Monday, February 7, 2011

Tiny Dining Room

When I first moved to England a little over 3 years ago and was welcomed by my husband into his house for the first time, I thought that his house was so messy and quite frankly, a bachelor's pad with books everywhere and lots of his paperwork all over the place, on the chairs and tables and it felt cold to me just like the english weather, doom and gloom.

So, when hubby told me that this was going to be my home too, he lets me do whatever I wanted to change it so I could feel at home, well almost whatever i wanted coz he's still wanted his books where he could get easily as he loves reading and since the house is small but packed with his stuff all over the place, it took me awhile to get it organized and even give small touches of my own, it's still works in progress and I have many years to do it slowly :)

My first stop was the dining room, as I love having meals on the table, having tea in the afternoon and it has been my favorite place in the house so far. I added pictures on the wall, painted some furnitures white, made heart shape hangers with dry scented flowers inside it and hang them on the dresser cabinets and other bits and pieces. I'm quite happy with the result coz it's now more bright and cozy, don't u think? :)

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