Thursday, March 24, 2011

I ♥ Paper Hearts

I made an easy craft made of paper hearts to put on the window, I didn't really feel bad about using one of the book that I bought in charity shop the other day coz I know I'm going to use it for this purpose and also i was lucky enough to find the book with one of the character has the same name as mine *teehee*.

I was inspired to make the paper hearts by my dear friend Magie who is a very talented crafter, she's one of my inspirations! x

I went out to town yesterday to have lunch with my friends and as usual, the haberdashery is one of the shop I never failed to visit especially the basket for remnant fabrics and stuff, must be my lucky day coz I found three remnants oilcloth that i've been tempted to buy but too expensive! the tea time design is £14 a metre but i got the remnant one which costs £8 and it's a lil over a metre coz there's some crooked design on one corner, who cares? I also got the blue and white polkadot oil cloth for £1.33 and the red and white polkadot for £4.50 a metre. I'm a happy shopper, even my friends were teasing me if I was going to make a dress out of the oilcloth coz that's all I bought while they've been buying dresses in debenhams and I was happy and content to babysit one of my friend's 10 months old baby while the mother went to the fitting room :)

It's another beautiful sunny day, please stay that way at least for couple more days until i finished painting my bookcases, Enjoy the Spring Sunshine! x


  1. well done on the bargains, I love oil cloth and havent seen that tea time design which i like is just fabulous! Yup sun still out so hopefully i'll get some painting done too - cant wait to see your bookcases :o) Scarlett x

  2. I think fabric is far more fun than dresses in Debenhams - you can create your own new treasures! Will second Scarlett on the tea time fabric - it's gorgeous, I love it!

    You've inspired me to get the scissors out and make some paper hearts of my own :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Susan, Your paper hearts are really cute. The oilcloth fabric is great. You always have a cute project going on; I think you're a very creative (and busy) lady!
    Blessings, Beth

  4. How charming! I'm so glad I got back to visit you. Every time I tried to reply to your comments I got a message telling me your profile was unavailable. Well, I'm happy to see your lovely blog again. Have a beautiful weekend!



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