

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  1. I know how you feel about wanting a kitchen make-over I want one too - we had a boilder leak which came through the kitchen cealing so there is a manky patch I want to sort too. Hopefully we will both be fortunate enough to get our dream kitchens. Scarlett x

  2. Your kitchen sure has the potential of looking extra lovely! You already have some cute elements in it. Love the sign that says "Keep Calm and Drink Tea". Where did you get that?


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