Thursday, March 10, 2011

Framed Wallpaper

I found rolls of wallpapers in the corner of my local charity shop the other day and surprised to find one roll that is still unused and has a cute pink flowers in the middle of gold pattern on it for 50p and another roll but this one is half used and it's probably only a few metres left, it's also pink and has a kind of striped pattern on it but the price is also the same, i can't help to snatch them up and use them for the frames that I also bought in charity shop £1 for 3 frames (I still have one frame to do something else) and repainted them white and did abit of shabby chic style with one frame to make a distress look.

I saw so many beautiful silhouette tutorials out there from talented and crafty bloggers that I just have to try and make one, so I picked up my camera and put it on timer to snap a pic of me looking sideways, then use a Threshold option/effect on my photo editor so the photo only shown black and white, printed it out and cut the outline and glued it in the middle of the frame where I use the pink striped wallpaper for the background.

PS: MyUncommonSliceofSuburbia is having a super duper cute giveaway, pop in there and you might just get lucky!

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  1. Bargain on the wall paper - its fabulous!! Such a great idea and the pictures you have made are amazing, you're so talented :o) Scarlett x

  2. Wow, is that ever cute! I love your portrait!
    Blessings to you, Beth

  3. O, Susan, what a find!! Such lovely wallpaper, and you really did quite a wonderful project with it. The silhouette is a fantastic idea! Good job, I love it.

    Have a glorious day,

  4. i love these, so girly and pretty. i have a party going on if you'd like to link up.

  5. Gor-Geousness!! Oh have captivated my heart with this beauty and charm...i love wallpapers are wonderful...not to mention fabulous too!

    have a magical wkd!
    Shine on


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