Thursday, March 17, 2011

All the little things that Make Me Happy

...are just too many to mention, one of them is my tea time charm bracelet that I bought awhile back at Accessorize Shop downtown as well as the matching teacup necklace and earrings (though the earrings I forgot to include it in the picture which was taken awhile back too).

I've been abit lazy for a couple of days now, maybe coz of the windy and gloomy weather, I haven't been taking photos for two days (that's so unlike me!), I didn't even take photos when I was picked up by my indonesian friend who lives near me yesterday and cooked Indonesian lunch for me at her house! She's so kind as she's been living in the UK for more than 10 years now and when she's free she would drive me around so I can familiarize myself with the area. She's the 2nd indonesian lady that I met online then in real life who lives in the same town as me, I guess I'm lucky enough to meet her and the others who has been so kind to be my friends and when they're off from work would dropped by and took me out and cooked Indonesian food that I miss so much! It's a blessing to have met them as I've been homesick and still is.

I'm trying to be positive and optimistic that time would make things easier for me to adapt the life here in the UK and would feel more at home, I do try to find all the little things that could make me happy, such as watching the herbs that I planted last week growing slowly each day, the exchange of greetings from the people on the street when I take a walk, the sound of my hubby's car when he comes home from work and lots more...I also thankful and grateful that I met more friends online in blogging world so I wont feel too lonely and think so much about the sunny weather all year round in my hometown Indonesia and my HUGE family that always make the house seems like a supermarket, busy and noisy :)

Sorry for the long post and my ramblings, it's one of those days i guess :) Have a great day to everyone! x


  1. aww hun, sorry to hear your homesick, I can imagine the gloomy british weather doesnt help at all. Its lovely that you got a taster of home with the indonesian meal and friend. I must say also that the necklace is devine! I would have bought that too if I had seen it. Hope the sunshines again soon Scarlett x

  2. I have the very same bracelet! Isn't it so pretty, the Wonderland theme about it? :-) Your pretty china trinket box is divine.

    It must be so difficult to be so far away from your family back home, mine are only 3 hours away and I miss them terribly at times.

    Jem xXx

  3. Hello, Sweet,

    It sounds like you have so much to express and long for. Being near the place we remember as children, and the people who love(d) us is always something one yearns for. And gloomy weather doesn't help. I'm happy you were given these delightful friends from your Indonesia who can help to lighten the burden. And what fun that she cooked you a truly homey dish.

    I love your photo of the charm bracelet and necklace. Jem is so right, it does have a Wonderland them about it. The china box is so pretty with its cheery colors and its scalloped edged lid.

    Have a Happy, Happy day with a pot o' gold on top,

    Marianne (big hug)

  4. I absolutely love the's the sort of thing I just love to find. I am so glad you have found some new friends. Moving is difficult...resettling our nests, finding everything and really, in the UK learning a bit of a new culture! Hope you can count your blessings and smile at the new experiences.

  5. sorry you are homesick, that must be hard. i'm sending you big hugs!! where in the UK do you live? thanks for stopping by and comment on my curtains! xx

  6. oh and i forgot, love the jewelry, sooooo cute!


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