Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabrics Transfer Pillows

I've been drooling seeing lots of talented bloggers made fabrics transfer pillows using Citra Solv, I've searched every shops in my town that could possibly sell Citra Solv but no such luck, they dont even sell it on ebay or amazon UK. So desperate moment call for desperate measure, since Citra Solv is a cleaner and degreaser, I thought to myself, maybe any brand of cleaner and degreaser will do. I rummaged my cleaning bottles in the kitchen and found Mr. Muscle and Cillit Bang. these two might work, I thought to myself and chose Mr. Muscle first for my first experiment in a small piece of fabric.

So it works! I'm ecstatic! then I brave myself to do the real deal.

1. I sew a plain white pillow cover the size of A4 or abit bigger.

2. Then I fill the pillow cover with newspaper coz I dont want the ink to seep through to the back cover.

3. I printed out an A4 size of a design and use the Mirror effect in photo editor.Please note that I use InkJet printer, i dont think it'll work on Laser printer coz you need the ink to seep through to the fabrics and you'll be putting the design face down.

4. Pour a little liquid from Mr.Muscle or Citra Solv into a small bowl and you'll need a glove if you so wish (I didnt) and a small paint brush.

5. Put the design face down and tape the corners so it wont move around and secured.

6. Brush the design with Mr. Muscle, do not over soaked it or the Ink will get everywhere and make the design blur. Then use the back of the spoon to press the design that already wet so it would transfered to the fabrics more firmly, do this tapping with the spoon 2 to 3 minutes then you can see the result!

For more detailed Tutorial, you can find it here

I made three pillows with different designs from The Graphics Fairy, I made one with my husband's and my name's on it with the date of our wedding, not perfect as this is my first try but I kinda happy with the results though there's blur here and there, or i get impatient and peek if the ink has seeped through but it didn't :)

I bought a set of 4 Linen napkins from £1 store awhile back and it's the perfect size to make them as pillows coz they have laces around them :)

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  1. What a fabulous idea - thanks for sharing. I'm going to add it to my crafty things to try list as it looks amazing. Well done for being brave and using a different product - even better that it worked :o)) Scarlett x

  2. Susan you're so clever with your crafty science experiments - those pillows look fab. I'd never heard of Citra Solv but I do have cillit bang, hmm, I wonder if my printer is laser jet or ink jet...

  3. So beatiful! I want to try it out. Thanks for the great idea.


  4. I love beautiful and what a wonderful idea. thank you for sharing. julie

  5. This is such a gorgeous idea! Thank you for sharing it! I love the way the pillows look - they've come out so well :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S your cat is lovely

  6. Those are so pretty, adding this to my list of projects to try!

  7. Thanks for the follow! Nice pillows, magnets, and pink photos. I'm following you back.

  8. I love these pillows. I might attempt them myself. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following you back.

  9. These are so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog I am following from your follow, I also wanted to tell you I have a linky party going on from monday and would love it if you linked something up!


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