Thursday, February 24, 2011

Notice that Board? :)

Thank you for all the well wishes to the lovely ladies that commented on my previous post, I'm well enough now to go back in doing what I love most (not the housechores). I can't remember exactly when but it was last year that I made this notice board that can be used front and back, using two different types of fabrics so if I got bored with one look, I can just turn it over and use the other side :)

...but yesterday I was browsing through TheGraphicsFairy, that's where I got my inspiration and there are so many beautiful vintage images that you can use to edit or print straight away, so since I wasn't feeling that well, I just printed out lots of images from the website and edited some and added some of my photos and other bits and pieces that I embroidered as well as my heart shaped brooch and stick them all to the board.

Voila, i like the way it looks now and i hung it on my bedroom's wall. I do have one more notice board that I made (i made two) that needed to be revamped but that's for later coz tomorrow i'll be busy baking cakes for my husband's birthday on Sunday. Till then..I wish you a wonderful and blessed Thursday. x

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  1. Its looks amazing with all the vintage style cut outs! Ive made a few of these boards and they currently are used in my bedroom as boards to keep my vintage brooches. Scarlett x

  2. That looks so cute! I have one of those boards that I want to try and cover with some toile fabric. I love all the images you printed out, so pretty!

  3. Hi, Susan,

    I really like your notice board - it's very pretty. And what a wonderful collage you've made of favorite things. Oh, you crafty, crafty woman!

    Have a day full of wellness and fun,
    Marianne xo


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